Guide to Pattaya

When you search for things to do in Pattaya, a ridiculously long list of suggestions comes up. There are so many random museums and temples that have been built for the influx of tourists, we had no idea where to start. The Big Buddha looked impressive so that is where we ended during our trip.

Getting there

Also known as Wat Phra Yai Temple, the Big Buddha is at the top of Pratumnak Hill between Pattaya and Jomtien Beach. There are a few different ways to get there:

  • Tour – If you are short on time in Pattaya and want to see a lot of the area, perhaps book a day tour. You can choose a your to take you around all the sights of Pattaya but make sure you bring water and wear suncream. Viator have a great morning tour for only $29.
  • Taxi – We chose to get a taxi which was a bit more hassle than we had anticipated. Every taxi driver refused to put the meter on, meaning we ended up paying around 200 baht for a trip that should have cost around 40 – 60 baht. We were able to quickly get a taxi on the way back but there isn’t a taxi rank in the car park so you may have to wait for a taxi to drop someone off first.
  • Baht bus – You can take a Baht bus to Jomtien beach (get off opposite the police box) then walk the 250 meters uphill.

Need to know:

Open 7am – 8.30pm

Entry is free

TIP: Head here early to enjoy the temple before the tour groups show up and the heat is beaming down.

Make sure you check out our video (below) and if you enjoy it, head over to CTG TV for more travel vlogs!

A short post about a great place to visit in Pattaya.

Have a great time in Pattaya! What is your favourite thing to do in Thailand?

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Things to do in Pattaya
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