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9 Reasons to visit FIJI this year

9 Reasons to visit FIJI this year

Fiji is a stunning destination, known for its endless, beautiful beaches. We share 9 reasons to visit Fiji so you can plan your next trip!

After a long year of working, it’s an excellent idea to have a vacation to help you unwind and connect with nature. 

You need some time away from the city to enjoy what nature and different cultures can offer. For this reason, it’s essential to look for a great place with excellent views, kind people, unique culture that is safe for you and your family. Do you know a place that can offer all of those? 

If you’re planning on traveling out of the city this year but are yet to determine your destination, you ought to have Fiji as your top destination. Why? Here are some reasons why you and your loved ones should consider visiting Fiji this year.

Reasons to visit Fiji

Reasons to visit Fiji

Beautiful Nature

Like many people, you probably love visiting unbeatable natural beauty destinations. In that case, consider visiting Fiji. Fiji has beautiful islands to amaze tourists. There are many different things to see and activities to participate in, like gazing at breathtaking waterfalls and sparkling rivers, diving in the ocean filled with various types of marine life, and sunbathing on the white sand.

Regarding things to do and watch, visiting Fiji will allow you to experience Taveuni. This island has eye-catching tropical rainforests covering at least 80% of the land. Traveling throughout the island will enable you to discover hidden waterfalls like Tavoro Falls and the Signtaga Sand Dunes.

Exceptional Resorts

After a long day of traveling across Fiji, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to spend your night in magical resorts like Radisson Blu Resort Fiji. Most Fiji resorts are surrounded by tropical gardens and private beaches. Spending a night in such accommodations will help you unwind and experience a fresh breeze while preparing for another great day.

Reasons to visit Fiji

The Food Is Awesome

The list of why you should visit Fiji doesn’t end without mentioning delicacies. Fiji’s food is all finger-leaking good. And the cooks are talented in preparing meals from different nations, including Indian food. 

Fijians understand the task when it comes to preparing seafood. From a person selling food by the roadside to sharing a meal with a farmer to enjoying food in restaurants, you’ll attest their food is prepared by people who are passionate of their culinary heritage.

Besides out-of-the-country foods, Fijian food is authentic, delicious, and perfect for people who don’t consume meat unless it’s fish. Many Fiji foods are locally grown or derived from the surrounding waters. While Fijians might lack varieties of Western ingredients on the market, they do incredible things with the available vegetables, roots, coconut, and seafood.

Visiting and staying In Fiji Is relatively budget-friendly

Whenever people speak of Fiji, they elaborate on it as a paradise on Earth. If you look up the country on the web, you’ll discover amazing things unlikely to be found in most tourist destinations. All of these might lead you to think that a Fiji vacation will blow a hole in your pockets. Yet this is far from the truth. 

First, Fiji is accessible and is a roughly 10-hour flight from major cities. Secondly, Fiji is the home to many hotels offering family-friendly activities at a fair price. While Fijian delicacies can add up to a significant amount to your expenses in a blink of an eye, you can settle for a room with a kitchen where you can prepare your food. If this sounds good, consider packing nonperishable foods from your local market. 

Generally, you can travel to Fiji without spending too much and still have a fantastic and memorable experience.

Reasons to visit Fiji

Fiji Isn’t That Too Crowded

The recent global pandemic has taught people the importance of maintaining social distancing, hence, the need to avoid being in the midst of many individuals. 

If you’re looking forward to spending quality time in areas with few people, Fiji awaits you. People say Fiji’s social distancing is within its DNA because it has less than a million people scattered over many islands. Compared to other capital cities, Viti Levu (the capital residence) isn’t overcrowded, and so are the airports and renowned resorts nearby.

Reasons to visit Fiji

Friendly Citizens

Fiji locals are among the kindest in the world. These people are always ready to show you around and direct you to exciting activities. The famous Fijian Bula is more than a welcome gesture. It signifies compassion, kindness, and a positive attitude of Fijian locals. You arrive in Fiji as a visitor and leave as a friend after immersing in the Bula spirit through cultural activities like daily village visits.

You Can Travel With Peace Of Mind And Confidence

While things are slowly returning to normal after the pandemic, COVID-19 is still here to stay. For this reason, most travelers are looking forward to visiting nations where they’re guaranteed peace of mind. Fiji has taken safety protocols seriously to keep both locals and tourists safe. Over 90% of Fijians are vaccinated, making this nation one of the safest to travel in the new normal.

Fiji’s tourism board has even introduced a safety policy called Care Fiji, comprising best practices and guidelines each tourist company, airline, and business must adhere to for the nation’s safety.

Reasons to visit Fiji

Diving In Fiji Is Incomparable

Fiji is among the most renowned diving destinations worldwide. Therefore, visiting this nation might be a good idea if you’re planning on venturing into this water activity or are a pro already.

Suppose you’re yet to get your diving certification. Traveling to Fiji this year is a great idea indeed. Beginners and pros find Mamanuca Island a one-of-a-kind diving destination. Some diving activities on Mamanuca Island include pool breathing and shipwreck diving.

Whether you prefer diving to watch marine life or for exercise, your time underwater will be like no other.

Reasons to visit Fiji

Walk On Fire

Have you ever walked on fire? If not, would you love to live the experience? And if yes, how about taking it a notch higher in Fiji?

There are two types of fire-walking in Fiji. One is an indigenous Fijian tradition where people walk on hot stones—the second is a Hindu cleansing ritual where individuals walk on hot ashes and charcoal. Fijian fire-walking is common in cultural shows in many resorts around the nation. This tradition is also present in Arts Village in Suva.

There are many tourists worldwide, yet some are more fantastic than others. For example, Fiji is an excellent tourist destination with friendly locals, delicious foods, exceptional nature, and rich culture. What makes Fiji an even better tourist destination is how affordable it is. If you’re looking forward to spending your vacation in a country that feels more like home, consider traveling to Fiji this year. 

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