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At some point, we will be able to travel again but the question is, where to go? Here are a few reasons to visit Canada on your next trip. 

It is said that Canada is a whole new world of breathtaking scenery and endless entertainment. Canada is much more than just “America: The Sequel.” It’s filled to the brim with its own unique culture.

Here are three big reasons why you need to visit Canada!

Why visit Canada?


Mother Nature at her best

More than 80% of Canada’s natural lands remain untouched, making the country one of the most beautiful sources of eye-popping views and heart-stopping landscapes you’re likely to find anywhere. The snow-kissed Rocky Mountains loom large over crystal blue rivers, as majestic now as they were when they first formed over 55 million years ago.

And don’t forget the eighth wonder of the world, Niagara Falls, which sends 150,000 gallons of water crashing down every single second.

Because of it’s close proximity to the US, you can also cross the border at Niagara Falls to see the attractions on both sides.

Destinations such as New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy and Nova Scotia’s Cabot Trail provide one-of-a-kind hiking and swimming experiences alongside dense woodlands and mesmerizing ocean vistas. But it’s Canada’s largest national park, Banff National Park, that really takes the cake with its 6000+ square kilometers of rolling mountains, green forests, sparkling ice fields, and the expansive, iconic waters of Lake Louise.

Awesome annual events


Canada is home to some of the most unique and entertaining festivals in the world. This year sees the return of the Calgary Stampede, the largest and most famous rodeo on the planet. In addition to bulls and broncos, this event includes chuckwagon racing, midway games, and exhibitions of First Nations culture and history. Be warned, though: one visit to the Stampede is enough to start the cowpokes in your family bugging you to look up Calgary homes for sale.

More city-slicker than rugged outlaw? Movie buffs can get a sneak peek at next year’s Oscar nominees at the Toronto International Film Festival, while music fans can choose between the 500+ concerts that make up Montreal Jazz Fest. Finally, when the sun goes down, treat the whole family to a dazzling fireworks display at the Vancouver Celebration of Light, the largest event of its kind in the world.

Northern lights in Canada

Winter sports are king

If you’re one of those people who starts counting down to next winter as soon as the previous one ends, Canada is a veritable mecca. Whether you like skiing and snowboarding or hockey and ice fishing, no one knows how to make cold-weather cool like Canadians just make sure to bring everything from your skiing packing list. There’s a reason the country is called the Great White North, after all.

During winter, Ottawa is home to one of the most unique ice skating rinks anywhere when the city opens up 7.8 kilometers of the frozen Rideau Canal, providing chilly good times and a whole new perspective of the city’s impressive architecture. Then of course there’s Whistler, Canada’s largest resort town. It’s no surprise why Whistler hosted so many events during the 2010 Winter Olympics, nor why two million guests visit every year. The area boasts lift-served peaks close to 3000 meters tall, with a seemingly endless supply of pristine white snow allowing alpine addicts to get their fix, and then some.


Best time to visit Canada

September – October is arguably the best time to visit Canada because the weather is pleasant, there are fewer tourists and visitors and hotel prices are much lower than in the summer months.

Alternatively, you will find some good deals during the spring months making it a great time for those looking for a cheaper trip in the sunshine.

Canada can be fiercely cold in the winter months but this does add a certain charm to a trip, so if you are looking for a cooler experience, aim for October, November, or March.

Avoid December as the holiday period can be incredibly busy as well as cold – although Niagara Falls does look incredibly when it is frozen over!

beautiful Ottawa

Places to visit in Canada

Vancouver – Explore this fun, beautiful city on the shores of the Pacific Ocean whilst you admire the snow-capped mountain backdrops.  Visit Granville Island, Stanley Park, Fraser Valley, and make sure to take a day trip to Whistler, Victoria.

Niagara Falls – The breathtaking falls are a must for those visiting Ontario and are one of our favorite sites in Canada. Visit the Casinos, enjoy the fun nightlife and take full advantage of the many fun activities to do around the falls.

Jasper National Park – Make sure to visit the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies for spectacular views and breathtaking scenery. You can try whitewater rafting down the Athabasca River, hiking through Maligne Canyon or taking amazing pictures from the Jasper SkyTram.

Quebec City – Incredible architecture, photogenic pebbled streets, and a wonderful charm brings visitors back to Quebec City, time and time again. Rent an apartment using Precondo to enjoy stunning views and make yourself feel at home in this gorgeous city.

Ottawa – A visit to the country’s capital is a great way to learn more about the history and culture of a new destination and Ottawa is no different. Visit sites such as the Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica, Canadian War Museum, and Parliament Hill, or stroll along Rideau Canal or Gatineau Park.

Banff – Whilst in the Canadian Rockies, spend some time in Banff. Try skiing or hiking through the Banff National Park or enjoy the high-end, luxurious hotels and spas.

Victoria – This beautiful city pays tribute to the country’s British heritage – make sure you have afternoon tea to feel truly British!

Toronto – Explore the neighborhoods of Toronto before riding up the 1,815-foot-tall CN Tower for spectacular views of the city. Foodies must make a stop to St. Lawrence Market for some delicious bites. Whether it is your first time in Toronto or you’ve been here too many times to count, you will always find something fun to do here!

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