Saying Goodbye to England: July Monthly Summary

Moving to China

So, it is 1.54am on the 1st August and I have FINALLY got everything sorted for our flight at 8pm later today. Yes, July was a month of Goodbyes, final trips to London and just ridiculous stress!

What’s up?

July went so quickly and felt so jammed packed! The month began with a really lovely few days at Wellington College in the UK. This is one of the most prestigious schools in England and, as the international school I am heading to is part of this group, the UK school was the base for my first two day inductions.

We spent some time in London this month – we ended up heading into the centre of London a grande total of four times in order to sort out visas! HEADACHE! Although, we did get to film some of London and visit St Paul’s Cathedral and the Tate Modern. We also paired it up with a Lana Del Rey Concert too so it wasn’t all bad!

The past two weeks have been full of the most endless tasks! Packing boxes ready for shipping (and filling out the long and complicated forms that go with it), packing suitcases (and decided to take an extra suitcase the night before the flight), boxing things up to store in our parents lofts (thanks mum and dad!) and then getting all those bits and bob type jobs organised too.

I was also able to visit London with my bestie Bridget. I love our catch up dates when we head into London to see a show together and I am already looking forward to watching a show again at Christmas when we pop back from China! Anyway, I digress – we spent a lovely day wandering around Covent Garden, getting some Macaroons, checking out a pretty awesome Chocolate Shop called Rococo Chocolates and then watched the West End of Matilda!

I also received a BEAUTIFUL parcel this month! Elizabeth from Digital Travel Guru is currently setting up an online store for beautiful Asian jewellery and fabrics and she kindly sent me a collection of her items! They are gorgeous and I can’t wait to wear them on our next beach trip – so thank you Elizabeth and make sure you check out her new Instagram page to keep updated with her store!

Blog Numbers and Goals

Our numbers have been consistent this month – a lot more consistent that we have with posting! But we did have two fabulous guest posts this week; one from Nolusindiso from Melanated Butterfly about 8 ways to greet in South Africa and then another post from Isabel from Bel Around the World about the Best Spa Resorts.

We have had a lot of comments and engagement on our posts this month – so, thank you so much everyone who is following us along on journey to move abroad etc etc! It is really nice (and gives me that warm bubbly feeling inside) to know that it isn’t just my mother in-law who reads this!

Love and Hate

This month I have been pretty lame with my blog reading – I am completely blaming this move to China for all my lazy behaviour and blog neglecting this month! But I did enjoy some fab posts about China and Hong Kong along with some travel blogs from my favourite bloggers.

Digital Travel Guru – I am in LOVE with Digital Travel Guru’s new website design! It is seas to search for blogs about your chosen destination and Elizabeth’s pictures are stunning – definitely check it out!

12 Awesome things to do in Vietnam – I love reading Emily’s blog and she posts frequently so there is always something exciting to read. As we head over to China I have been reading up on more Asia destinations and loved this Vietnam post!

48 hours in Hong Kong – So we maybe moving to Tianjin, but being the travel geek I am, I have of course planned every single holiday destination for the next year – thank goodness for international school holidays! Anyway, we plan to visit Hong Kong in October so World of Wanderlust’s post on 48 hours in HK was a favourite read of mine this month.

A photographic journey through China’s markets – One thing I love about travel is trying the different foods a country offers. We are so excited to explore the markets in China so reading Gallop around the Globes post and seeing her awesome pictures has got me very excited!

Shanghai, Disneyland – I LOVE Disney parks so the Nerdventurist’s post on what to expect when visit Shanghai, Disneyland had me planning my whole trip in detail!

9 places you need to visit in Beijing – As our new home is 30 minutes away from the capital, I loved using Hand Luggage Only’s post to plan the next 9 weekends!

Highlight of the month

Finally getting our visa’s and moving!

Top Instagram Post

This shot of the Hong Kong skyline has been a popular Instagram post this week – Hong Kong is one of those places that will fill up your memory cards in a second because it is so photogenic!

The beauty that is #hongkong #asia #china #skyline #view

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What’s next?

So I started this monthly summary the night before we flew and I am ending it in our apartment in Tianjin, China. WE LOVE IT!

We have been here for a full 24 hours now and enjoyed some amazing noodles, realised we really do need to learn some of the language and our appreciation of traffic lights and crossings in the UK has grown massively! We love it so far, so let’s see whats to come!

And that is July. A quick and busy month for us. Now we have moved we will be posting much more regularly and sharing some awesome guest posts and interviews with you too. Let us know in the comments what you want to know about China.

Thank you again for all our amazing readers! We appreciate all your support, comments and follows across social media! We hope you have enjoyed our monthly round up! Lots of love!Β 

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  1. Fab post πŸ™‚ Are you moving to China long-term? I’d love to visit China one day!

    • We are here for two years for now! The school contracts are two years long but we can choose to extend it or move to a different school after that πŸ™‚

  2. I really look up to you guys, I’m one of your fan now. amazing adventures that you have, you guys are unstoppable hopefully I’ll get to meet you one day. keep the good vibes love ya

    • Aww thank you so much Mary! Let us know if you are ever in our neck of the woods, we would love to meet up!

  3. Congrats on your move. Hope you enjoy this adventure in every way possible. I dream of one day living in Asia!

  4. Congrats on your move! And good luck with school! It’s always exciting being in a new place and learning the lay of your ‘hood. Best of luck, I look forward to reading more about your new chapter!

  5. Congrats on the big move guys! Hope your unpacking and are settled in now. Been living in Cambodia for over a year now so i understand what your going through. take everything with a pinch of salt on this side of the world. Great post as all ways and congrats again to you guys!

  6. Good luck, what an adventure but I bet you will miss wonderful London. Good luck with the traffic lights, I hear crossing the road can be a challenge. Looking forward to hearing (or reading) all about it.

  7. Sounds like you had an amazing time! London has some really good spots to visit, have a safe trip back to china!

  8. Good luck with your new adventure! I’ve only visited Beijing – love the food but the taxi drivers freaked me out! haha! Look forward to reading posts!

  9. I adore London! Your photos are great. Best of luck in China

    • Thank you so much Ruth πŸ™‚

  10. I’ll have to check out her store for Asian jewelry then, sounds interesting! And I’m glad you sorted out your visa’s!

  11. Such a sweet post. Wishing you all the best for your stint in China. I love all your posts anyway; looking forward to reading about your China-tales. Cheers!!

    • Aww thank you so much! Can’t wait to update everyone with China posts!

  12. I’m from Hong Kong! So reading about your post on my city makes me so happy πŸ™‚
    Keep it up!

  13. It’s never easy to bid goodbye to a place which houses so many memories but I am sure your move is going to be highly rewarding! I really love the way you take a stock of your monthly progress across various platforms and put it down in a blog! You are truly inspirational! All the best for your future!

    • Aww thank you so much Ambuj πŸ™‚ That is lovely of you to say – we are so happy to be exploring a new country and hope to see more of Asia whist we are over here.

  14. Congrats for your move and waiting to read more of your stories from China. You made me remember when we moved to Dubai first time.

  15. I just think it is incredible to move to the otherwise of the world and you get to immersive yourself in a totally different culture! Best of luck with settling in!

    • Congratulations one your move yaaaay you did it. Great mostly summary, enjoyed it and so happy you have moved to Asia. Looking forward to all your travel photos and adventures. Thanks for all the mentions too you both rock. Cannot wait for the next summary too.

  16. Congratulations for your move guys!! Good luck for now on πŸ™‚

  17. Congrats on the move, looking forward to reading about more adventures1 xx

  18. Hey best of luck for new adventure in China, have a great experience

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