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Planning a trip to the UK? There are some gorgeous places to visit but there are a few things you need to know before you visit the UK!

When it comes to the United Kingdom, it has the world’s most beautiful scenes that make it a great point for breaks and tours. There are a lot of other things that make it a great destination for family tours and holiday breaks. No doubt, it is an expensive place to visit but the experience here is remarkable. Several things make the UK a great holiday destination such as less traveling, allowing pets, and being family-friendly. 

Every famous tour point has some reasons that make it a wonderful place to visit. We have below discussed some of the best reasons why should you choose the UK for your holiday break. This will help you know more about what the guides will tell you. It can very hard to choose a good place to spend your holidays because the tour companies will offer you destinations where they will get more profit. Numerous things have to be considered before choosing the right holiday point such as budget, time, and living cost etc.

planning a trip to the uk

Attractions in the UK

The UK is known for some of the most beautiful sceneries, old wonders, and modern civilization, with London being the most popular place to visit in the United Kingdom. The free attractions in London are the most important factor that makes London one of the top tourist destinations. The History, Science and Art museums here are world famous and offer plenty of exhibition free of cost that keeps on going the whole year. You may have seen in other corners of the world where the tourists have to pay a lot to adore attractions.

Some of the most famous tourist places in the UK are as follows:

  • Tower of London
  • Big Ben
  • Stonehenge
  • West Minister Abbey
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Edinburgh Castle
  • The Cotswolds
  • The Lake and Peak District
  • Jurassic Coast
  • The Roman baths
  • Arthur’s Seat
  • The Sky Garden
  • The Globe Theatre
planning a trip to the uk

Where to stay in the UK

Budget chain hotels:

You can save a lot of money by sticking to budget chains such as Travelodge and Premier Inn. You can often find hotels in the city centers and, if you book in advance, you can pay as little as £20.

Road tripping around the UK? Hire a camper van and mix up accommodation between your van, camping and budget hotels, for the

best of both worlds. 


In the major cities, there are quite a few Airbnb options to choose from. However, if you are heading to the countryside, check out Vrbo for some unique stays. Heading to the countryside? You can find unique homes and cabins to stay in – we recommend Yorkshire holidays for families and The Cotswolds for couple.

Large Cottages:

For family travelers, hotels and motels can be very expensive. Cottages and rooms are great for families on holidays. The Large Cottages with Indoor Pool and Games Room in the UK make it an even greater choice for families and groups. Families love to enjoy fun activities and games in the pool. In-house pool cottages are a great thing to teach your children to swim and make memories. It is also great for those who don’t want to lose their privacy with family or friends. The rent of large cottages with indoor pool and game room are way too high but worth their prices.

These cottages are great for partying and fun activities, and the facilities here are more than any expensive hotel. There is enough room for children and adults for different fun activities. There cannot be any other better choice if you are an old-school lover and love activities such as outdoor BBQ or bonfire etc.

planning a trip to the uk

Getting around the UK

When getting around the UK, you have a few different options. If you are traveling the UK on a budget, you can use Megabus or National Express to travel between cities. Rail travel is available and can be much quicker but also a lot more expensive. Always check flights if you are travelling from one side of the UK to another, as this can often work out cheaper when flying with companies like EasyJet and Ryanair. 

planning a trip to the uk

Typical prices in the UK

Prices in the UK vary depending on where you are and hotels and food prices tend to be higher in the cities like London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Manchester and Liverpool.

Hotel prices: Hostels can be found for around £35 – £50 for a dorm bed and airbnbs are available if you are travelling as a group. Budget hotels like Travelodge, Premier Inn and Ibis have cheap basic rooms starting at £60 but up to $110 in the cities during the busy months.

Food: Expect to spend at least £30 on food a day if you are happy to buy your breakfast and lunch from a local supermarket and then eat out at a budget restaurant for dinner. Expect to pay at least £3.50 for a pint of beer or glass of wine but this price can be up to £5/6 in London. 

We hope you have an awesome time in the UK! Let us know where you are heading to in the comments below.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.