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6 Best Places to see the SINGAPORE SUNSET

6 Best Places to see the SINGAPORE SUNSET

Priya shares her tips for the best places to see the Singapore Sunset, along with some tips of exploring the gorgeous destination.

A streak of orange on the bright blue sky. And soon you see the brilliant blue hues ebbing away into fiery orange and mellow purples. The canvas is painted in intense tones of vibrant colors. But its beauty remains only for some moments.

As the giant amber orb dips below the horizon, the painting fades into pitch-black darkness. But that’s fine as nature comes up with a new show every evening for you to get mesmerized all over again. Watching a sunset feels therapeutic, the experience exudes tranquility even if it is in the middle of a bustling city.

If you are in Singapore and craving some deviation from the cosmopolitan hype, then there are plenty of places where you can switch off and get lost in the scenic solace of beautiful Singapore sunsets. Here are some of the best places to see the sunset in Singapore.

Singapore sunset from Changi Point Board Walk

Changi Point Board Walk (Sunset Walk)

Changi Broad walk is a stunning promenade that stretched along the eastern scenic Singapore coastline. Located in Changi Village, it is a popular hot spot for families and friends to hang out. This 2 km boardwalk has 6 different segments which include the famous Sunset Walk – a preferred sunset places to see in Singapore.

A stroll along the Changi Sunset Walk offers stunning panoramas of the setting sun and the magic it creates in its surroundings.

If you are looking for a serene time with some recreation, then head to Changi Broad walk. Here you can spend the afternoon exploring the village life, lazing around the beach until it is time to witness a beautiful sunset as the day winds up.

Address: 7A Gosport Road

Singapore sunset from Labrador Nature Reserve

Labrador Nature Reserve

An idyllic nature haven for city dwellers, Labrador Nature Reserve is a part of Southern Ridges in Singapore. This extravagant open space on the mainland of Singapore is a perfect choice as a nature excursion to seek relief from urban life.

Flanked by cliffs, scenic panoramas of the sea, and shrouded in the lush wilderness, this nature sanctuary is a beautiful spot to revel in a peaceful ambiance. A leisurely stroll on the nature trails will let you witness the serene songs of the birds, spot exotic birds and reconnect with nature’s splendors.

Stay back till dusk falls to experience a beautiful sunset while enjoying the soothing sea breeze and solitude. Once the sun sets and the amber hues turn into the pitch black sky; wait some moments for the stars to pop up and twinkle.

The starry night sky surrounded by wilderness feels amazingly soothing to the soul. This nature reserve is a great spot that can be included in Singapore holiday packages to experience romantic sunsets and star gazing. The surroundings make this location a beautiful sunset in Singapore offering that ideal Singapore sunset photography.

Address: Labrador Villa Road

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Sky Park

When you think about where to watch the sunset in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands hotel, Singapore’s innovative design, made it into an iconic Singapore tourist spot. The surfboard-shaped roof of the towering hotel is home to an infinity rooftop pool, chic restaurants, and an observatory deck (you can save money by booking your tickets in advance).

Marina Bay Sky Park is a great place to view the sprawling Singapore city skyline. If you are staying at this top-notch luxury hotel, you can soak up in the Jacuzzi or Infinity pool while viewing stunning sunset on the city horizon.

If you simply wish to watch the sunset and the city view, you can purchase tickets to the observatory deck at a cost of SGD 23 per person. The observatory deck is open from 9.30 am till 10 pm. Please do remember to carry your cameras to capture some of the most astounding and scenic moments of your Singapore journey.

Personally, I think this is the best place to see the sunset in Singapore.

Address: 10 Bayfront Ave, Level 57, Tower 3

Singapore sunset from Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage

One of the finest spots in Singapore to watch breathtaking sunsets is at Marina Barrage. This dam built at the confluence of five rivers offers a stunning base for sunset viewing. A spectacular city skyline dotted with impressive silhouettes of iconic landmarks is a sheer delight for photographers.

While you are here to catch a sunset, stay back until the last ray of the sun disappears. Watch as the panorama fades into darkness before it illuminates millions of twinkling lights as the city shimmers back to life! The night view of the city is simply gorgeous with the view of Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer, and other amazing Singapore attractions.

You could also choose to take a Singapore Cruise to see the destination from the waters and enjoy a romantic sunset.

Address: 8 Marina Gardens Drive

Singapore sunset from 1-Attitude


Where else can you find the ultimate sunset viewing experience with a dash of fun and excitement? Being the highest alfresco bar in the world, the 1-Attitude bar in Singapore undoubtedly offers the best panoramas for sunset viewing. Set on the 63rd floor of One Raffles Palace, this stylish bar is a great place to chill out with your friends and experience a picturesque sunset over the city horizon.

Make the best out of your evening at 1- Attitude. Dance the night away to trendy beats and enjoy the night with friends along with a variety of cocktails.

