Hollywood Wax Museum

So we have all heard of Madame Tussauds and the lesser known Louis Tussauds but none of them compete with Niagara Falls’ Movieland Wax Museum of the Stars!

Located on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls amongst the many interactive museums, arcades and family orientated attractions, the MovieLand Wax Museum is part of the Clifton Hill organisation – meaning if you get a Clifton Hill attraction pass (highly recommended) then you get entrance for this museum included.

Anyways, this museum is made up of wax works of movie characters, TV personalities, cartoons, musicians and historical figures. To say the wax work resembled those they are trying to portray would be an insult to the celebrities! But that is why this place is so funny!

The great thing about the attractions on the Canadian side is that most are open until 2am, so after visiting a few of the bars in the area, we headed to the Museum around midnight. The place was empty – there was literally nobody else there at this time apart from the person at the entrance booth and a lady in the gift shop.

As you walk in, the room is fairly dark and you hear this creaking noise from afar and soft mumbling. I thought perhaps this first section was meant to be the scary part but walking around the corner, I realised it was just Nicole Kidman swinging on sparkling rope in Moulin Rouge.

I particularly liked the Robert Deniro wax work that looks NOTHING like him! They also have a very shiny looking Colin Farrell in a Phone Booth, a constipated looking Batman and a very slim Will Smith. Calum couldn’t help but sit with the glistening Obama’s (at least I am presuming that is who they were meant to be) and I did chuckle over the aged Tom Hanks in Forest Gump. The Adam Sandler one looks like they ran out of wax so made a mesh of other peoples faces and put dark hair on it.

Mike Myers in Austin Powers looks like he has lost some considerable weight. Lara Croft looked better in the video games than in this Wax Museum and Godzilla looked like he is being sucked in by a vacuum. Frodo appears to be a young girl with a sword sticking out her cloak whilst Harry Potter looks like he has just seen He Who Must Not Be Named. It is safe to say the wax works did not capture the beauty of Twilight Duo; Edward and Bella.

Hollywood Wax Museum
Hollywood Wax Museum

My uttermost favourite section has to be the Simpsons land! I have no idea what Marge is wearing but I guess it is similar to the actual character? Homer looks like a small person, Maggie looks like a Sun teddy bear, Bart looks like he’s taken too many drugs and Lisa resembles a hedgehog.

The rest of the museum continued to give equally amusing entertainment. Justin Bieber resembled a Japanese teenager, Cher appears to have had one to many and Michael Jackson appears to have been waxed to resemble his current state. There is a horror section full of wax works from horror movies and there is also a pitch black corridor you can walk through at the end of the museum. I walked in, had a flashing light in my famous and heard a cat screech so ran out like a scared 5 year old – I even scratched my hand from fear! (I don’t do so well with anything that is meant to scare me – yes, even at the tender age of 25)

Hollywood Wax Museum

This museum is worth a visit just to have a giggle! If you’re visiting The Falls, I would recommend heading here later in the evening so you can enjoy it at your own pace and lets be honest..take the p**s.

Hollywood Wax Museum
Hollywood Wax Museum
Hollywood Wax Museum

An adult Clifton Hill Pass costs $25.95 but includes the sky wheel, wax museum, 6D Theatre Ride, tokens for the arcade, a ghost blasters ride and mini golf. The museum is open from 9am to 1am or 2am depending on time of the year but throughout July and August is stays open until 2am. We stayed on the Canadian side for our second trip to Niagara Falls and found there was much more to do in the evenings but you can walk across Rainbow Bridge from the USA side or park at the massive Clifton Hill parking area just a block away from the Falls and in the middle of all the attractions.

Hollywood Wax Museum

Have you ever visited this Museum or want to in future? Have you ever seen some hilarious wax works?! Share your stories and questions in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.

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  1. Ah I never went to the Wax museum! But how fun is Niagara Falls! Apart from the falls itself I felt like a little kid again in all those arcades, crazy golf and mirror mazes! 🙂

  2. This looks like a riot! Especially late at night after a few drinks! (Leave the kids at home :))

  3. haha some of these are so funny! I bet it made for a fun day out 🙂

  4. Ha – I’ve only been to London’s Madame Tussauds years upon years ago. This one looks mighty amusing!

  5. I have never actually been in a museum but this looks like a total laugh. I wonder if they were trying to be funny or if there is a wax worker somewhere crying over this article ha ha

  6. Your descriptions had me cracking up. How funny! I have been to a couple of madame museums but this is awesome.

  7. Okay, this looks hilarious! I can’t tell if it’s intentionally funny or they just did a weird job with some of these stars! I would love to check it out in person!

  8. Well I guess not everyone can be as good as Madame Tussauds but this looks interesting and entertaining nonetheless. As long as you have a great time as a visitor, that’s really all that should matter. Besides, the falls are obviously the main attraction.

  9. Haha, all the waxworks look pretty bad,! Robert Pattinson would have a good laugh at his statue. This place is definitely worth visiting at midnight and after a couple of drinks! I’m sold!

  10. This looks brilliant! I didn’t realise there was more to do than just see the falls themselves! I would defo feel the kid come out in me being here! Nice article!

  11. This is cracking me up! I usually get a bit freaked out with wax celebrities, but this looks hysterical! And I LOVE that it’s open late! Great place to hit up after dinner and drinks!

  12. Hilarious but I never knew about this wax museum. I am looking at the Ironman. Haha. I would love to see this soon 🙂

  13. Some of the wax figures are realistic. Others don’t even look like the people they’re supposed to represent, like the Katy Perry one. I guess it’s a nice diversion from the falls.

  14. For sure this museum is worth a visit, it would be for giggling for me. Some people have really done their best but it is not Hollywood. It is the setting more than the facial expressions I guess. Fun trip.

  15. Some of these are pretty funny! I feel like they could’ve tried harder on the Simpsons one, haha. I remember seeing signs for these wax museums the last time I went to Niagara Falls but ultimately passed on them.

  16. Wax museums scare me a little bit but couldn’t help but giggle at some of these and it’s definitely not as scary when they’re not quite as accurate! Between a visit to the Skylon Tower restaurant and this I feel like this is a fab day in Niagara Falls!! Loved reading this one

  17. I am crying with laughter here! Some of these are absolutely horrific – the Simpsons are like something out of a nightmare?! Is the museum legit supposed to be an actual wax museum, or is it a parody? Like, do they realise how bad some of these are?!

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