Ridiculous things travellers say

Travelling the world can open your eyes up to the most amazing experiences, sights and adventure. But one thing is opened my eyes to in particularly was the RIDICULOUS things travellers say. Time to share for a giggle!

Kenya cheap destinations to visit

“This looks safe.”

Jennifer from The Rainbow Route.

In a Milan, Italy Train station an American yelling at a ticket booth operator

“How am I supposed to get anywhere if nobody in this country speaks American?!”

Kevin from Wandering Wagars.

Harajuku Fashion

“There’s too many tourists here!!!!”

Elizabeth from Digital Travel Guru.

“I don’t use guidebooks, I just talk to people”…

That’s all well and good, believe it or not, I do speak to people as well.  Not having a guide book does not make you a better traveller than people that do… (is exactly what I wanted to say back to her!)

Nathan from The TRVL blog.


“Jet lag is for amateurs”

Georgia from Just Lush Things.

Tour Guide – “The Cu Chi Tunnels were so long and intricate, we don’t know where they all lead to and end, even now”

Tourist – “Did they not have GPS?”

A fave of my own!

How to plan a trip

“No, silly, it wasn’t a Spanish tapas tour… it was a Spanish culinary experience!”

Tendelle from Travel A La Tendelle

Maiton Island
At an amusement park on a narrow peninsula in Lake Erie (one of the Great Lakes, so many hundreds of miles from any ocean) waiting for a roller coaster that’s right on the beach:

Guest: “What ocean is that?”

Employee: “I’m not sure. Maybe the Atlantic?”

Kris from Nomad By Trade

“I don’t like going to places with tourists”

Elizabeth from Digital Travel Guru.

Whilst in Mancora, Peru after travelling 5 months my boyfriend and I met a boy named Noodles (Use his name if you like or mix it up a bit).
Noodles had been on the road for 3 weeks when we met him and as we were coming to the end of our trip we often got in discussions with other travellers about how sad we were to be going home within the next 4 weeks. During these conversations the kind and helpful Noodles decided to give us some travel tips that he’d learnt in his three weeks of travel that could help us for the remaining month of our 6 month trip. I know what you’re thinking “that’s very helpful of you Noodles” (eye roll).
Noodles was a pretty obnoxious guy – a story topper kind of guy. If you’ve been there he’s been there twice. Everyone around our table at the time became annoyed at his story topping. As Noodle left the table I heard my boyfriend mutter to one of our friends “F**king hell, have you met Noodles? He’s backpacked the moon”. 

Bryony from Travels and more

“You didn’t dip your churros in chocolate? That is the most typical Spanish dish!”

Tendelle from Travel A La Tendelle

Have you heard of any hilarious and ridiculous things travellers have said? Or perhaps you said it yourself?! Share with us in the comments below!

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Ridiculous things travellers say
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  1. hahhahahahaa thanks for adding mine, I’ve had a good laugh reading these so funny, can you do more please – like a part 2 its hilarious ; )

  2. This was too funny! Thanks for sharing! I’ve def heard some crazy things while traveling too!

  3. Hahahaha my favourites are always when people talk about everybody else as a tourist yet somehow they aren’t!!! Like they are some superior type of being who would never consider that they could be deemed to be … horror…. a tourist

  4. Haha, great selection! The Atlantic Ocean/ Lake Erie is my favourite!
    After reading this, I realise that we all might sometimes be guilty in saying something stupid. I definitely am, especially when visiting some busy place: ‘what are all these people doing here’ or ‘how in the world do I get a good picture with all those people here… 🙂

    • Haha I do the same with photos! How can I take a picture with all these tourists in the way!

  5. Haha, that Lake Erie one is kind ridiculous! I’m sure I’ve said some dumb stuff on my travels. I’m kinda happy most of the things were said to other travelers — let’s keep the crazy within the community and not annoy the locals. 🙂

  6. Such a funny but eye-opening post! Sometimes we, travelers, forget how privileged we are that we can travel. The most funny for me would be “There’s too many tourists here”. LMAO!

  7. Omg I am guilty of saying “there’s too many tourists here” ! Yikes! This definitely gave me a much needed giggle. Love the one about Noodles! You should make this an ongoing series! I will contribute next time:) I recently met a 19 year old at hostel (I’m over twenty years older, mind you) who informed me that you can’t get to know a country unless you stay two months. When I asked what he did for the past 2 month in Thailand, he basically got drunk with other European tourists. LOL

  8. Love this! I’m sure I’m guilty of saying one or two of these. As wonderful as it would be for places to be completely empty of tourists, there’s a reason why everyone wants to go there!

  9. Funny list, love it! 🙂 I agree with Elizabeth, write Part 2 🙂

    • Haha thanks Fiorella! Will work on that 🙂

  10. Some of those things really made me laugh! Especially the Noodle story. :’D

    I have to admit that I do understand the people who try to avoid touristy places though. I, personally, cannot stand crowded places, ever since I was young I got headaches when I found myself in a crowded space. But this of course counts both for tourists, locals and my fellow Belgian citizens.

    Another thing is that when places are very touristy, it’s harder to get in touch with locals. Back when I went to Croatia for the first time, there weren’t many tourists. Even though most of the locals didn’t speak English, they really tried to communicate with us and that was so nice.
    I went back 3 years later and the country became A LOT more touristy. The atmosphere changed. It went from people who tried to talk to us and try to show us things, to people who were only interested in selling stuff. They didn’t try to engage in conversations anymore. Nothing.
    This was very sad and my second trip to Croatia was, because of this, far from as nice and interesting as my first trip to the country.
    I’ve noticed this in almost every country I’ve visited.
    Of course, we are all tourists and we wil stay that way and locals will always look at us as tourists but there IS a big difference between touristy and non touristy places and I can totally understand why some people prefer to avoid those places.

  11. Haha these are hilarious. Especially the first one . The rhino can look so calm and peaceful until you get in its way. Living in Africa, we get to hear a few hilarious things too. Like – do we have wildlife walking around on our streets? And ” Oh, you live in South Africa? Can you drop off a parcel for my friend in Nairobi?”

    • Haha Love that! I always hear “You’re from England? Have you met the queen?”

  12. It’s a great collection of expressions. I especially liked one about nobody speaking American in Milan. Thanks for making me smile.

  13. This just made me laugh out loud!! So many good ones. Made me start thinking about the ridiculous things I have heard from people.
    “I don’t like going to places with tourists” makes me cringe. You are a tourist too… shut up already

  14. Hilarious! Have to admit I’m guilty of the “too many tourists” here one and maybe a few others lol

  15. Hahah I loved this. I’ve definitely heard some crazy things coming from other travelers …and I’m sure I’ve said some pretty off the wall stuff myself at times!

  16. Haha these are great (and cringeworthy). Nice list!

  17. Hahaha, some really funny ones! Thanks for sharing <3

  18. Haha! This really made chuckle. The ‘too many tourists’/’I don’t go to places that are too touristy’ is one I hear all the time. Always an eye-rolling moment!

  19. In NYC: “Oh look, you’ve got McDonalds here too!”

    • YES! love this! I heard this too about Starbucks in China! 🙂

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