COST OF TRAVEL IN CHINA – Prices from one month travelling in China

Cost of travel: One month in China

From flights to food, transport to a cup of tea and everything in-between. So after travelling around China for a month, I thought someone out there may appreciate a cost breakdown of our trip.

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Romantic Budget Hotels Gaga Bees Yala

We recently posted a blog about romantic hotels in the world – and they are amazing. However, they are expensive! I’m not quite sure we will be able to afford some of those places on our budget just yet. So, here is a budget version! Romantic Budget Hotels under $100.

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So Europe is a massive continent with so many countries squeezed inside it. Living in Europe opens your eyes up to how different cities, towns, prices, people and hotel standards can be. In my youth, I admit I always thought one city in Europe looked the same as another. How wrong could I be?

Travelling Europe is diverse and a travel tip or hack for one country or city may not work as well in another place in Europe. However, after living and travelling Europe, I have collated some essential travel tips to help you enjoy Europe to the max!

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