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After a stressful few years, you may want to head to one of these best soul-searching destinations to reconnect, rest and revitalize. 

There are times when your problems are too much to handle; whether you are distressed from work or hurt from a heartbreaking tragedy, illness, or a break-up. Sometimes, you tend to take care of other people, forgetting what you should do for yourself. You often forget who you are, what makes you happy, and what you want.

The best way to heal yourself is through traveling. You are not expected to do anything for
anyone, you don’t have any responsibilities, except for making yourself happy and having time for yourself. Travel to new places where you can interact with other people and learn things you are curious about. Free yourself from stress, recoup your enthusiasm, and disregard everything that causes mishaps through soul searching. Here are the best countries to visit for your soul searching.

cost of travel Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful destinations where you should meditate. The country has various places where you can loosen up, release all the negativity, and enlighten yourself. Sri Lanka is famous for its tea, thus having your first cup of tea while resting and staring at the breathtaking view of the lagoon in Negombo will surely bring back all your fond recollections. 

Aside from that, you can climb the Sigiriya rock, an ancient rock fortress enclosed in water gardens. You can also stop by the marvelous temples, the Polonnaruwa, which will surely give you freedom amidst ancient tombs, statues, stupas, and temples.

Furthermore, traveling and searching for the waterfalls and staying in a tea plantation while having their known lion beer is probably one of the magical things you will experience in your life. It can connect your soul to this magnificent area, the Ella mountains in Sri Lanka. You can also experience being surrounded by the clouds in Little Adams. It has the majestic ability to touch your soul deeply and provide you with the inner peace you want.

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New Zealand

Engage in the stunning scenery and artistry of New Zealand and explore the adventures waiting for you. Try to join a local workshop and understand bone sculpting and harakeke (flax) weaving, the primitive cultures of the indigenous tribe named Maori. 

Aside from that, there are several places to visit in New Zealand, and one of them is the Mt. Aspiring National Park located on South Island. Its enchanting turquoise pools, sculptural rockscapes, impenetrable forests, and elevated meadows make it a relaxing view with thrilling sports like jet boat rides and hikes.

Also, you can encounter genuine happiness with the Kayak tour in Marlborough Sounds, swim with the dolphins in the Kaikoura coast, jump from a plane, do wellness therapy, and more activities to give the adrenaline rush and excitement. The refinement of nature and fascinating scenery will surely heal you and release all the stress you have.

Indonesia Cheapest travel destinations


Everyone who visits Indonesia falls in love with the sight of it and claims that this place changed and became a part of their lives. There are various places where you can have the chance to experience meditation and visit some of the best yoga retreats in the world. Bali, Indonesia, has two faces based on what you want to enjoy your trip. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet surfers and other people by visiting Canggu, where you can have a bottle of beer and soothe yourself with the place’s incredible sunset.

However, if you want to find solace, Ubud is the best place for you because it is the country’s spiritual focus. Travel to the island and witness the vibrant green rice terraces that will surely motivate you. Also, discover the beauty of Bedugul’s botanical gardens and the Pura Taman Saraswati Temple. There are also yoga centers that can help you relax and meditate. 

Indonesia is among the cheapest countries to explore, but there’s no doubt that the island is breathtakingly exquisite. Aside from that, the locals are friendly, and you’ll have a great time touring because of their compassionate hospitality.

Soul searching destinations


Also known as the Roof of the World, nothing can be compared to the tranquility of this place. You’ll see how amicable and impressive the beauty of this region of China is. The boundless grasslands, grandiose mountains, and turquoise waters can help you discover and heal yourself. 

The most magnificent area of Tibet is Mount Kailash, where it is said that this place is where the earth and heaven unite. Travelers hike on the high plateaus and secluded areas to reach the top, they stay in meditation centers, stop by monasteries, and encounter nomads along their journeys.

Some tours take you to paths where you can experience mind-boggling and inspirational experiences and visiting this place will surely be a life-changing adventure that you will never forget. Other areas that are worth your visit are the Holy City of Lhasa, Tibetan Buddhism sites, Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, and Dalai Lama; these are perfect for your soul searching.

Hidden gems in Italy


Italy is considered as everyone’s dream destination, and the people residing in this country view a positive life. Thus, their mindset will genuinely provide you courage and fortitude to recover your inner self and enjoy your life. Whether you visit Piemont, Bologna, Sicily, or Tuscany, all of these places will effectively help you forget your problems. Have your map prepared and enjoy the fantastic backdrop of Italy’s landscape. 

Furthermore, you can meet up with locals, have a conversation with them, visit renowned beaches, enjoy the sun, roam on an olive grove, tour on a vineyard, and stay in a local cafe; the choice is yours. Italy is a perfect place to rediscover yourself without bothering about being alone and dull because it is accessible to get in touch with other people.

India skyline Cheapest travel destinations in Asia


If you seek a religious and sacred journey, a trip to India shouldn’t be missed. India is the usual place for soul searchers, and that’s because they focus on meditations. If you want to enter a spiritual world, a yoga ashram is the best for you. However, if you favor retreats with leisure and you don’t want too much yoga, keep in mind that the yoga ashram is strictly organized. They begin every 5:30 in the morning because “ashram” denotes a “place of hardship”, it won’t be an easy feat to accomplish this meditation.

If you want a robust method to rediscover yourself, there is also a retreat for you. You are required to meditate for 11 hours, wake up in the middle of the night, and begin your first reflection, where there’s insufficient food. You must maintain the same position, and you are not permitted to talk during the retreat. That is called Vipassana Meditation Retreat, a difficult way to help you find yourself.

The world offers a lot of magnificent places for you to visit. Touring countries for your soul searching is necessary to ease your mind from all the worries and make room for energy and enthusiasm. Whenever you are going through some difficult phase, and you feel like you’re losing yourself, take a break and meditate. Whichever place you choose, keep in mind cherishing the moment and making better plans for tomorrow will eventually bring peace to you.

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Varun Sharma

Thursday 2nd of July 2020

I think Indonesia is one of the most soul searching destinations. It is very beautiful place to visit.

Nisha Batel

Tuesday 23rd of June 2020

Wow..!! Italy is mine dream destination too. Hopefully I'll visit Italy soon.

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