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31 Things NOT to do in VEGAS

31 Things NOT to do in VEGAS

There are many things NOT to do in Vegas and we share all of those things to avoid in Las Vegas, so you can have the best trip to Sin City!

We arrived in Las Vegas so full of excitement and hope but the problem was, we had no clue what to do and what NOT to do in Las Vegas. To make sure YOU don’t make the same mistakes we did; here are our 31 things not to do in Vegas.

Las Vegas is full of incredible things to see and do, from the best buffets of Vegas, like our favorite Wicked Spoon, and too many romantic things to do in Las Vegas for couples; this exciting travel destination has it all.

Convinced you to book a trip to Vegas yet? Let’s look at the things NOT to do in Vegas!

Things NOT to do in Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas sign at night

1. Do NOT underestimate the Distance

I remember sitting down in front of my laptop, using Google Maps to plan my itinerary.

“Oh, we will go here, then here, then walk up to this, then walk across to this, and then pop over to this.”

Yeah, the hotels are massive so walking from one hotel to another can be a task; especially in the height of Summer. Underestimating the distances is one of the most important things NOT to do in Vegas.

Be prepared for the distance – wear comfortable shoes and allow more time.

Remember to check the monorail option to help get between the hotels located on the strip. There are seven points on the monorail:

  • MGM Grand
  • Bally’s/Paris
  • Flamingo/Ceasars Palace
  • Harrah’s/The LING Hotel
  • Las Vegas Convention Center
  • Westgate
  • Saharah Las Vegas
Monorail map, one of the things not to do in Las Vegas is try to walk everywhere

If you are planning on traveling around a lot, get a day pass for $13 or look into 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7-day passes. Alternatively, you could get the Hop-on, Hop-off Sightseeing Bus that takes you to all major attractions in the area.

We find the monorail worth using if you want to travel from one hotel to another, which are both on the monorail stops – for example, MGM to Harrah’s. However, if you want to travel from MGM to The Venetian, you are better off walking or getting a taxi.

Generally, these monorail stops are at the side or back of the hotels.

Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas

2. Don’t “Save money” by staying off the strip

As a general rule, I tend to stay in hotels slightly outside of the center of cities in order to save money. However, this is one of the things NOT to do in Vegas.

It is best to stay on the strip for a few reasons, Firstly, you are in the heart of the action, lots of attractions are here and you can get around with ease.

But also, when wondering is Las Vegas Expensive, you will be surprised to find that hotels along the strip are much more affordable than many hotels in the major cities of the USA.

You can find reasonably priced hotels on the strip that allow you to explore the hotels and casinos at your leisure without having to rely on buses and taxis.

TIP: Instead of saving money on accommodation, get yourself a Go City Pass to save on attractions and skip the lines at many popular spots in the city.

Additionally, when browsing hotels on the strip, make sure you check their location on a map. The Stratosphere and Circus Circus are both decent hotels with low prices, however, they aren’t in the center of the strip.

Hotels like Treasure Island and Wynn mark the end of the row of luxury-themed hotels and these are around a 30/40 minute walk from the Stratosphere.

Compare the best hotels in Las Vegas like The Cosmopolitan with its awesome Hidden Pizza Restaurant, then check out the many casinos, restaurants, themed hotels and attractions; all worthy to go on your USA Bucketlist.

Cheap Las Vegas hotels on the strip:

  • Luxor
  • Flamingo
  • The Strat
  • Circus Circus
  • Excalibur
  • New York, New York
  • Bally’s
Las Vegas couple watching the Bellagio Fountain

3. Do NOT Show you’re a newbie

A strange one that we learned very quickly in Las Vegas and another one of those things NOT to do in Vegas.

Taxi drivers will often ask you if you have been to Las Vegas before – SAY YES!

Vegas taxi drivers have a reputation for driving the long way around to boost fares. They are a lot less likely to do this if they think you know your way around.

Other scams to look out for include:

  • “Free” VIP experiences – walking up and down the strip, you will often see ‘promoters’ trying to offer free experiences or upgrades for a local attraction. However, they will often ask for a tip (sometimes upwards of $20) for their help and the slip of paper is either heavily restricted or worth nothing anyway. Instead, speak to your concierge if you are looking for VIP options in the city.
  • Buying on the streets – Vegas has been known for street sellers who are selling water or soft drinks on the street, which can sometimes be bottles refilled with tap water. Check lids are not open or just purchase your drinks from Walgreens or other convenience stores along the strip.
  • Freebies – If someone is handing out free CDs, posters, or encouraging photos with your favorite character in costume, it is best to just walk away. Often, you will be given free items and then shaken down for cash once you take the item.
LOVE Cirque De Soleil Show in Las Vegas which is not one of the things to avoid in Las Vegas

4. Do NOT pay face value for show tickets

Like every major city with shows, Las Vegas has two prices; face value and market price. Get discounted tickets online before arriving in Vegas or browse available tickets at a nearby Tix4Tonight store on the strip.

