souvenirs to Collect

When you travel, there are so many types of souvenirs to collect. Souvenirs are a great way to remember your travel adventure. Why not build a cool collection of souvenirs from each place you visit? Here are some fun souvenirs you can collect while you travel around the world.


souvenirs to Collect


Most people don’t want to purchase a map while they’re travelling because they don’t want to look like a tourist. But maps are actually some of the coolest and most travel-sensical souvenirs to bring back from a trip. Map souvenirs are fun because you can mark on them all the places in the area you visited.

Shot Glasses

Shot glasses are one of the most popular travel souvenirs because they just look so good in a glass cabinet or decorative shelf. They’re also very small so they’re great souvenirs for travellers who don’t have a lot of storage space.

Sports Gear

Most major cities—whether you’re travelling across the United States or internationally—have some kind of major sports team. If you’re a sports enthusiast, collect the local team’s gear each place you travel. There are lots of different kinds of gear you can get: MLB baseballs, NFL jerseys, NBA socks, MLS soccer balls, etc. Some travellers make it a goal to tour each city’s major stadium – we loved touring  Wrigley Field and then watching a game!

souvenirs to Collect


There are lots of people who go to sporting events, concerts, or shows while they’re visiting another city (in fact, those are often the main reason people go on trips). Collect tickets for any particular event you attend in a different city, whether it’s a music festival wristband or ticket to a local live music venue. These are great souvenirs because they commemorate a particular memory within your travel experience.


You’ll find unique geological features around the globe, so why not collect some lovely stones at each place you visit? If you commonly travel to coastal areas, you can also collect seashells.

Bottle with Dirt or Sand

Similar to stones, some travelers like to collect bottles with dirt or sand from each place they’ve visited. It’s a simple and decorative way to commemorate a different part of the Earth you’ve walked on. In some locations, you can buy these bottles in a souvenir shop, but you can also make them yourself.


Postcards are one of the classic travel souvenirs, and they’re just as popular today as ever. What’s fun about postcards is that there are lots of different ways to display them in your home—you can put them in a scrapbook or you can display them on the wall, amongst other things.

souvenirs to Collect


If you have ample storage space while you’re travelling, you can collect fine art whenever you visit a different city. Obviously, you should try and find a local artist whose art you won’t be able to find anywhere else. You can collect paintings, pottery, handcrafted jewellery, or anything else that inspires you— just be sure you have a way to safely transport it back home.


Most places, rural and urban, have a particular kind of alcohol they craft locally. Buy some of the local booze and ship it home, and be sure to save the bottle and display it on a decorative shelf.

souvenirs to Collect


Flags are another great travel souvenir that “just makes sense.” If you travel frequently to other countries, buy a national flag for that country and bring it home with you. If you’re travelling to other states, buy the state flag. There are lots of gorgeous ways you can display flags around your home.


If you like writing, look for a handcrafted journal you can bring back home with you. It might be easier to find unique journals if you’re travelling internationally.

Snow globes

Snow globes are another classic travel souvenir because they’re simple and delightful. If you’re going to collect snow globes, just be sure that each one is snugly wrapped in soft material before you go in transit.

Holiday Ornaments

Holiday ornaments make great souvenirs for households that love to travel. During the holiday season, you can hang up your ornaments and reflect on the year’s trips and on your trips from previous years. Whenever we travel, we love picking up Christmas souvenirs for our home, they hold the best memories. 

souvenirs to Collect


Last, but not least, photos are always a terrific travel souvenir because they feature you! Whenever you visit a new city—whether it be abroad or in the states—be sure you get a few pictures snapped of you in a scenic location.

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