Address: Level 63, 1 Raffles Place

Singapore sunset from Helix Bridge

Helix Bridge

Arguably offering the best sunset in Singapore and another beautiful Singapore point of interest that blends the city views, riverfront vistas, and sunset beautifully is the Helix Bridge. This state-of-the-art pedestrian bridge links two main areas in Singapore – Marina Centre with Marina South.

A stroll on the Helix Bridge takes you through a tranquil spot nestled amid hushed tones of city life. The flowing waters, and multi-hued skies amid the contrasting city views during the evening are a vision you will remember for a long time. The extraordinary design and structure of the bridge, when illuminated as night falls, is a visual treat worth watching.

Address: Parallel to Bayfront Ave

Singapore Gardens by the bay

Looking for a romantic sunset in Singapore?

Singapore is a beautiful place and the sunsets of Singapore should be on everyone’s bucket list; it is one of the most romantic things to do in Singapore. Here are some of our favorite places to watch the sunset in Singapore but also offer a romantic setting:

  • Lower Peirce Reservoir: Located in Upper Thomson, this gorgeous park offers some stunning Singapore sunset views in a picturesque rainforest backdrop
  • Marina at Keppel bay: Enjoy a perfect dinner in some of Singapore’s finest restaurants, the Marina not only offers fantastic choices for you and your date to dine but also the perfect Singapore sunset.
  • Mount Faber: For a more secluded Singapore sunset, hike up Mount Faber and enjoy the spectacular views of the city as the sun sets behind Singapore.
  • Jewel Bridge: Located within Punggol Waterway Park, the Jewel Bridge sparkles and reflects the sunlight when the sun sets in Singapore; making it an ideal place to see the sunset in Singapore.
  • Ce La Vi: We all know Marina Bay offers spectacular sunsets in Singapore, but the Ce La Vi restaurant; the hotel’s AL Fresco bar, is a stunning place to watch the sunset in Singapore during your date night.

Best things to do in Singapore

Best place to watch the sunset in Singapore

Singapore stuns you in every way possible.

Being an extravagant cosmopolitan country, you would feel smothered by towering metallic structures. But the island country has its way of resonating its natural splendor amidst its urbane settings.

Be it on the water-facing precinct, on top of a bar or on a stylish observatory deck, Singapore gives you some of the best possible sunset experiences you ever experienced in your life so don’t miss these best sunset spots in Singapore.

So while you are in Singapore, don’t get carried away by the awesomeness of Singapore’s innovative attractions and glitz.

Revel in the beauty of nature’s magnificent masterpieces painted new every evening exclusively for your experience with these best places to see the sunset in Singapore.

3 days in Singapore itinerary

Singapore FAQ

What are the most beautiful places in Singapore?

There are lots of beautiful places to visit in Singapore but for gorgeous views, head to Marina Bay Sands and Felix Bridge. The Gardens by the Bay is also a beautiful attraction in the city as is the Changi Boardwalk at night. 

Where can I get the best view of Singapore?

Stand in Merlion Park for the best view of Singapore including the Marina Bay Sands hotel. However, head to the Marina Bay Sands Skypark for the best view of the rest of the city. 

When is sunset Singapore time?

Sunset is between 6 and 7.30 pm, depending on the time of year. 

Where can I get the best view of the Singapore Skyline?

1-Altitude Bar offers a fantastic viewpoint of the city skyline as does the Singapore Flyer. However, Merlion Park, Felix Bridge, and the Esplanade area offer gorgeous viewpoints too. 

Where is the free skyline in Singapore viewpoint?

Henderson Waves above Henderson Road is a free pedestrian Bridge offering fantastic skyline views. Changi Boardwalk and the Marina Barrage are also free spots. 

ION Sky offers an observation deck, as an alternative to the Marina Bay Sands Observation Deck. It is not free, you must spend $20 at the Ion Orchard building to receive a ticket to the viewpoint. 

Where can I watch the sunset in Sentosa?

Whilst in Sentosa, head to the coast of Palawan Beach for gorgeous views of the sunset. You can climb the viewing towers and watch the sunset across the South China Sea. If you are visiting with children, you may want to consider the cable car ride to Sentosa during sunset, the views are gorgeous and the ride is fun although pricey. 

Best views from Singapore restaurants?

There are a number of Singapore Skybars and restaurants that also offer gorgeous views. We have mentioned 1-Altitude Bar but you can also head to the Pinnacle at Duxton residential complexes or visit the LeVel33 at the Marina Bay Financial Centre. Lantern Bar is a great option for those looking for a rooftop bar whilst Equinox Restaurant is a good choice for a meal with a view. 

Do I need a visa for Singapore?

Many visitors do not need a visa for Singapore if you are only visiting for tourism or business but there are requirements you must meet first.

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