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Rome Bucket List: 10 best things to see and do

Rome Bucket List: 10 best things to see and do

Planning a trip to Italy? We share this Rome bucket list, so you can see all the best sights in this iconic city and not miss a thing! Of course, we also share some of the best food to eat in Rome too and where you can find it.

Best things to do in Rome, Italy

Rome bucket list

The Colosseum

Of course, this list was going to start with the Colosseum. You can’t visit Rome without heading to this renowned and iconic landmark, which was constructed between 70-80 AD and, at its peak, held around 80,000 spectators. The Amphitheatre was once used to hold gladiator tournaments and other forms of entertainment during the Roman Empire.  This is a must-do Rome bucket list attraction and the first stop for most.

You can now take a tour of the Colosseum, learn about its history, and appreciate the famous structure and ancient architecture. 

The Colosseum is open every day except for Christmas and New Year, with the Colosseo Metro Station being the easiest route to get to this attraction. Buy tickets online to avoid the long queues or opt for a guided tour. 

Rome bucket list

The Roman Forum

Located next to the Colosseum are the most important Roman ruins in Italy, the Roman Forum. This is an ancient site of roman ruins that was once the center of Roman life and includes temples, arches, and squares. 

You can purchase tickets for entry to both the forum and the colosseum but make sure you allow plenty of time to explore and wear comfortable shoes. 

Rome bucket list

The Pantheon 

As one of the best preserved ancient Roman buildings in the world, the Pantheon is one of Rome’s most famous attractions and a Rome bucket list item. Constructed in 118 AD, this monument can be found in the center of Rome on the Piazza Della Rotonda.

Rome bucket list

St Peter’s Square

Ever wanted to visit a tiny country? In Rome, you can do just that! Head to St Peter’s Square to discover The Vatican, a popular Rome bucket list. This is an independent state and is one of the most important religious sites in the world, with St. Peter’s Square being home to many significant events. Appreciate the beautiful statues of the religious figures and previous popes before visiting St Peter’s Basilica. 

Rome bucket list

Trevi Fountain

Another Rome bucket list item is the Trevi Fountain; one of the most famous fountains in the world. There are very few fountains that are as lavishly decorated as this. Constructed in 1762, the fountain pays tribute to the Roman God Oceanus, who is interpreted in the fountain, as riding his chariot. 

It has become a tradition to throw coins in the water for good luck but doing so during the high season can be a struggle – this is a very popular fountain so get here early.

Rome bucket list

The Spanish steps

Whilst you are in Rome, make sure to head up the 135 Spanish steps, connecting two popular squares together. At the top of the steps, you will find a large crucifix obelisk and the Trinita del Monti Church.  At the bottom is Piazza di Spagna, home to plenty of stores and cafes. Spend an afternoon exploring this area, seeing the sights, and taking plenty of photographs on these famous steps. 

The Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel

Another Rome bucket list item is actually not even in Rome but the tiny country of The Vatican and its many museums. The Vatican complex of museums also includes the Sistine Chapel, meaning exploring these areas is a must. The museums are home to a variety of classical and historical artwork which has grown over many centuries, now holding 70,000 pieces of artwork. 

You can get yourself a dual ticket, meaning you can also visit the Sistine Chapel, one of the most renowned religious chapels in the world. This chapel was extensively restored in the 1400s, with stunning ceiling artwork and detailed decorations adorning the walls. This is one of the most unique experiences in Rome and is a must-visit whilst in Rome.

Rome bucket list

Piazza Navona

Built-in the 15th Century, the Piazza Navona is another popular sight in Rome. Not far from the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain, the square is a great place to enjoy a stroll through, especially in the warmer months. Here you can find artists and street vendors standing alongside the Fountain of Neptune and plenty of incredible sculptures. 

Rome bucket list

Galleria Borghese

The Borghese Villa complex is an important art museum, home to fine art paintings, sculptures and antiques. The building itself is impressive and beautiful so allow plenty of time to view the masterpieces and explore the villa gardens. 

Rome bucket list

The Altar of the Fatherland

Another monument in the heart of Rome is the Altar of the Fatherland, dedicated to King Victor Emmanuel who was the first king of unified Italy. This monument is near the Colosseum and the Pantheon, so include a visit here during your trip. 

At the front of the monument is a large bronze statue of the former king and, at the base of the monument is a museum that shows the history of the unification of Italy. This is often overlooked on many a Rome bucket list, but it is definitely worth visiting.

Rome Food bucket list

We all love Italian food and you can get plenty of amazing dishes whilst you are in Rome. 

Firstly, try Allesso di Bollito, a beef dish of slow cooked meats, tenderised and served in bread. You can try this at Mordi E Lai in the Testaccio Market. 

If you love pasta, you can’t go wrong with trying the carbonara found in most restaurants in the city but also try Cacio e Pepe, with a delicious version at Saumeria Roscioli. 

Gelato and tiramisu is a great dessert option. You can get amazing gelato at Come il Latte and Frigidarium. You can pick up some tiramisu in Mr. 100 Tiramisu, Pompi Tiramisu near the Spanish Steps and Two Sizes, near the Piazza Navona. 

Reasons to visit Rome

Things to know before you go to Rome

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