Sitting On The Edge of Macau Tower – 233M High!

Looking for some excitement? Head to the Macau Tower for some amazing views of this unusual country. Bungee Jumps, Sky Jumps (a controlled fall), a Sky Walk (walking around the edge of the building) and a Tower Climb up to the mast of the building, are all available at the Macau Tower.


Whilst visiting Macau, we tried the Sky Walk. We visited late to catch a view of Macau late at night with the strip lit up. This is an incredible and thrilling experience, adding an extra bit of fun to your Macau visit. On arrival, we were given the signature bright orange t-shirts to change into and given a brief safety talk. We were individually harnessed to a rope that dangled around the top ledge of the building and were walked around in a small group. There were many photo opportunities that included dangling off the building, sitting on the ledge of the building and swinging from the harness rope (this latter one I was not so successful with).

Cost of travel: One month in China

The Skywalk package includes a certificate, membership card, t-shirt and a USB with photographs from your walk. This costs MOP $788 and is open from 11am – 7.30pm on Monday to Thursdays and 11am – 10pm on Friday to Sundays.


Whilst your at the Macau Tower, you may also wish to view the city from the safety of an observation deck or from the popular 360 café.

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  1. What a brave soul! I would want to try that one too but I think my fiancee would have to work extra hard to pursue me to actually doing it haha

  2. So brave of you! I can’t imagine sitting or standing on top of that Macau Tower although I have been to the Peak Tram in Hongkong. I am sure those two places are very different. I would prefer to do this at night if ever. Haha! It is so hot during daytime and might not able to enjoy the experience.

  3. OMG..although I love the scene from where you are sitting. And I can feel the thrill. I have a fear of heights. Wondering how many butterflies would be fluttering in my stomach if I were to step into your shoes 🙂

  4. I won’t be able to do this at all. I’m afraid of heights and I’d probably be crawling on that ledge if someone put me there by force. I’d stay inside the observation deck, thank you very much. :p

  5. I think I’d be too chicken to actually walk out there and would have to enjoy the views from the safe, but boring observation tower – BUT good for you for doing this. It looks insanely exciting and I’m sure you’ll remember it forever!

    • The view from Observation Tower is still awesome! And the walk isn’t actually too bad. I was incredibly nervous before but loved it!

  6. I have a massive fear of heights!! Just looking at your photos are giving me a vertigo, lol. But I bet that would be fun to try!

  7. Omg I can’t believe you did the skywalk. I am afraid of heights, but the pictures show also that it must have been a great experience!

    • I was so nervous but did love it! Didn’t quite have the guts to completely lean off the wall though!

  8. Lols thats awesome! I also heard there is a bungy jumping opportunity did you try that at all? How did it feel to be up there?

    • You can bungy jump but I didn’t have the guts to do that! You can do a Sky Fall which is a controlled fall down, so may try that next time! If you google search ‘idiot abroad macau’ – you can see a comedian in the UK do the sky fall 🙂

  9. Wow this is something that i want to do but im soo scared of heights

  10. Wow, what an amazing experience! I’ve done the Sky Jump off the sky tower in Auckland but it doesn’t look anything in height compared to this!!

  11. Wow! I loved the view of the city flooded in golden light. Skywalk must be an amazing and lifetime experience. Good to know they also have many other adventure activities too.

  12. […] Chelsea game whilst another customer played as Chelsea on Fifa on the screen next to the TV. Or the Skywalk on the Macau Tower after being sick in Hong Kong for 5 days. I love making so many memories and […]

  13. […] From here you just wandered around all the other mega casinos including the Studio City, Galaxy Macau,  Sands Cotai and City of Dreams. They are all amazing but Studio City here is the one to watch. When we visited had only been open for a month so was not all 100% yet but has already become world famous for its Batman ride and a Ferris Wheel in the shape of a figure-8 … This non-gambling features are a result of Macau’s casino industry worst downturn on record as China’s slowing economy and its crackdown on corruption. China’s President Xi Jinping in December ordered the city to diversify its economy from gambling, on which it relies for about 80 percent of revenue and the results of this should be seen more in the future – The Parisian Macao should open next year and many existing casinos are busy creating shows and other entertainment events…. Expect to see Macau look more like Vegas in the the future – which isn’t a bad thing…While gambling can be fun, I for one would love to see a proliferation of entertainment options when I come back in future to draw me in few days (as Vegas does) rather than the current day trip option may take. And I would absolutely love to check out the Macau SkyWalk!  […]

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