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It is now July?! Where did June go! This is where the nerves of moving abroad have fully kicked in!

What’s up?

This month was all about preparing! We are in the final stages of preparing our visa to move, preparing ourselves for the culture shock and preparing everything else that is involved with moving to the other side of the world.

All our documents are finalised, ready for our Embassy appointment and we had are Medical Check this month – and still recovering from those horrific blood tests! (Yes we are total wimps!)

The blog was definitely neglected this month (sorry!), with preparing for car boot sales, paperwork and general dread for that Medical, we have not been as focused on the blog as we really should have been. Next month will be better!

Blog Numbers and Goals

As mentioned above, our blog posts have been minimal this month… we published a grand total of two! Ridiculous things Travellers say and Teaching Around The World – both of which are fairly popular! I have also been working on a collaboration post that should be out in the next week or so that I am very excited about!

Our page views has been pretty awesome this month I must say = 20,349 page views!! Thank you so much everyone who reads our little blog, it is much appreciated.

Ugh don’t get me started on my annoyance with Instagram. Why Follow to the UNFOLLOW! It genuinely infuriates me! Anyways, here are our social media numbers.

Twitter: 1756

Facebook: 1464

Instagram: 1329

Love and Hate

As always, I have made plenty of time for reading travel related blogs and these are some of my favourite.

10 obscure Mexican food – Some amazing Mexican food, complete with incredible photos to make you very, very hungry.

Travel Resources – A list of 72 resources to cover all aspects of planning and booking your dream trip. Incredibly helpful.

Cinque Terre – This is my DREAM destination and this post literally had me planning a six week trip around Italy – I may not have yet mentioned this to Calum! Whoops!

Hidden Bucharest – A post about some of the quieter and lesser known activities in Bucharest.

UNESCO sites in Europe – I loved collaborating with Tracy for her incredibly helpful guide to the best UNESCO sites in Europe.

Harry Potter sites in Edinburgh – I love any travel post that relates to Potter!

Travelling while you’re fat – A very honest and thoughtful post about travelling as a larger lady. I related and loved reading this post and would encourage anyone who feels insecure when travelling to read this and feel motivated and inspired.

Right, no hate this month! Just my genuine encouragement for everyone to pursue their travel dreams – work hard, save hard and explore!

Highlight of the month

FINALLY getting all the paperwork sorted and enjoying the sunshine with a few delicious BBQs.

Oh and we eloped! Now officially Mr and Mrs O’Donoghue!

Top Instagram Post

Our most popular and one of my fave shots on Instagram too is this fab shot of Fengdu City in China. When we took a Yangzte River Cruise, we had a day visiting the Ghost City of Fengdu and this photo was taken there.

What’s next?

Yeah… So we have 4 weeks!! 4 WEEKS before we move!

This week I am heading to Wellington College in the UK for my pre-induction, which I am excited and nervous for. We are going to be doing a boot sale and take a trip up to Bluewater (a massive shopping centre outside of London) to get all our stuff for a year.

I am also going to drive to Worcester one weekend to visit my family before we move and I am sure there will be a trip or two to London with the dance ladies to see a show!

Then it is packing and heading to Heathrow on the 1st of August… AHH!

So that is June. Is it incredibly obvious how nervous/excited I am for next month? Any advice for moving?!

Thank you again for all our amazing readers! We appreciate all your support, comments and follows across social media! We hope you have enjoyed our monthly round up!

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  1. Congratulations on your marriage! Hope you’ll have many happy years. Sounds like you’re ramping up for the big move to China…..hope it goes well

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