Romantic Budget Hotels Gaga Bees Yala

We recently posted a blog about romantic hotels in the world – and they are amazing. However, they are expensive! I’m not quite sure we will be able to afford some of those places on our budget just yet. So, here is a budget version! Romantic Budget Hotels under $100.

Romantic Budget Hotels - Bora Bora
Romantic Budget Hotels - Bora Bora
cheap last minute hotels
Romantic Budget Hotels - Bora Bora


Oa Oa Lodge – Bora, Bora

For just $96 a night, you can get yourself a romantic garden bungalow and enjoy the beauty of Bora Bora. You can opt to swim in the pool or jump straight into the sea!

Romantic Budget Hotels Heredad Beragu Hotel
Romantic Budget Hotels Heredad Beragu Hotel
Heredad Beragu Hotel
Romantic Budget Hotels Heredad Beragu Hotel


Heredad Beragu Hotel – Gallipienzo, Spain

For as little as $90 a night, you can stay in this picturesque hotel and truly relax. Rooms offer views of the mountains or river whilst the decor creates a rustic, romantic atmosphere.

Romantic Budget Hotels Vancouver


Windsor Guest House – Vancouver

With rooms starting at $89 a night, this is my dream B&B! Growing up, I always saw these adorable, victorian-styled B&B’s American and Canadian TV programmes.

This is it! A cute, boutique place to stay with a guest terrace, daily breakfast and stained glass windows. Plus, the city centre is just 7 minutes away.

To read more about the amazing things to do in Vancouver, read Tracy’s post here.

Romantic Budget Hotels Gaga Bees Yala
Romantic Budget Hotels Gaga Bees Yala
Romantic Budget Hotels Gaga Bees Yala
Romantic Budget Hotels Gaga Bees Yala


Gaga Bees Yala – Sri Lanka

Who can say no to an awesome bungalow surrounded by candle lights to set the perfect romantic evening. Don’t forget to try some Sri Lankan food too!

These chalets start at $58 a night! My perfect choice for our romantic budget hotels post!

Romantic Budget Hotels House of Gate


House of Gates – Puerto López, Ecuador

With a tropical garden, beachfront location and spacious rooms, House of Gates is a romantic retreat in Puerto López on the outskirts of Montañita.

Romantic Budget Hotels Korovesi Sunshine Villas
Romantic Budget Hotels Korovesi Sunshine Villas
Romantic Budget Hotels Korovesi Sunshine Villas


Korovesi Sunshine Villas – Fiji

OK, Fiji hotels have made it to this list twice but there are some great deals to be had in this romantic beach destination. Korovesi Sunshine Villas offer a private retreat with perfect sea views, fun water activities and romantic sunsets.

All for just $77.

Romantic Budget Hotels Palazzo Depretis
Romantic Budget Hotels Palazzo Depretis


Palazzo Depretis – Naples, Italy

For me, Italy is one of the most romantic countries in the world which is why at least one hotel had to make it on our romantic budget hotels list. Naples is a fantastic city and Palazzo Depretis offers spacious rooms with a cute balcony, all for $93.

Romantic Budget Hotels Fiji
Romantic Budget Hotels Fiji
Romantic Budget Hotels Fiji


Tambua Sands Beach Resort – Fiji

With every bungalow tucked away in the natural surroundings of a coconut plantation, you receive a private and beautiful stay. The bungalows are a few steps away form the beach whilst the resort offers a pool and restaurant.

Rooms start at $93 a night.

Romantic Budget Hotels Rose Garden


Rose Garden Hotel – Yangon, Burma

For just $89 a night, you can stay at this incredible, grand hotel surrounding by nature. All rooms offer garden views, the lounge has a grande piano and the restaurant serves amazing food.

Romantic Budget Hotels Greenheart
Romantic Budget Hotels Greenheart


Greenheart Apartment – St Lucia

Set on a hill in Laborie, this apartment offers a balcony with a gorgeous sea view. St Lucia is such a beautiful place to visit but can be incredibly pricey.

This perfect little hotel made it to our romantic budget hotels list because not only is it beautiful but it costs just $67.

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Romantic Budget Hotels Under $100 - Pin This!
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So, that is the first post of our Romantic budget hotel series! Any suggestions for other beautiful and romantic hotels around the world? Leave your ideas in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.

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  1. Wow all these look lovely, it’s hard to believe they are under 100 a night. I think one thing that makes places romantic is the view especially if you can enjoy it from bed or a hot tub/pool.

  2. I’m blown away by the Bora Bora one!

  3. What a great list of hotels. The Rose Garden Hotel in Yangon looks like a palace. Amazing what you can get for your money if you look around. Bookmarked for future reference. Thanks for sharing!

  4. These hotels are amazing! I completely thought that romantic = expensive. Thanks for showing me otherwise! I think as long as you have the experience with someone special, it can make so many places romantic.

    • Yeah these are amazing hotels without breaking the bank!

  5. It’s very rare to meet people who have been to Bora Bora, I normally only see it in the movies and you found a hotel for 96 bucks too! This would be top of my list! I need to find a gf first before visiting these romantic hotels though!

    • Haha you can find cheap little gems all over the world! 🙂

  6. This is such a nice idea for a post! I’ve always wanted to be able to afford a beautiful romantic hotel, looooove the Sri Lanka one – ** to Skysnaccer **

  7. This is the list I’ve been looking for! We’ve always thought exotic places like Bora Bora, Fiji, Sri Lanka will cost a lot to travel to, especially the accommodation fee. But you’ve suggested some very nice properties that offer affordable prices! What a steal!

    • So glad you like them! Will get a part two out soon!

  8. So many options around the world! It’s cool to be able to flip through places all over the world in one web page! so many different styles!

  9. Gorgeous resorts! The Srilankan one is just unbelievable with its price point. Btw, you got me at the first one when you say you could jump into the sea directly! Wow!

    • I know! How awesome is that!!

  10. Oh my word! These look absolutely magical. Oa Oa lodge totally speaks my language as Bora Bora is just the ultimate paradise I long to visit. I am happy to see that a guest house from Vancouver is on this list as Canadian accommodations especially this year with the 150th are crazy expensive!

    • Yeah Bora Bora looks so perfect! And yes I personally find Canada to be a gorgeous and romantic country so would definitely encourage anyone to go! especially this year 🙂

  11. I would love to stay in Tambuva sands beach in Fiji! Sounds amazing!

  12. OMG I love all of them, they look so romantic but relaxing too, my favorite destiny probably bora bora but I am globetrotter so I probably would visit all of them. You have done amazing post, thanks for share this beautiful places with us.

  13. Wow that’s awesome! What amazing accommodation finds for that price as well!

  14. As couples love romantic getaways, having this list of affordable places to stay is awesome. Good read!

  15. Wow !! They all look so beautiful… but that outdoor shower – yes please!

  16. WOW! Lovely post. I wish I had seen this before I went to Sri Lanka.

  17. Some fantastic places to stay when on a budget – need to get you to find somewhere awesome for us in Bali!!!

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