Based in Hollywood and Highland Apartments, the Ginosi Hollywood Apartel company rents out basic but comfortable apartments just off Hollywood Boulevard. When we visited LA this was our pick because it had so many amenities and was in such a convenient location, allowing us to visit all of those Los Angeles must-sees with ease.

Ginosi Hollywood Apartel
Ginosi Hollywood ApartelThe open plan Living and Kitchen area

The apartment offers a fully equipped kitchen, stylish dining area and spacious living room. This was perfect for late night dinners after a full day of exploring! The bathroom is basic with a small bath tub but the shower was powerful enough. There was also a washer and dryer; ideal for those travelling for a while. The bed was soft but the bedroom could have done with a TV for those lazy late nights. The room also included a small balcony with two chairs, perfect for a few drinks before a night out.

Ginosi Hollywood Apartel
Ginosi Hollywood ApartelThe Apartment Lobby

The apartment complex also included a modern bar and foyer as well as a clean pool. You could also park at the apartments for an additional price. Several convenience stores can also be found within walking distance whilst the apartments spot on Hollywood Boulevard puts you in an ideal place to catch the sightseeing bus each day, head to shops as well as many bars and restaurants in the evening.

Ginosi Hollywood Apartel
Ginosi Hollywood ApartelOutside the apartment building, leading directly onto Hollywood Boulevard

Prices beat those of hotels in the area and you can’t help but just feel so ‘LA’ whilst staying here. Our stay cost us $370 for 4 nights when booking via Agoda.

Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood Boulevard at night
Hollywood Stars
A great place to stay if you want to walk the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The only downside to this place was how busy the Boulevard is so flagging a cab was a bit trickier. We asked the gentleman in the bar to call us a cab and meet them outside.

A great choice for those wanting to rent an apartment over a hotel in a good location.

We booked this hotel via Agoda, because they offered the best rates and is a well established company.

Book this hostel with Agoda

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Renting an Apartment on Hollywood Boulevard in LA – Pin This!
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  1. That apartment is so LA! Really cute, great locations, and that is a fantastic price! I just love the yellow couch.

  2. Wow…that sounds like a great deal! Hotel expenses really account for the biggest chunk of all, and $370 for 4 nights in LA is so affordable. Talk about travel for all.

  3. What a cool apartment. Loved the yellow couch. The preice seem very reasonable!

  4. Great post! I am off to LA next year, I think I will look into getting and apartment rather than a hotel as the hotels are coming up way to expensive, it sounds like you get more for your money renting an apartment.

    • We found it so much cheaper than hotels!

  5. I love Los Angeles! I haven’t been in more than a decade, but really loved the city and now know where to stay. I do love the walk of fame, so it being so close is great.

  6. This looks like such an awesome hotel to stay in! Super cute and love the colour of the couch! Awesome find – and for a reasonable price by the sounds of things!

  7. What a great location and the apartments are super stylish too! Love the decor especially the yellow sofa. And so great to be so close to everything!

  8. The couch!! Oh I SOO love it!!!! What a great find for a place to stay. Haven’t been to LA since I was a kid and it is such a fun place.

  9. Looks like a good apartment at that price. It looks really comfortable and it is really very convenient.

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