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James shares with us his reasons to visit Pakistan and what makes this country amazing, including food, attractions and safety. 

If anyone had told me a few months back that he is traveling to Pakistan, then I might have felt a bit skeptical too. But my perception changed altogether when I finally decided to not listen to all the buzzing voices about Pakistan and thought to experience it on my own. And I didn’t regret it!

There is a lot in Pakistan that is overshadowed by many negative perceptions. After coming back from Pakistan (which I never wanted to!), I couldn’t wait to tell people about my positive travel experience.

Media usually portrays Pakistan as an anarchic state, war-torn land where people are struggling to breathe. Yet every year, a small number of people get the courage to travel to Pakistan. Some people call them crazy, I am glad I became part of this crazy lot.

If you still feel reluctant to take in my words, here are some enticing things about Pakistan that might make you think otherwise.

Reasons to visit Pakistan

Enchanting Natural Beauty:

For me, Pakistan is the world’s most beautiful country! And I have a lot of points to prove me right…

Pakistan is a land that is truly a depiction of the artistic brilliance of nature. The landscape of Pakistan is so diverse that you need to travel its length to experience its true colors. Its beauty is spread on sparkling sand of deserts, gleams on sky-high peaks of mountains, flaunts in scenic dales and reflects in gushing rivers.

Sounds poetic?

Well, I myself felt at one time that the unbelievable beauty of Pakistan is turning me into a poet when I was sitting on top of a rock while sipping tea. Believe me, its beauty is really so enchanting that you feel like falling in love with nature all over again.

Reasons to visit Pakistan

Food is Just Wow:

Pakistani food can leave your taste buds craving for more, more and more…

Just like the landscape, Pakistani food is also oh-so-diverse – it is rich, sweet, spicy and aromatic. From curries, grilled lamb, and different varieties of rice to pulses, there is something for every taste here.

Even non-foodies can turn into food maniacs in Pakistan. And not to forget its desserts that are just amazing. I actually gained a few kilos during my trip to Pakistan, but I don’t regret it at all because Pakistani cuisine is hard to miss.

I will recommend you to search ‘how to transfer money to Pakistan’ because the food here is damn good. You might have to ask your parents to send you some money because in Pakistan, you always end up splurging a little more than your budget on food.

Reasons to visit Pakistan

People are Gold:

Hearts of Pakistani people are gold…

I have traveled to a lot of countries, met many people, and they were also good, but not as warm as Pakistanis. People will be pouring out to help, entertain and welcome if you get spotted as a tourist. I really felt welcomed and at home. In fact, I actually visited a few local people’s homes because people were so ready to invite me to dinner, and I accepted their invitations happily. Even an introvert like me didn’t feel shy to open up to Pakistani people because their genuine smiles and twinkling eyes moved my heart.

So, this time, let Pakistan sneak into your travel bucket list. It is worth it!

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Chalo Pakistan

Wednesday 8th of September 2021

Pakistan is a tourist attraction place where travelers are welcomed from all over the world. Pakistan is known for its natural beauty, food, deserts, mountains, meadows, rivers, lakes, and lovely people above all. Pakistan is a heaven for tourists

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