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8 Romantic Things to Do in Paris

8 Romantic Things to Do in Paris

These romantic things to do in Paris cover the most romantic attractions in the city of lights, perfect for a couple’s break.

Often called the City of Love, Paris is most probably seen as a dream destination for couples who want to have a memorable, romantic experience in a picturesque setting.

From leisurely strolling hand in hand by the Seine River to sipping champagne at a rooftop bar overlooking the city, there are countless things to do in Paris with your loved one.

So, what is there to do in the city of love? Here are 8 things you can do, ideally to make your trip an unforgettable one.

Romantic Things to Do in Paris

Cruise the Seine River

Stroll hand in hand along the Seine River

In Paris, it all starts with a walk; a slow walk along the Seine River. Imagine you and your loved one clasping each other’s hands as you walk down the cobblestone ways beside the river. On one side of it, the unbeatable silhouette of the Notre Dame Cathedral rises to the sky, and on the other side, the majestic facade of the Louvre Museum.

And every step you take gets you more engulfed in the timeless beauty of the city, the murmurs of the water serenading you as you get lost in the moment.

As you meander down, you will go by bookstalls, little charming cafes, and picture-perfect little bridges that look as though they have been torn straight from the scenery of a postcard. Stop at the Pont des Arts, where lovers from all over the world have attached locks as a symbol of their eternal love. Attach a lock yourself, thus locking your love within the beauty of Paris.

And when the sun started to set, giving the city its warm glow, you would get closer and closer still, with your hearts pounding to the rhythm of Paris itself. These are the moments that remind you why Paris is indeed the City of Love.

free things to do in Paris

Indulge in a romantic picnic at the Eiffel Tower

One of the most famous symbols in Paris is the Eiffel Tower. Why just stay far from it when it can be translated into a setting for a romantic experience that would last in one’s memory?

Although going up the Tower is ticketed, one of our favorite free things to do in Paris is to enjoy a picnic with a view. Pack a picnic hamper with all your favorite French delicacies: crusty baguettes, creamy cheeses, and luscious fruits. Spread a blanket at the bottom of the tower.

And then, as you eat your dinner al fresco, with the Eiffel Tower looming above you, everything will be just like a scene from the movies. And when the sun sets and the tower blooms with thousands of twinkling lights, you will know you have seen pure magic.

A moment you will treasure forever, a memory that will make you smile every time you think of your days in Paris.

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Explore the charming Montmartre neighborhood together

Montmartre is one of the places that make Paris unique with its cobbled walks, quirky boutiques, and bohemian spirit. Take all the time you need, stroll hand-in-hand, and savor the artistic vibe that fills this lovely refuge.

Place du Tertre, where artists come out with their easels and paint en plein air, is reminiscent of Paris in every brushstroke.

Enjoy a little shopping in the sweet boutiques of Rue des Abbesses, vending from vintage treasures to very special souvenirs. And do not miss the Sacré-Cœur Basilica, majestically imposing from its position on the hilltop, surrounded by panoramic views of the city below.

Possibly the most romantic time of all is when Montmartre turns pink with the sunset, and the city is suspended in breath, waiting for the night to come. A moment you will want to capture forever is an impression that will last long after you leave Paris.

Reasons to visit Paris

Take a sunset cruise on the Seine

Experience pure magic by booking a sunset cruise on the Seine River with your loved one. Climb aboard a traditional bateau mouche and set sail on the Seine as the sun sets to paint the sky shades of pink, orange, and gold.

As you drift along, you can view some of the best-known sites in the entire city of Paris; among these are the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre Museum, and the Musée d’Orsay. But the greatest thing about the cruise is, obviously, the Eiffel Tower itself, which you will see glowing in the dark, being reflected in the water.

Toast with champagne and let the beauty of the views melt your heart as you feel the boat gently sway under your feet. This is the moment; it’s full of pure romance and the right time to take things slow and savor the beauty of Paris in all its glory.

Reasons to visit Paris

Enjoy a candlelit dinner at a cozy Parisian bistro

There are many reasons to visit Paris and for us, the food in Paris is at the top of the list.

Paris is one place where people expect world-class cuisine, and nothing feels great than having a romantic dinner in one of the small, cozy Parisian bistros. Choose for yourself among such warm and amiable restaurants that let you take your time and savor each bite of your meal.

Try classic French onion soup or a light salad dressed in vinaigrette for a starter. You can always enjoy the coq au vin or perfectly done steak frites for your main course. Finally, top your palate with dessert—a luscious chocolate mousse or a crème brûlée to die for, because the sweetest comes last.

Just enjoy the flowing conversation and ringing laughter across the dining with the understanding that memories are being made that shall never be forgotten. And when your evening is finally coming to an end, take a slow last walk hand in hand through the moonlit streets of Paris with your loved one.

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Sip champagne at a rooftop bar overlooking the city

A moment you will never forget: a rooftop bar in Paris, sipping champagne as you witness the panoramic view of the city. That can be the new, hip one in the Marais or the old, classic one in the Latin Quarter, but in any case, you will most definitely find a perfect spot to raise your glasses to love.

As you raise your glasses and clink them together, you will feel a prince/princess standing on top of the world, with the glittering lights of Paris unfolding below you like a carpet of twinkling stars. Take a moment to soak it all in, knowing that you’re sharing this magical moment with the person who means the most to you.

And as you look out over the chattering, laughing city, you realize that there is no place you would rather be but here and now in the City of Love.

Day trips from Paris

Get lost in the Gardens of Versailles

One of the best day trips from Paris brings you to the magnificent Palace of Versailles, a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its magnificent gardens. Allow yourself to become lost for just one day within the labyrinth of topiary and fountains on the immaculately manicured lawns.

You’ll start your journey right at the iconic Hall of Mirrors, with the sparkling chandeliers and intricate gold leaf decorations. Then, get out in the gardens, where you find hidden groves, quiet ponds, and scented rose gardens.

Pack a picnic and find a secluded spot for an al fresco meal in the Versailles gardens. With ancient trees overhead, you’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time to a world of luxury and romance.

Watch a ballet or opera performance at the Palais Garnier

An ideal and romantic evening would involve going to Palais Garnier to watch a ballet or an opera.

As one of the most prestigious theaters in Paris, it is recommended to dress up and enjoy a cultural evening with your loved one. Your evening begins in the Grand Foyer with a glass of champagne, mixing with Parisian high society and admiring the grand interior. 

Now, take a sit in the plush red velvet armchair and prepare to be whisked away by the stage into an entirely different world.

Whether you are captivated by the graceful movements of the dancers or touched to tears by the soaring melodies of singers, you will be inescapably drawn into the beauty and the artistry of the performance. And when the final curtain falls, the audience clapping, one knows that he has just experienced a piece of magic together. 

It’s a city of romance: Paris, with love and romance, hidden in the very essence of its cobblestone streets and its numerous world-famous monuments.

Amble together along the Seine River or get some champagne at a rooftop bar; the options for making great memories are limitless. So pack your bags, get your ticket, and get ready to experience the magic of Paris, the City of Love.

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