The South Caucasus for Introverts – best places for relaxation and meditation

South Caucasus

Today’s world is full of fuss, stress, noise and tension. Sometimes all you need is absolute silence and isolation where you can find peace and harmony.

There are thousands of destinations for relaxation and isolation, however today we’re going to share some completely new options for you. In this post, you will get acquainted with the South Caucasus region (namely Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan) which has turned out to be an amazing place for recreation. In spite of the hot temperament of Caucasus people, we have searched and found some really worthy places for introverts and their isolated rest.

And if you are not a fan of calm holidays and want to get more active options full of excursions in the Caucasus than you can check here.

South Caucasus

Harsnadzor Eco Resort, Armenia

One of the best tourist destinations in Armenia Syunik Region. It is known for its deep Vorotan gorge, VorotanRiver, the most valuable architectural monuments, mysterious cave village, stalactite cave, and challenging hiking routes suitable for adventure lovers.

The best option for accommodation in this paradise is Harsnadzor Eco Resort – an ideal complex for isolation and harmony with nature. Just a sneak peek at the views from the hotel room and you will fall in love with it once for all. Of course, Harsnadzor eco-resort is not a five-star hotel with an outdoor pool and gym, yet the atmosphere and the majesty of the mountains are worth everything. Every morning you will have the best sunrise and, by the end of the vacation, your Instagram will be full of amazing photos.

The small cottages of the hotel are actually huge wooden barrels founded on the edge of a gorge. The rooms have minimal facilities for comfort but it is quite enough to spend the best holiday ever.

South Caucasus

Apaga Resort, Armenia

For better escape and relaxation we offer to go farther, to Yenokavan village in Tavush region. The village on the top of the hill has the best view of the mountains. The air is always fresh and cool even in the hottest summer months. The village is definitely attractive with its authentic lifestyle, opportunities for horse-riding, trekking in the mountains, and hiking to the ancient caves inhabited thousands of years ago.

The best place to stay in Yenovakan is Apaga resort with comfortable cottages. By the way, the word “apaga” is translated as “future”; the atmosphere of the resort, magnificent views and seclusion will clear your mind and make the perspectives for the future look brighter.

South Caucasus

Tej Ler Resort, Armenia

Have you ever dreamt of spending nights in a wood? Imagine yourself spending the days in fresh air breathing the smell of pine needles and the soil, roasting marshmallows in the fire and listening to the calming sound of fire crackling. Now, imagine that you will have all that romance plus a comfortable room to spend the night. Tej Ler resort is the place to make dreams come true or at least make your holiday unforgettable.

The resort is located high on the mountain range of Lori Pambak mountain, 20 km from Dilijan resort. Cozy rooms in warm colours and wooden interior look even more attractive on the background of the forest. Hammocks, mini one place yurts with pillows, decorative mill, open-air cafe, and benches make you spend more time in the open air surrounded by pine trees.

South Caucasus
South Caucasus

Rooms Hotel Kazbegi, Stepantsminda, Georgia

Georgia has so many places with fascinating nature, mountain ranges, forests, lakes and rivers and still the country with such potential are not that as much popular among tourists as it deserves. Thatis why Georgia is a great choice for introverts who prefer privacy and silence. One of such amazing destinations to choose is Stepantsminda settlement. It is the most underestimated tourist region yet it has the best views to mountains. This direction is more often chosen for hiking, camping, and mountaineering.

In this perfect area, there is a fantastic hotel where you can enjoy all the beauty of Stepantsminda with maximum comfort. Vintage and glamour – these are the words perfectly describing Rooms Hotel Kazbegi. Every tiny detail from interior to wall posters and flowers are well-planned to make you feel so unique. From the panoramic windows open stunning views to the mountains and surroundings. Morning meditation on the open veranda is the key to positive emotions.

Hotel Samzeo, Tusheti, Georgia

Turn left and you will see mountains, turn right and you will see forests and every place will be just perfect for a peaceful holiday. We are speaking about the second region for your perfect escape -Tusheti. The region is isolated and it is rather hard to reach there (one more good news for introverts). During the winter months, Tusheti is in absolute isolation with no contact with other regions. The villages of Tusheti attract with their authentic look. There are hundreds of defence towers in the villages; at a distance, they look like thin sticks on the mountain.

