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Reasons to visit Mykonos in Winter

Reasons to visit Mykonos in Winter

Looking for a Winter destination with a difference? Mykonos in Winter is magical & we share the reasons to visit Mykonos in the Winter.

Mykonos in the Winter

Reasons to visit Mykonos in Winter

Mykonos is one of the most cosmopolitan and celeb-favoured summer destinations in the Mediterranean with reason.

Luxury to unprecedented heights, a vibrant party scene, a lively nightlife, and more than enough opportunities to have a great time by the crystalline waters of the Aegean Sea or inland characterise a Mykonos stay.

At the same time, Mykonos is a beautiful Greek island exuding romance and the kind of appeal one expects from visiting Greece. So, besides the party Meccas and beaches like Super Paradise and Paraga, Mykonos welcomes visitors to other unforgettable endeavours even in the winter! 

If you are opting for Mykonos for its wild party scene, then this piece is not for you. But, those considering that having a Greek island with the beauties of Mykonos nearly all for themselves is a real blessing will find plenty of things to do in hypnotising winter Mykonos! 

Things to do in Mykonos in the Winter

Very few get to discover the hidden gems left “unearthed” by the hordes of crowds visiting the island between June and late September. Seeing the sights related to the rich local history (and learning about it) and visiting popular landmarks without having to rub shoulders with thousands of other tourists are some of the rewarding experiences of a winter Mykonos trip. 

Mykonos in Winter at sunset

Visit the Windmills

An iconic tourist attraction in Mykonos inspires awe and offers a unique dive into the island’s past, way before its economy relied on tourism.

The impressive windmills with the thatched roofs and the whitewashed, spherical shape near the scenic Old Port will send you gusts of their allure without having to spend hours in long lines, waiting for your turn to come for a photograph next to the quintessential Mykonos symbol.

What’s also noteworthy is that some of the Windmills are turned into fascinating museums, definitely rewarding the time spent visiting them. Of course, the same applies to all other famous sights, including picturesque Little Venice. 

Soak up the allure of Mykonos Chora

The island capital offers a magnificent sample of Cycladic architecture. Empty from the thousands of tourists that fill its paved alleys, Mykonos Chora is home to lines and lines of small, chalky, sugar-cube houses with blue doors and shutters.

Also, their flower-filled balconies make the air, even more, inviting here, while the picture is perfected with the dozens of scenic milky white chapels with the blue domes that dot the landscape.

All these are yours to enjoy, along with the stunning views for utmost romance and peacefulness – something that would be quite daunting in the summer months. So, don’t be surprised to see people practising meditation and other spiritual practices atop a Mykonos hill or at the beachfront on a sunny winter day!

The energy here is profoundly re-energising, and becomes even more intense the closer you go to neighbouring Delos island! Weather permitting, you may want to consider a short sailing tour to Delos and Rhenia island for that reason (if not for the fantastic ruins speaking of ancient Greek history.

Take a tour of Mykonos in Winter

Enjoy a Mykonos tour

Having the island all for yourself means that you can take your time and soak up the natural raw landscape with a 4X4 tour that will introduce you to the hidden treasures of this magnificent island.

With tour guides far from being burned down by the thousands of tourists who wish a private, semi-private, or even totally customised jeep tour, you now have the chance to enjoy every bit of your off-road adventure. 

Either with a personal guide behind the wheels or not, expect to be welcomed to secluded sights, remote coves, isolated shores, and rugged terrain with overwhelming views of the Mykonos coastline and the sea. Of course, such a tour can also be combined with other experiences, such as a wine-tasting tour. That way, you can drive yourself to the local world-renowned wineries and taste some of the most palate-pleasing wines and local mezedes with ravishing panoramas of the Aegean Sea next to the fireplace. 

Mykonos in Winter

Pamper yourself with a delicious meal at a taverna 

You have the opportunity to please your palate with some of the most mouth-watering Mykonos dishes. Of course, you can do that during your summer Mykonos holidays.

What is much more exciting about having a meal at a local taverna in the wintertime, though, is the fact that you get to mingle with the friendly and smiling islanders, who also appreciate good food, and dine out every now and then. This means being treated with particularly smart menu selections (i.e., savoury cheeses, winter salads, Mykonos sausages, and hearty soups) and snacks, drinks, and delicacies on the house.

Plus, you’ll have the pleasure of getting into frisky conversations with the lively Mykoneans. And, if private dining is more your cup of tea, then luxury 5 star hotels like Kivotos Mykonos can organise a dinner for two on the privately-owned elegant yacht! Talking about taking the entire experience to an entirely different level! 

Mykonos in Winter

Other things that may attract you to the beautiful Cycladic island is the easy exploration of the scenic Mykonos villages and settlements, the delightful shores, the archaeological sites (e.g., Delos island), the available tours and cooking classes, the museums, and places that are much less touristy but have a fascinating side worth experiencing (i.e., the three wells that are believed to bring good luck and their dream spouse to the young ladies that get water from there). If that’s not authentic Greek island flair, then what is! 

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