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Heading to Tanzania? We share tips on how to plan a Tanzania safari including booking private guides and the best time to visit. 

If we took a glance at people’s bucket lists, we’d find that the majority of them want to go on an “African safari.” 

Nothing can beat the thrill of witnessing predators in the wild just a few meters away or driving through the vast savannah as the sun begins to rise above the horizon, or waking up in your tented room to the sound of lions roaring or hyenas barking.

Why Visit Tanzania?

Tanzania is one of the best destinations to go on safari, owing to its numerous world-class wildlife viewing spots. 

In addition, it is home to several of Africa’s most significant and largest parks, as well as some of the world’s most diverse and unique landscapes. Tanzania offers excellent opportunities for tourism and photography with its grasslands, forests, rock formations, and mountain peaks.

Of course, incredible adventures necessitate thorough research and planning. If you are also planning, then it’s best to hire a private guide for your East African safari, as they can determine how you’ll get around once you book your plane ticket and land on African soil.

If you are wondering whether you should hire a private guide or not, then this article is for you. Let’s dive in!

Tanzania Safari

Best time to visit Tanzania

Visit Tanzania during the dry season to have the best safari experience. During June and July, the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti takes place and it’s worth planning a visit at this time. 

There are two rainy seasons in Tanzania; mid-March to May and November to mid-January. The dry season runs from May to October and temperatures are cooler at this time. 

Things to do in Tanzania

Tanzania Safari

Go on Safari – Of course, Safaris are a must whilst you are in Tanzania. The Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater are both home to a huge variety of wildlife. Selous Game Reserve and Wami-Mbiki Wildlife are often overlooked but interesting reserves in the South. 

Mount Kilimanjaro – This mountain is not an easy climb but the view from the top is worth it. This is a testing climb however, so prepare properly if you plan on hiking to the highest point. 

Zanzibar – The island of Zanzibar offers stunning white sandy beaches whilst Stone Town is home to narrow streets of ancient Arabic buildings. This is also a fantastic place for diving. 

Mafia Island – The Mafia Island Marine Park is an undersea world that draws divers and snorkellers from around the world. Visit from October to March to explore the gorgeous waters. 

Tanzania Safari

Getting a visa for Tanzania

Tanzania introduced the e-Visa system, allowing selected countries to apply for a single entry or multiple entry visa online. 

There will be no need to visit the Embassy, deal with an excessive quantity of paperwork, or wait in long queues. In just a few minutes, you may apply for an eVisa from the comfort of your own home or from anywhere else.

The electronic Tanzania visa is a single-entry permit that costs approximately 99 euros and allows for a 30-day stay. The United States is an exception; all US nationals must apply for a multiple-entry online visa, which costs approximately 149 euros and is valid for one year.

Get more information on and apply for your travel permit within minutes from home! The approved document will be delivered straight to your email box in the form of a PDF file.

Why you should hire a Private Guide for Safari

Tanzania Safari

1. Customize a trip to your specific interests

While you may be planning a safari in East Africa, you may have a specific itinerary in mind. Maybe you’re a twitcher. 

Or perhaps you’re a wildlife photographer who wants to capture the best images possible. Perhaps you’d like to learn more about the culture of the area? Or maybe you’re feeling brave and want to go hiking? Are you interested in going gorilla trekking?

Private guides are able to match your needs and desires to a trip of your dreams!

A reputable and experienced tour operator can also identify expert guides to make your trip even more memorable.

2. A guide will see wildlife that you can’t see

The majority of drivers are also guides, and they have an incredible amount of knowledge. 

They’ve gained an encyclopedia’s worth of wildlife knowledge after years of traversing dirt roads. They’re also fantastic at spotting animals. Having an additional, professional pair of eyes can help you get the most out of your safari trip.

Tanzania Safari

3. Ideal for families

A guided African vacation is ideal for families and small groups that appreciate having complete control over their meals, the luxury of private accommodations wherever they stay, and a flexible daily itinerary. 

For many years, private guides have been overseeing visitors in a variety of settings. We recognise that everyone is unique. 

Guides adapt to your wants and requirements and are familiar with your preferences. They will share helpful hints to ensure you get the most out of your vacation. You can have everything nice and ready, all planned-out for you.

Tanzania Safari

4. You’ll be stress-free

Remove all of the dreadful aspects of visiting a foreign country. Forget about worrying about whether the hotel, lodge, or camp you’ve picked will meet your expectations, and let someone else deal with the hassles of keeping to a complicated itinerary.

There’s no need to stress about flight schedules, transfers, or getting to the airport on time with a private guide because they will take care of everything. That is, you are free to take in all you see and appreciate the details you may otherwise overlook. 

But, of course, your safety is also a key priority for them, and they will be there to make sure that your time in Africa is nothing short of a fantastic adventure.

5. Guaranteed expertise

A private guide offers years of experience traveling across Africa’s incredible natural regions, learning about its colorful cultures and iconic animals, as well as private guiding at the highest levels. 

This experience instills in you the highest levels of professionalism, calmness, and competence, ensuring that you are in the best possible hands.

The enthusiasm of a private guide for sharing all that makes this continent so unique, adds a new depth to your vacation, allowing you to learn more than you ever imagined about each location you visit and each face that greets you.

6. Great Drivers

Tanzania Safari

Majority of private guides are insanely skilled drivers.

They’ve either had significant driving training or have developed driving skills comparable to rally car drivers due to their years of experience.

7. Guides work together

The guides have an excellent network. You may imagine them to be very competitive, yet you’ll see that they take time to chat with one another and share information on wildlife sightings on a safari tour. 

They all want their clients to have the best experience possible, and some even want to ensure that the clients of other companies also have a great time.

What to wear in Tanzania?

Tanzania is a conservative country, meaning both men and women should cover their knees and shoulders in public. Beyond that, make sure to bring the usual safari packing list and plenty of mosquito spray.

Whilst in Zanzibar, stick to wearing swimwear and shorts whilst on the beach but cover up before heading into the village. 

As you can see, Tanzania is a unique and gorgeous safari destination, with lots to see and do in terms of wildlife viewing as well as a spectacular and distinctive environment. 

So it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular safari destinations for first-time and experienced safari-goers.

Make sure to consider hiring a private safari guide before visiting Tanzania or any other popular safari destination!

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