Catching the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Fields

During our stay in Chicago, we decided to get some tickets for a baseball game at the oldest standing baseball stadium in the USA. The Chicago Cubs were playing against the Tampa Bay Rays in the legendary Wrigley Field Stadium, so we decided to splurge and get Club Box infield tickets, costing us around $110 each.

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Camp America: How to get a job in a USA Summer Camp

Camp America

As a student at University, I longed to travel the world and experience the sights and sounds of different countries. America drew me in with its bright lights of NYC and historic towns. So I went about looking for ways to get over there and explore. To start with I thought about the Disney Program (where you could work in Disneyland for the summer) but then remembered my dislike of rides. I then came across Camp America and decided to apply. 6 months later I was on my way!

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