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7 Reasons to Move to Dubai

7 Reasons to Move to Dubai

Dubai is a unique destination to visit but also a great choice to relocate to. We share the reasons to move to Dubai to help you make your decision.

Why Dubai?

There are many reasons why people are willing to move to a foreign country on a permanent residence. However, it seems like Dubai is aiming to become the top-ranked city not just for tourism, but to live in. Thousands of foreigners choose Dubai to move to, specifically for the purpose of employment or university admission, due to the fact that there is a more favorable environment for opening and running their own businesses.

Reasons to move to Dubai

Where to stay in Dubai

Reason 1 — Location 

Dubai has been a powerful trading center for many years, as it is located at the intersection of Europe, Asia, and Africa, which opens access to the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea through the Suez Canal, and the beautiful Red Sea. Geographically, the location of Dubai ensures the rapid development of international trade.

Also, Dubai’s two international airports play an important part in each tourist’s long-distance travel, as almost all tourist destinations are only five or six hours away, so foreign citizens can fly to any destination, whether it’s business or well-deserved rest. You can easily go on vacation to Greece or Goa, and it will not take you much time or money. Even the Far East is within easy reach, not even mentioning that you’re already halfway to Australia.

Exciting things to do in Dubai

Reason 2 — Robust economy

Dubai’s economy is one of the most flourishing in the world. It is anticipated that Dubai’s GDP will increase up to 3.8% in 2023.

The city thrives thanks to excellent urban planning and technology adopted everywhere. The most important factors of rapid economic growth were the development of trade, tourism, and the real estate market.

When it comes to real estate, there are great offers for high-class luxurious apartments with a pool in Dubai. This is ideal for all types of expats, especially those looking for a fantastic lifestyle.

Reason 3 — Dubai is a global commercial hub

Everyone knows that Dubai’s economy thrives on E-commerce, tourism, oil production, financial services, and various types of production. There is a number of free trade zones in the emirate, where financial incentives are provided for some organizations, media companies, medical and educational institutions, logistics companies, and the textile industry. This creates favorable conditions for business development in 2023. Dubai has offices and representative offices of many international companies, attracting specialists from around the globe: 

  • Emirates Airlines
  • Microsoft
  • Sony
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Adidas
  • Nokia
  • BBC World

Reason 4 — Advantageous work environment

Employment in the UAE is not only an opportunity for good earnings, but it is also a good opportunity to accelerate career growth with the help of new opportunities and innovations, along with greater responsibility.

In large cities such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai, due to the prospering business economy, many companies need multilingual employees to promote their innovations and technologies all over the world. In particular, Dubai is becoming a global business center and the main place in the Middle East for commerce and entrepreneurship.

As for the amount of income, the highest salaries for residents vary from 600 to 130,000 dirhams per month (from 163 to 35,400 dollars), depending on abilities and level of qualification.

Of course, the most promising for foreign specialists are such industries as aviation, construction and real estate, IT, medicine, and scientific activities in all areas.

Reason 5 — Non-taxable income

There is no stamp duty, capital gains tax, direct tax, or inheritance tax in Dubai. As a rule, the VAT rate is 5%, but a number of companies operate at a rate of 0%, and some are not VAT payers at all – this applies to healthcare, education, transport, construction, and residential real estate, investments in precious metals and some food industry and export trade enterprises.

In the free zones, there is a tax exemption regime, including any income tax, interest income, and dividends. Entrepreneurs and investors can obtain the status of a tax resident in the UAE in order to enjoy numerous benefits of local legislation and receive an exemption from double taxation if a corresponding agreement has been concluded between the UAE and the country of residence.

Reason 6 — Advanced security

The most recent survey by Resonance ranked 100 cities from across the world based on six different categories – place, product, programming, people, prosperity, and promotion – and came to the results that Dubai is in fifth place among the best cities in 2023. Besides that, it is said that Dubai holds a leading position in the international ranking for ensuring the safety of all its residents. The local government strictly controls the observance of order, so there is a very low crime rate in the city, making it the main advantage of living here.

Another reason is strict legislation. If you violate the law, the penalties may be a fine and/or imprisonment, which may result in deportation with a complete lifetime ban from ever entering the United Arab Emirates. As for particularly serious crimes, the penalty may be the death penalty.

According to official statistics, the crime rate index in Dubai is 16.2 with a security index of 83.0, which demonstrates the best indicators worldwide, which may be another good reason to move to the Emirate.

Dune bashing in Dubai

Reason 7 — Transportation 

Dubai Metro is an actual branch of the emirate’s attractions, being one of the most advanced and youngest in the world. The metro system is both unique and comfortable in its own way. It offers a vast range of luxurious services, including special high-comfort cars. The cost of the trip depends not only on the distance but also on the class of the car.

Additionally, there are separate carriages for women and children up to 5 years old. The fare depends on the class of the travel card and in case of violation, you will be fined. On the other hand, there are many buses and trolleybuses running around the city with all waiting stations being air-conditioned. And, of course, here you can always use the services of a land or water taxi, buy or rent a car, or rent a bicycle or scooter.

It is also worth mentioning that the cost of gasoline in Dubai is considerably lower than in other cities and countries of the world, especially if you take into account the standards of living here. This is facilitated by a reasonable policy of taxation and subsidizing the industry and exports.  

Things to know before you go to Dubai

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