Welcome to our first ever Monthly Summary! When I read other blogs (and trust me, I read a lot!), I always love reading weekly/monthly/yearly round ups, it gives me an insight to the people behind the blog. So I thought, hey, let’s give it a go!

What’s up?

This month has been all about planning. We have been planning some football away games for the next few months. We have looked at places in the UK we want to visit and started to pencil some dates in the diary. We spent some time in London (of course, watching the Chelsea home games in between sightseeing) and spent a weekend up in Leicester (where it snowed on our drive up!).  In our month of planning, we also started thinking about our wedding plans and contemplating different options.

Blog Numbers and Goals

This month has been a great month for Creative Travel Guide. In the first two months of our blog, we were averaging between 30-70 users a day. But in this third month our users have been between 120 – 360, totalling a whopping 5025 users this month! O.K. These numbers are still low compared to many travel blogs out there but we are so chuffed with it – considering this is our third month blogging πŸ™‚

Here are some current stats and our goals for next month:

Page views: 16,255

Instagram: 824

Twitter: 843

Facebook: 890

Youtube: 189 subscribers

Pinterest: 498

This month we focused on building our social media following even more and have taken part in some collabs with other bloggers. I also learnt the wonders of StumbleUpon, which has had an impact on our numbers too. Next month, my personal goal is to actually post three blogs a week (and stick to it!) and our social media aim is to build our following to 1000+ on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (so getting following)!

Love and Hate

As we prepare for our move, we have been reading and watching more and more blogs and videos all about Thailand. Some of our favourite youtube videos have been from EatSleepBangkok and DarrenB3 – they both share street food and meals from in and around Bangkok.

I love reading all types of travel posts but here are some of my favourite from this month:

Around the World in 80 books – If you love reading then you will love Tracy’s comprehensive collection of books about countries around the world. Her part two post came out this month and I have downloaded a dozen of these books on my kindle.

Scenes from Bath – As I mentioned in some previous posts, we plan to visit Stonehenge and Bath before leaving the UK. Noemi shares her pictures and time in Bath which has motivated me to get booking a trip ASAP.

In an attempt to build our blog, I have started to read more and more blog posts about blogging itself. I have found Happy To Wander and her amazing resource library to be a fantastic resource.

I don’t like to put out too much hate in the world but in this current climate I feel like we need to say something.

As Brits, we have often taken advantage of how easy a trip across Europe can be, without the hassle of visas. Our world is full of love, excitement and adventure and everyone should have the opportunity to explore it.

It deeply saddens me to hear that so many travellers have been affected by the recent political changes, meaning some countries are now off limits to them. I pray that this changes quickly to allow everyone the freedom to wander around this beautiful earth we live on.

Highlight of the month

Winning 3-0 to Leicester during an away game was, of course, Calum’s highlight of the month. For me, becoming a Qualified Primary Teacher was my personal highlight of the month.

Most Popular Blog

Our 10 Cheap Destinations to visit in 2017 was by far our most popular blog this month! Thanks for all the social media shares and bloggers who allowed us to include their own tips and blogs in this post.

Top Instagram Post

Our most popular and top Instagram post this week has to be the beautiful shot of Niagara Falls:

What’s next?

February brings some hardcore work! We are putting all our efforts into work in order to save as much money for the big move. We will also continue blogging of course and making more vertical pins for our first few posts (before we knew what we were doing). This month we hope to head to an away football game and we are hoping to explore more of East Sussex. May head to the Bentley Museum or Pevensey Castle – we will see!

Cambodian Cooking Class

So that is our monthly summary! What did you think? Anything else you would like to know? Any suggestions as to where in the UK we need to visit before moving abroad?! Tell us in the comments below πŸ™‚

P.S. Thank you soooo much to our readers and the bloggers that share/comment/read/support us over here at Creative Travel Guide. We love the world of blogging because of the amazing people we have met from this journey.

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  1. Great post Katie! You are getting lots of page views! That’s great!

    Thanks for the mention too

    We are hoping to see more of Scotland over the coming months! Always a great country to explore!

    • Oh can’t wait to read about your time in Scotland!!

  2. Awesome collection of goals and reflections. I am excited to keep up to date on your move. I just recently moved to Munich and agree a move can be quite stressful. Also, AMAZING instagram photo! That one deserves to be at the top.

    • Thank you so much for a lovely comment! Oh how is your move to Munich?! Exciting but stressful I can imagine! πŸ™‚

  3. Your top IG photo is beautiful! Keep up the good work.

  4. Good site stats (and social media stats) after only 3 months – well done, Katie. And well done also on becoming a Qualified Primary Teacher. All the best for the future!

  5. Impressive goals you have! Good luck! Btw how are you planning to increase your YouTube following? I’ve been struggling with YouTube for a while now…(

    • Hi Liza! Thanks for the comment!
      We are going to focus on YouTube following but once we move abroad so we can film more!

  6. I am still in the start up phase of making my blog more proffesional and your monthyly overview really inspires me to see how well things can go.

    • Glad we can help! We haven’t been going for long and work full time alongside blog so it can be hard but just keep going πŸ™‚

  7. Good job. Keep going and your stats will increase. It takes time and patience!

  8. I’d never thought about doing a yearly goal setting session! It sounds like I’ll have do that!

  9. Congrats on all the accomplishments! Really good idea to track down all your stats. Have you tried monetizing your blog yet? Would love to hear your strategies and successes with that!

  10. It’s amazing what you have accomplished already with only blogging just over 3 months. You create great quality content and I’m excited to see what you have coming up next!

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment! πŸ™‚

  11. Congrats for your blogging results !! Consistency in posting and social media promotion are very important in blogging. I’m still having a hard battle with the consistency, though ! Good luck with blogging, Katie!

  12. Congratulations on all that you have achieved so far. Its go good when you start to see your numbers go up. That photo of the two of you in the red aprons is too cute. Best of luck with the month ahead.

    • Thank you so much Claire! That photo is from our cooking class in Cambodia and is one of my faves! πŸ˜€

  13. This is a really fun idea for a blog post! Such helpful information too. I’m going to work on getting my users and page views up as well. (Don’t worry. I think you’re doing GREAT!) I need to check out the 10 people you’ll meet in a hostel to see what kind of traveler I am…

    • Haha yeah I love that post! Yeah I don’t have any secret ways of doing it, it just happened over time with lots of social media work involved!

  14. Firstly congratulations on qualifying to be a teacher, its a hard but rewarding career. It sounds like you blog is growing quickly and your month has been a month of successes. Good luck for Feb.

    • Thank you so much πŸ™‚ The PGCE year was horrific but worth it! πŸ™‚

  15. Well done on your stats after 3 months. It’s hard work being a blogger and I find it hard finding the time to write and also to travel. Good luck with your move and keep up the work πŸ™‚

  16. You’ve had quite a busy and successful start to the new year! I loved the links you posted as well. The 10 People You’ll Meet in a Hostel Post was hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Impressive stats! πŸ™‚ Wishing you the best of luck in all of your upcoming blogging endeavours!

  18. Holy cow! You are rocking it! Three months in with a UVPM over 5000?! Three months in, I was barely even telling my family I had a blog. Lol. Congrats and keep up the great work. I love your blog!

  19. Love getting to follow along and see your account grow. 5000 monthly visitors is such an amazing number for 3 months! I loved the list of your favorite articles too, Happy to Wander is one of my favorite blog sources too! Can’t wait to see where the next couple of months take you!

  20. Congratulations on all that you have achieved so far. I hope to achieve similar goals with my blog. Best of luck in all of your upcoming blogging endeavours!

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