Traditional, quaint and stylish, the Courtyard 7 offers a luxury room in a 200 year old courtyard. We chose to stay at the Courtyard 7 because of its excellent reviews and the hybrid of new and old. The rooms are stylish, with wooden furniture and an incredible shower, yet all rooms offer an oriental decor with an authentic, traditional feel.

Courtyard 7 –  Beijing
Courtyard 7The Courtyard was getting work done to it when we stayed. This has now been finished.

The restaurant offers a varied breakfast whilst the evening dinners are delicious and well presented. The staff are incredibly friendly and will work their hardest to help you with anything and everything. Whilst we were staying at the hotel, it was in the middle of a Chinese holiday (great planning!) but the hotel explained in detail, the quickest and most efficient routes to get to our chosen tourist spots as well as planning a private trip to the Great Wall.

Courtyard 7 –  Beijing
Courtyard 7The room features a traditional Chinese style bed
The hotel is located in a lovely area, surrounded by some great traditional street food stalls

The Courtyard is just off a busy alleyway that offers everything from bars and restaurants to boutiques and souvenir spots; also including a delicious churro stand. This hotel is slightly pricier than other traditional Chinese courtyards but you pay for what you get. Courtyard 7 offers tradition with comfort and luxury.

There are so many things to do in Beijing with some contrasting options for your 5-day itinerary in Beijing.

Courtyard 7 –  Beijing
Private BathroomPhoto credit: Courtyard 7

We booked this hotel via Agoda, because they offered the best rates and is a well established company.

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  1. Wow..the place so much resembles a traditional Indian home. I really love the setup – the courtyard, the bedroom and everything else.

  2. What a great looking spot for a good nights sleep. The churro spot also sounds great.

  3. Oh my, that is stunning! I love that it’s very traditional yet luxurious at the same time. And the area is also so charming! Staying there is an experience on its own.

  4. What a beautiful accommodation! I love the decor and how it makes you feel like you’re staying in a traditional Chinese home!

  5. I love how the hotel combines traditional style with modern comforts. The decor is really dreamy. I’ll bookmark this for our next trip to Bejing.

  6. The hotel truly seems to be a wonderful blend of contemporary and heritage. It must have been a great to experience something that was 200 years old. The ambience is unique indeed.

  7. You always seem to find the coolest things to do! I don’t think I’ve ever slept in somewhere that old. I would be so scared to break something! I love how they’ve incorporated traditional with modern comfort

  8. That looks awesome! I love the picture of the bathroom – the whole place looks quite simple yet elegant!

  9. The Chinese architecture and culture is fascinating, It would definitely be an amazing experience staying in a room in an age-old Chinese courtyard.

  10. Thanks for sharing, looks like an amazing place to stay.

  11. This place looks like such a unique and authentic place to stay… plus it’s 200 years old! I totally agree… while some places might be pricier, you do get what you pay for. I always opt for something a bit pricier, just to get those extra bells & whistles. And a Churro Stand? How random!!!

  12. sure are one lucky person… I have been wanting to be in China for the new year for the longest time … it’s never happened!
    Should I book much in advance? Is it much more expensive?

  13. I love staying in historic hotels, especially when they’re as charming as this. It looks so authentic too. The area around it looks like an area I’d love to walk in and explore.

  14. Such a great location, I can imagine this is something really impressive and unique. Great style with the wooden furnitures and all with good taste! The area looks also very lovely – somehow reminded me a bit of a Chinese version of an old US western village 🙂

  15. I haven’t made it to China yet but it is on my list! A saw a special late last year for $400 return from Sydney in January and I almost booked until I googled the weather! Definitely a place I need to visit in summer lol. I would never have though of staying in a courtyard but will look into when the time comes. Love Agoda (especially for Asia) and I always get a good deal with them!

  16. This looks lovely! absolutely 100% better than my hotel experience in Beijing! What a find!

  17. Wow, this place looks just like something out of a movie! What an awesome experience it must’ve been to stay somewhere that has been around for 200 years. I’ll have to keep this place in mind!

  18. So cool… love it when they mix old with the new so perfectly. The photos are amazing and capture the “hotel” wonderfully. I am a huge fan of the vintage and antique so staying in a 200 year old courtyard would be an awesome feeling. Looking at the photos and thus the luxury of it all, I can understand it being a little costly, but then sometimes it’s good to spoil oneself.

  19. Wow, I really enjoyed this post. It’s so unique for the travel blog industry. Thanks for sharing!

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