Statue of Liberty

After booking our tickets for the crown nearly 3 months before we arrived in the great city, we were beyond excited when the day came along. We had visited Liberty Island before but had missed out on tickets for the crown on our last trip. But this is our adventure climbing the Statue of Liberty Crown!

Creative Tip: Tickets for the crown don’t cost much more than a normal Liberty Island ticket but can be sold out very quickly. Visit at least 3 months before your visit to NYC to reserve crown tickets.

From our hotel just off Time Square, we jumped on the subway (line 1) and heading towards the South Ferry station. The ticket booth and security check point is just a short walk from the station and by this time (10.30am ish) it wasn’t too busy and the lines weren’t too long.

If you are visiting the island at all then try to get to the ferry area as early as possible. On our last trip to New York City, we arrived to buy tickets at 11am and still had to wait a good 45 minutes to get through security. Book tickets online and arrive early!

The ferry across to Liberty Island doesn’t take too long – approx ten minutes. Our crown entrance tickets were booked for 11am, so we headed straight to the pedestal entrance around the back of Lady Liberty. stored out stuff in a locker, strapped the GoPro on my wrist and headed in. If you have crown tickets then you can also explore the historical museum in the foot of the statue, where you will see a replica of the Lady’s face and as well as the original torch that would welcome immigrants to the country back when they entered via boat. Their are lots of other interesting artefacts in this area of the monument, including a life-sized replica of the statues foot to give you an understanding of the size and scale of the monument.

We headed up the tight and narrow winding staircase to take us to the top of the crown. There was no one else heading up with us so we were able to take our time getting up there. If you are claustrophobic then these stairs aren’t for you. Here’s a video of our journey to the top of the crown:

Once at the top, we enjoyed taking some pictures and peered up to the monuments torch and down to the book that is held by Lady Liberty. We spent around 15-20 minutes at the top and then waited for a group who had arrived after us to head down first before making our way down the stairs.

Because of the tight spaces, the climb and crown area is fairly warm so wear relatively loose clothing when you visit.

On the way down, there are a few areas where you can step of the staircase and take a moment to breath and give your legs a shake. The winding staircase down is quite steep but narrow so Calum did get achy calf muscles!

After exploring the museum, we headed out of the monument itself and walked around the island, putting out selfie stick to good use.

Seeing the Statue of Liberty up close is one of my favourite things to do whilst in New York City and I urge anyone to find time to do so when they’re visiting this great city. What is your favourite thing to do in New York City? Let us know in the comments below!

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Statue of Liberty Crown
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  1. I was born in NYC and this is something I haven’t been able to do since I was a kid since I usually don’t book my flights over 3 months ahead of time. These were great tips!

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