Visiting the Giant Leshan Buddha, China.

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One of China’s lesser known sites, the spectacular Leshan Buddha is Calum’s favourite landmark in the world. A gigantic Buddha carved into a cliff mountain, this place will take your breath away.

The History

A Monk named Hai Tong initiated the project, hoping to carve the statue beside the river so that the Buddha would bring the water spirit under control. The fallen stones that dropped into the river during the carving, did reduce the water force, reducing the number of disastrous boat accidents in the local area which had caused the Monk to build the Buddha in the first place.

After 20 years begging for money, he was finally able to start planning and designing the Buddha. Mid project; the local government stopped funding and wanted to use this money elsewhere in the area, so Hai Tong dug out his eyeball in protest. The project was half complete when Hai Tong passed away and two of his disciples continued his work; which would be completed 90 years later.

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Just WOW

At 71 metres high and with a 9 metre wide instep of his gigantic feet, this is an incredible place to stand and marvel at a masterpiece. The size and the intricate detailing is what makes this Buddha unique and impressive.

As we stood by the Buddhas foot, we really appreciated how incredibly tall and massive this carving was.

Leshan Buddha, China
Leshan Buddha, China

Getting there

Drive: The Leshan buddha sits in the town of Leshan, just a few hours outside of Chengdu. Tours or private drivers are the best choices for a day trip here, especially if you can join it with a morning visiting the Chengdu Panda Research. We were able to book a private tour with our hotel but if you want to book something in advance, Viator offer private tours including lunch.

Train: There are various trains running from all Chengdu stations into Leshan; check the schedule to plan your trip. These take around an hour and prices vary depending on which station you leave from. From Chengdu East, second class seats cost 54 RMB with first class costing 65 RMB and business class costing 125 RMB.

Bus: From Xinnanmen Bus station, you can hop on a bus to Leshan Xiaoba Bus station and then change to city bus 13. The journey is about 2 hours and buses run every 30 minutes from 6.45am to around 7.30pm.

Spending time in Leshan

If you want to spend more time in Leshan, take in the sights and nature around the Buddha in the scenic area. Doing a self-guided tour is easy and fun!

Leshan Giant Buddha

Would you love to visit the Leshan Buddha?! What is your favourite place to visit in the world?! Tell us in the comments below 🙂

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Visiting the leshan buddha
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  1. I am in love with this destination- the pictures are awesome -cliff mountain carvings are just majestic. I have visited big buddha in phuket but this is wayyy tooo biggg.

  2. I’d love to visit this giant Buddha! The biggest one I’ve seen so far in my life was the one that’s lying down in Thailand! If I ever plan a visit to China I’ll ask you for all your recommendations:)

  3. It looks amazing. I am not surprised it took so long to build.

  4. Wow I love reading the history of the giant leshan, thanks to Hai Tong, with his perseverance and will to continue making this project, even if he passed away his disciple completed it, but without him this wouldn’t be here. this is real gigantic. Would love to visit this and yep into my bucketlist!

  5. Wow! What a magnificent structure. Check out the detailing, especially in the ears. I’m glad you gave us a virtual tour of the giant ‘not to be missed’ Buddha. Cheers!!

  6. […] For those who don’t wish to book a tour, you can catch a taxi from the city centre, costing around ¥30 or take bus 87, 198, 198A or 867 for the research base. To save money and time, we advise you to book a tour with a local guesthouse or hostel, head to the Panda base early and from there take a trip to see the Leshan Buddha. […]

  7. i do think it’s best to travel from Chengdu to Leshan by intercity bus. Buses are available from quite several stations including Chengdu Shiyangchang, Chengdu Xinnanmen, Chengdu Chengbei, Chengdu Chadianzi, Chengdu Chengbei bus stations and etc.
    On the website, you can find complete bus schedules, ticket price and even bus stations guide in Chengdu and etc.
    The Giant Buddha does worth a visit, it neighboring cities such also have amazing attractions.

    • Wow thanks for the information James that is great help!

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