As a birthday gift to my mum, I treated my parents and I to tickets for the Ideal Home Show Christmas. Christmas time in London is always so magical so what better way to excited for the holiday season?!

At £15 a ticket, I bagged a deal on Groupon UK; two tickets for £16 including a free Ideal Home Magazine. The show ran from the 23rd to the 27th of November 2016 and held at the Kensington Olympia Exhibition Hall – directly opposite the Kensington Olympia Station.

Being my super organised parents, we arrived at 8.30am (an hour and a half before the show opened) and started the day off with a Costa just up the road. At 10am we headed inside Olympia and were greeted with Christmas! The show is divided in different sections with Christmas trees, fake snow and decorations everywhere.

Ideal Home Christmas Show

As we entered from Entrance 3, we enjoyed listening to Christmas songs from the choir as we browsed the Christmas Decoration section. I bought myself a Merry Christmas ornament for our future home abroad and there were loads of unique stores selling gifts for everyone. There was a stall named Origami and Kirigami selling handcrafted, pop up cards that were just beautiful. I did also pick up some Magic Snow – just add water and it magics itself into snow!

Next we visited the Home Improvements and Outdoor Living section where my parents decided to arrange an appointment with the shows sponsor Britelite to come and give a quote for a new front and back door…random for a Christmas show.

Technology and Gadgets fast become my dad’s favourite section. I purchased an awesome gadget for Calum for Christmas (of which I won’t describe on here as it is not yet Christmas!) and we tried out a VR headset where you attach a mobile phone to a head set and download the app to explore different games and videos. We also spent a considerably long time in the massage chairs too.

I am shamefully going to admit that I did love the Christmas Arcade section. There was a stall selling bespoke coffee tables that had an arcade built into it – Calum’s future dream table! For those with kids, this was a perfect section, full with toys, games and books.

The Fashion and Beauty section was a busy section, full of make up, accessorises and cute girlie gifts! I did pick up some bath bombs to get me through the last few weeks of School before the Christmas Holidays.

We saved the best for last – Food and Drink Section!!! Free samples and lots of purchases. My mum has mastered the art of trying a range of and multiples of samples before finally discreetly wandering off. I, however, have not mastered this! I ended up buying not 1, not 2, not 3 but 7 bottles of different flavoured Vodka! We now have miniature bottles of marshmallow Vodka, Chocolate Wine, Mango and Passionfruit Vodka and Toffee Fudge Vodka – perfect for our next trip to London when we will be watching a dance show. I also did an unusual little dance when I spotted the Snowdonia Cheese Company – Calum and I had bought a load of different cheese from these guys at the Taste of Christmas Fair two years ago and I had never managed to find it in stores since then, so immediately sampled them all and bought the Red Devil Cheese with chillies and crushed peppers.

We had a great time at the Ideal Home Show and spent just under 3 hours at the show. I would definitely recommend a visit to this exhibition, especially if you love Christmas as much as I do!

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  1. This looks amazing and I’m pretty sure I would overspent too! I just got back tonight from buying my christmas three and of course I spent way too much on ornaments and little thingamybobs that I don’t need but are just sooooooo cute

  2. You should learn from your mom on how to escape buying something after tasting it. I think I should learn from her too as I probably would end up with as much as vodka bottles that you have after this visit. Lol.

  3. Gosh I would have spent so much money! This is fantastic though. It is such an epic place to pick up little knick knacks for Xmas gifts.

  4. H, you are going to have a great Christmas with all those flavoured vodkas! I haven’t been to the Ideal Home Show before but it does sound amazing! So christmassy!

  5. This sounds like such a fun day out! I am loving the Christmas theme of this home show. I must admit, I am like you – after all the sampling of food and drinks, I am terrible at discreetly walking away like your Mum. I too would have bought a whole bunch of things (some I may not even need). I remember once, my sister and I went to an event like this, and we walked away with 2 trolleys full of stuff.

  6. I really enjoy going to these types of shows where we get the chance to discover up-and-coming local artists and artisans. I’m curious about all those vodka flavors you bought – they all sound so yummy (toffee fudge??)!

  7. This looks like such a great event to get into the Christmas spirit! I must ask, what is marshmallow vodka like? Clearly an opportunity to stock up on everything over the festive season! Would love to visit a show like this – having been to other similar events in NZ they are always lots of fun with plenty of sampling!

  8. Super organized parents are a great attribute! The show looks really interesting and with lots of good ideas. I had marshmallow vodka once and it was surprisingly delicious!

  9. That boarders on Christmas overload! I am surprised that you only spent 3 hours, it looks like there is so much to see. Dropping a wad of cash would be way too easy there.

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