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Agness and Cez tell us why we should sail around the Arctic Circle.

The Arctic Circle is sometimes different to what some people imagine it to be. It’s actually an imaginary circle that outlines the boundary of a special area. Within this area, the sun does not rise in winter. It provides the planet with polar nights. When it comes round to summer, the sun may not always set on certain days. Right in the middle of the Arctic Circle is the North Pole.

The North Pole is often portrayed as Santa’s hideaway place. Thousands of tourists visit the Arctic Circle each year with aims to meet the famous St Nick. It also touches various countries such as Russia, Iceland and Greenland. This time, however, you may want to stray from the restrictions of land. Instead, you could choose to sail around the Arctic Circle. Here’s why it would be a magnificent choice…

Get a Tour of Lapland

When you’re on route, make sure to make a stop at Lapland. There’s a diverse range of towns and villages here for you to check out. Lapland is famous for its ice houses. There are great places such as ice bars where you can stop and get a cool refreshing drink. To get from point A to point B, you can hire a snowmobile and whizz round the territory. If you start feeling the frost, hop into a Finnish hot tub and warm yourself up. It’s normal to first jump into a hot pool of water and then dive into an ice lake. As a thrilling tradition, you might enjoy trying it out!

If you really love the look of Lapland, you may want to become a husky sledger and so you can hang out with the huskies everyday! Husky sledging is available for tourists and you can take an informative tour across the snowy slopes. Nature plays a huge role in the lives of many Laplanders as sledging activities support the local economy. Ships and cruises usually organise interactive excursions where you can learn about the animal’s role in the Arctic and how they would be used to transport goods and services.

arctic circle

Whale Sightings

As you sail through the Arctic Circle, you may get to see a variety of whales. For instance, there are finbacks, killers, humpbacks and blue whales. Nature lovers will love to sail around this perimeter as there are a lot of endangered species lurking around the waters. As you may already understand, most whales are HUGE. The ship will be cautious of their natural habitat and will do their best not to disturb these majestic creatures. You’ll want to take a waterproof camera and perhaps a few waterproof items of clothing with you on your journey.

You can also find humpbacks in other places such as the south-western coast of South Africa. Large groups have recently been sighted. Apparently, they’re trying to chase down krill in alternative areas. To see a humpback whale in real life would be a memorable moment. It’s not often you get to see sea life. By sailing around the Arctic Circle, you’re giving yourself a chance to fully experience the area. Whereas, if you were to be stuck on land, the closest you’d get to witness a whale is in an aquarium. Of course, it’s up to you how you’d like to travel. Yet, it is advisable to travel by water.

arctic circle

Admire the Arctic Ocean

Did you know that the Arctic Ocean is the smallest out of the world’s top 5? Sailing through the ocean on Arctic cruises is a highly valid reason as to why you should go. There are so many fascinating facts linked to the AC. For instance, 25% of the world’s hidden petroleum is located in this ocean. Plus, there are more fish species found here than anywhere else.

Due to climate change, it’s best to view the Arctic Circle while you can. Despite the fact that an ice cap covers this ocean, it is unfortunately melting. What’s crazy is that if it continues to decrease in size then by 2040 there will be no ice left in the Arctic Ocean! So, if the ice slowly evaporates, what happens to the wildlife? Where will they go? How would the Polar Bears survive? Their ice hunting activities would diminish. There would be a dramatic loss of food for the bears to consume. Without their trusty ice platforms, these gorgeous creatures would eventually die out. That’s why it is fundamental to book yourself an adventure to capture the beauty of an ice cap before it disappears. Not only that, but to also capture the beauty of a Polar Bear…

arctic circle

Witness a Winter Wonderland

That’s right! It’s a real life winter wonderland. During this season, the Arctic Circle comes to life! There are actually six types of seal you could spot if you took a sail around. For instance, there’s the harp seal, the spotted seal, the ribbon seal and more. Marine life within this location is thriving. There are also jellyfish, walruses and rare types of fish burrowed beneath the waters. The ice actually forms during winter around the land. This is known as pack ice. Yet you can also see other types such as fast ice and polar ice. Pack ice only freezes during the winter months.

You’ll feel as though your ship is sailing through a snowy desert of long lost icebergs and gargantuan glaciers. It will take you back to titanic times and will remind you of the unique physique of the floating ice fields. Once you’ve floated through the Arctic Circle, you’ll realise how incredible it actually is. There’s nothing quite like it! Remember, there’s plenty out there to see, especially if you find yourself gliding through the Russian Arctic Circle. This particular patch is home to some amazing sights. For instance, there’s the Kola Peninsula and the Murmansk. Enjoy the adventure!

Are you interested in sailing the Arctic Circle?

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Arctic Circle
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