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Reasons to visit Amsterdam

Reasons to visit Amsterdam

Known for its picturesque canals and historic museums, we share the reasons to visit Amsterdam so you can plan your next European trip.

Why Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most popular cities. That is why visitors throng this ancient city to see it from its historical and modern perspectives. So, what are your reasons for traveling to Amsterdam? If you have some, well and good. But if you’re still undecided, we will show you fantastic reasons to tour this great city during your next vacation.  

Reasons to visit Amsterdam

reasons to visit Amsterdam

Bike Your Way to Sound Health

Do you love bikes and biking your way to holistic good health? Then there is no better place than Amsterdam for you. It’s one of the top cities considered “most bicycle-friendly.” Moreover, biking is an ancient tradition rooted in the locals’ blood and manifested in their roads. No wonder the city has over 500 km of bike paths, and most streets have dedicated bicycle lanes. 

You can enjoy the city’s reserved cycling lanes to avoid traffic jams and traffic lights. The city’s culture also respects cycling and prioritizes it over driving, making it safer. What if you don’t have your bike here? No worries, because you can affordably rent one from a rental company or take a guided bike tour. 

Sleep on John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s Bed

You can sleep on the bed John Lennon and Yoko Ono slept on during your tour. The bed is in The Hilton Hotel Amsterdam (Apollolaan 138). This couple staged an anti-war campaign in this room for a week in 1969. This protest was dabbed “Bed-In for Peace” and protested the Vietnam War.

reasons to visit Amsterdam

Enjoy Parks and Gardens

Amsterdam has over 30 popular gardens and parks you can visit. Below are the top three picks we selected for your tour. 

  • Hortus Botanicus. This garden is one of the oldest in the world. It was set up in 1683 as a medicinal herb garden. This ancient site has a wonderful collection of over 4,000 plant species. You can’t afford to miss visiting this historic hub.
  • Vondelpark. You can also enjoy the sun during your tour by heading to the famous Vondelpark, the city’s largest public park. The park’s popularity makes it busy, but you can use it advantageously to intermingle with others and make friends. This place is among the best public opportunities to foster a community spirit. The spot buzzes with locals and tourists who enjoy free concerts during summer. Besides, the park has enough open-air space for green picnicking.
  • Sarphatipark. You can also stop here to rest and watch people. This park is a small oasis that creates a refreshing atmosphere to make your tour even more memorable. 

Try the local “specialties”

Amsterdam is famous not only for its unique European fleur and abundance of historical sightseeing spotlights; this Dutch city is popular for its coffee shops. These shops are so popular that a survey found that almost half of the city’s 20 million visitors name a coffee shop as one of their top reasons for visiting Amsterdam. 

Indeed, it’s one of Europe’s most cannabis-tolerant cities. Cannabis has been tolerated in the Dutch Kingdom since American jazz musicians popularized it in the 1970s. This project involved ten government-licensed cultivators who will exclusively supply coffee shops in ten mid-sized municipalities. Thus, you’re sure to find broad spectrum CBD cartridges of all types and kinds, all of proven quality, and try a wide range of other cannabis products to your liking.  

reasons to visit Amsterdam

Get Your Fair Caffeine Share

Do you love coffee? You have every reason to feel at home when in Amsterdam by visiting one of the stylish cafes. These shops are almost on every street you patrol during your tour. So, take advantage of them and quench your thirst with a refreshing cup of coffee.

Live in the Historical Shipping House

History lovers have every reason to smile when visiting this great city. You can visit the Grand Hotel Amrâth Amsterdam, an eminent, maritime-themed architectural wonder. Its long history has seen it move from being the head office of Amsterdam’s top shipper to a luxury hotel. 

Enjoy Cheap Travel

Public transport lovers have every reason to smile. This city has organized public transport that can save you money when visiting here. You can purchase the popular “I Amsterdam City Card” to travel freely on all buses, trams, and metros within the city. The card comes in different validity periods of 24, 48, 72, or 96 hours. 

You can use the card to access some museums, such as the Stedelijk, Hermitage, and NEMO Science Museum. Moreover, it allows you to enjoy free canal cruises and tantalizing discounts on restaurants around the cosmopolitan. The card is available online, or you may buy it from different city locations. 

reasons to visit Amsterdam

History and Culture

What about history and culture? You still have a reason to tour this city on this basis. This city has numerous cultural and historical sites. You can gorge your eyes on Dam Square near the royal palace. This site is popular among visitors and locals.

The royal palace is another place to behold. This popular site gathers locals and tourists together. This palace was built in 1808 and hosts the royal family. The Westerkerk is another Renaissance-era Protestant church where they buried Rembrandt. You may also climb its 278-ft spire to get a panoramic view of the city. 

reasons to visit Amsterdam

Enjoy a Beautiful Countryside

Taking time to visit or view the beautiful countryside is refreshing. Before visiting the city’s neighboring countryside, don’t let your tour end here. You can tour the popular Dutch Windmills and join other tourists to do many things. For instance, you can ride bicycles and take memorable photos. Don’t forget that you can gorge your eyes on its many surrounding meadows and the many beautiful flowers dotting its spring. 

Your country visits shouldn’t end here. You can also tour other Amsterdam cultural sites and natural landscapes in Monnickendam, Marken, Volendam, and Edam.

Cruise the Canals on a Boat Tour

This Dutch city is rich in canals. Your tour here exposes you to 165 canals spanning over 60 miles. These canals were built in the 17th century when Amsterdam was a small fishing town. The city’s canal ring has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Getting a chance to cruise these canals using a traditional canal cruise or a private boat is a big reason to visit Amsterdam. Moreover, these cruises don’t need to take long because most take as short as an hour to complete. 

reasons to visit Amsterdam

Visit the Theme Park

Your tour of this cosmopolitan shouldn’t end without visiting the famous Efteling Theme Park. This park spans more than 160 acres. This theme park was opened in 1952 and is the largest in the city. This park has various rides suitable for visitors of different ages based on their tide type. This park opens at 10 am and closes at 6 pm. 

reasons to visit Amsterdam

Visit Museums and Galleries

Do you love galleries and museums? Then having Amsterdam on your tour list this year is a must. Some of its most popular museums are Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum in Museum Square. Three of the city’s galleries lie in the Museum District, while others are spread across the city. These galleries incorporate over 500 drawings, 200 paintings, and letters from Van Gogh. 

Public Decency 

Lastly, this city is the best place to enjoy public decency. No tourist wants to visit a place with public indecency where they suffer harassment and other nasty treatments. The good news is that Amsterdam doesn’t have these things. The city has good-mannered people who follow basic rules of public conduct and respect women.  

Parting Shot

There you go with the top reasons to visit Amsterdam this year. We hope you found the best reasons to inspire you to prepare for your flight here.  

Best things to do in Amsterdam

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