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A trip to Las Vegas promises days and nights of endless fun and extravagance. The Sin City has so much to offer right from lavish casinos to happening nightclubs, poolside parties to never-ending carnivals; it’s hard to plan your travel outfits for Las Vegas.

When a place gives you so much to explore, you need to plan early and pack well. The good thing is that in Las Vegas, there is hardly any restriction when it comes to your outfit choices. Women can wear anything and be at ease in the city. Here are some Quintessential travel outfits for Las Vegas. Not sure what to pack for visiting Las Vegas? Read this guide on What to pack for Vegas by SEASONS!

1. A lacy little black dress

Going out for that party at night? Put on your lacy LBD and strappy high heels and you are good to go. Apply the darkest red lipstick to go with it and you are definitely going to turn the heads. Even if you do not go for a lacy number, try to keep at least one black short dress in your suitcase. Make sure it fits you well as that can make any dress look flattering regardless of whether it is lacy or not.

2. Shine bright with a sequin dress

When the streets are sparkling with the brightest lights, you might as well go twinkling too. A flashy dress with sequins is definitely not something you wear back home. But you can definitely buy one for your trip to the Sin City. You can borrow a sequined party dress as well. A sparkly dress, in pastel shades like pink, powder blue, or lime green, on the city streets of Las Vegas looks really glamorous.

3. Shorts to keep you comfy

You can pack in some colorful or monotone shorts to keep you cool during the sultry mornings of Las Vegas. Shorts and t-shirts are your outfits of choice if you go around exploring the city in the morning. The city has a very chilled out vibe to it and a casual outfit like that goes perfectly well with the vibe. Thrown on a printed t-shirt with a monotone short or vice versa and look like a picture of casual cool.

4. A cool neon-colored bikini

When you are in Las Vegas, chances are that you would be attending some or other poolside party. Be prepared and carry some neon-colored bikinis with you. The neon-colored bikinis are really hot in the fashion scene now. The color looks so pretty when set against the blue backdrop of the water. You can go for a monokini if you do not feel comfortable in a bikini but do not forget to carry at least two sets of swimwear.

5. A flowy swimsuit cover-up

You are allowed to be as dressy as you want when you are holidaying in Vegas. Ditch the idea of wearing a damp towel around when you have just got up from the pool. Even a sarong has become a thing of the past. Get a flowy, light top as your swimsuit cover-up. Pick up something that is long and made of sheer fabric. You will look sexy and at the same time, your skin will stay protected from getting exposed to the blazing Sun.

6. Stay warm in a lightweight jacket

Deserts mean crazy heat but also cool nights. If you are planning to visit Vegas in the winters, the temperatures can drop down significantly in the evenings. A lightweight cardigan or jacket can save you from the chill of the evening when you are chilling in a rooftop bar. Even if it is not winters, the hotel bars and casinos tend to be quite chilly. So, putting something over your ensemble for layering is good for comfort and style.

7. A floral and pretty sundress

As mentioned earlier, Las Vegas is oppressive in terms of the heat. A sundress is going to be your savior for the day. Get one or two dresses in pretty pastel shades and floral prints to wear during the day. You can pack your trusted flats in your suitcase to wear with the summer dress. Go for a nude colored lipstick and your look for the day is complete. Select dresses in fabrics like cotton as it has natural moisture-wicking properties.

Now we have shared our favourite travel outfits for Las Vegas, it is time for you to tell us yours! Comment below your must pack items for travel!

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Travel Outfits for Las Vegas
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Travel Outfits for Las Vegas
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