Omalo is the first village in the slopes that is less isolated. Ruins of a fortress, towers, old houses, small waterfalls, and rivers make the entire view even more attractive. To make you feel comfortable in these cold mountains there is a cosy hotel Samzeo with fireplace, panoramic windows, carpets on the floors and beautiful lounge zone with bar.

South Caucasus

Castello Mare Hotel & Wellness Resort, Tsikhisdziri, Georgia

If warm sun and the sound of waves are all that you need for your perfect vacation Adjara is the destination you are looking for. The Autonomous Republic of Adjara is located on the Black Sea coast and is considered the most popular summer resort in Georgia. The capital Batumi is crowded during the high season but there are many secluded places where you can enjoy the beach and waves.

Camping is a great way to enjoy privacy yet such a vacation is devoid of any comfort. If you appreciate comfort no less than privacy, we have found an interesting place in Tsikhisdziri cape. The huge Castello Mare Hotel & Wellness resort will remind you of Monaco or Nice. The hotel is located on the edge of the cliff and below is only the sea. The panoramic pool looks like being merged to the sea. Sunsets by the pool are heavenly beautiful. For the accommodation and services, the hotel offers all the best with 7 restaurants, lounge bars, 110 rooms in 9 different categories, spa centre and much more.

South Caucasus

Chenot Palace Health Wellness Hotel, Qabala, Azerbaijan

If you have lost the balance and harmony with your soul and mind it is high time to pack up things, get your Azerbaijan visa and travel to Qabala. This ancient settlement in Azerbaijan is a wonderful place for recreation and much more. What makes this location so attractive for those seeking tranquillity? Pure air, rich nature, amazing views to the mountain range, cool air from the lake and absolute silence in the mountains can be found here.

Qabala was once a capital of Caucasian Albania state on the Silk Road. The region was inhabited in IV century BC. During the latest excavations, there were found the ruins of the ancient town with walls and towers. Moreover, there was found one of the oldest catacomb dating back 6000 BC with buried skeleton and ancient jewellery.

Alongside with this ancient town and architectural monuments, there is one of the most luxurious places to visit for recreation and meditation. Chenot Palace health wellness hotel is a huge recreation zone with the best views of the lake, wood, and mountains. Aesthetic treatment programs are thought out in detail to refresh body and mind. Just a few days spent here will completely wipe the negative energy and thoughts.

Rixos Quba Azerbaijan, Quba, Azerbaijan

Quba is not only the center of carpet weaving but a popular tourist destination in Azerbaijan. The city is located on the slopes of Shahdag. High mountain villages of Quba attract with their isolated location and peaceful atmosphere.

It is so easy to find an quiet place in the nature of Quba and spend a few days in absolute solitude yet there is the best way to enjoy days. Rixos Quba Azerbaijan is a dream place for body and soul. For introverts and the lovers of privacy, there are comfortable cottages on the bank of a small artificial lake. Morning relaxationon the bank of the lake with the views of Shahdag Mountain is what you need for a complete reboot.

Sheki Park, Sheki, Azerbaijan

Sheki is the last destination for the lovers of a secluded place to visit. The small town on the Silk Road is surrounded by the magnificent views of Greater Caucasus. The neat streets and houses with colourful gates, street cafes create a unique allure of an old town. If you are a lover of photoshoots, Sheki will please you with interesting shots. Be attentive to details like wall ornaments and decorations, mosaic, and small souvenir shops; everything creates mood, tune in to positive vibes and solitude.

In spite of the fact that Sheki is a small town, the tourist infrastructure is quite developed; there are several attractive hotels for comfortable rest and one of the best is Sheki Park. The best part of the hotel is a breathtaking view of the mountains. In the morning the horizon is hidden with fog and the air is saturated with cool dampness; it is a perfect time to meditate and blend in with nature. For accommodation, the hotel offers standard rooms and suites, small cottages and open verandah, outdoor pool and much more.

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