You can also find some good deals when booking tickets via Get Your Guide, especially during the off-season. One of the most important things NOT to do in Vegas is to overspend when you don’t need to; it can be an expensive place to visit.

Compare the prices of tickets using Ticketmaster then head to one of these stores to get discounted tickets (up to 50% off):

  • Fashion Show Mall
  • Showcase Mall
  • Hawaiian Marketplace
  • Bills Gamblin’ Hall
  • Casino Royale
  • Town Square Mall
  • North Strip – near the Peppermill
  • Downtown – Four Queens Hotel

Other tips for getting discounted Vegas Tickets:

  • Book early to get the cheap seats.
  • Pick up last-minute tickets by arriving at the venue 2 hours before a show and seeing what tickets are available, these are often cheaper. It is not guaranteed that there will still be tickets left for your chosen show, so come with a few shows in mind.
  • Headout offers cheaper tickets in advance but not for all shows.
  • Use to get tickets and show packages for a good price.
  • Book a weekday performance when possible.
  • Stay with the hotel – If you’re just visiting Vegas for a show, consider staying at the hotel. You can get good ticket rates when staying in the same hotel or with the same company.
  • Try your hand at the Lucky Seat to get close to free tickets for certain shows in Vegas.
Fremont Street - One of the things not to do in Vegas is to presume everything is expensive.

5. Don’t Presume everything is expensive

We have visited many places in America and we surprisingly found Las Vegas to be cheaper than so many of the other big cities. One of the things NOT to do in Vegas is presume EVERYTHING is expensive here.

When working out how much is a trip to Vegas, you will find many ways to save money like ordering free drinks whilst you gamble, eating at chains or restaurants, not in hotels, and stocking up on snacks and drinks in the Walgreens supermarkets dotted along the strip.

There are also plenty of free things to do in Las Vegas, such as the Bellagio Fountain, the volcano at The Mirage, the Flamingo Habitat at Flamingo, and the Fabulous Las Vegas sign.

6. Don’t plan to see the Canyons in one day

Helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon

Yes, there are plenty of day trips in Las Vegas but seeing all the Canyons and National Parks in one day isn’t one of them, this is another one of those things NOT to do in Vegas.

There are a lot of Canyons nearby but even just trying to see the whole of the Grand Canyon in one day is slightly impossible! If you want to fully explore the National Parks, then set aside a week to do so

It may even be worth spending a week on the strip and then moving to a hotel further afield to visit the parks.

Whether it is Bryce Canyon or the Grand Canyon, rent a car or book a tour and see the natural beauty not too far from Vegas.

Renting a car in Vegas is a great way to explore the nearby national parks; Alamo, Thrifty, National Car, and Enterprise are all trustworthy, affordable, and highly rated options in Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas strip at night with traffic

7. Don’t gamble too much

Gambling is, of course, the reason so many people visit Vegas – but be sensible. Give yourself a limit and stick to it; no one wants to ruin their holiday by going into debt! Ignoring these things NOT to do in Vegas will ruin your trip and could potentially ruin your savings too!

Remember, there are other things to do in Las Vegas other than gambling! 

Another option is to head to the low stake casinos:

On the strip:

  • Excalibur ($5 craps table)
  • Bally’s ($5 blackjack)
  • Paris/Flamingo ($5 blackjack – on occasion)
  • Casino Royale (low stakes and cheap drinks)
  • Treasure Island ($5 blackjack and low stake table games)

Off the strip:

  • Arizona Charlie’s ($5 blackjack)
  • Texas Station ($3 card games available)
  • Red Rock Casino ($2 poker)
  • El Cortez ($3 Craps, $5 blackjack)
  • Boulder Station (low stakes and good loyalty point system)
  • Santa Fe Station (low stake table games)

Further afield:

  • Joker’s Wild ($1 craps)
  • Ellis Island ($5 BJ and craps)

Alternatively, try the electronic tables. We love these as newbie gamblers and stakes all depend on what you want to spend.

Las Vegas Blvd sign along the strip

8. Don’t NOT rent a car

This was the BIGGEST mistake we made on our first trip to Las Vegas!

Now, to be fair, I had only just passed my driving test a few weeks before our American travels so I was a little too nervous to start driving abroad.

But, when we returned to Vegas, we quickly rectified that, rented a car, and took some fun day and weekend trips from Las Vegas.

There are so many things to see and do beyond Las Vegas that renting a car makes sense; you save money and time by driving to the National Parks and ‘off-the-strip’ attractions yourself, plus you can plan your time so you arrive before the tour buses.

Wicked Spoon at the cosmopolitan Buffets of Las Vegas - Another one of the things not to do in Vegas is not to avoid the buffets.

9. Do NOT avoid the buffets

I remember once being told that all buffet food was bad.

I am sure many of you can agree, that this can be the case in some places – but NOT VEGAS.

The Las Vegas buffets are amazing and the wide variety of food means you can visit with everyone and anyone; even those picky eaters!

Buffet tips:

  • Browse your favorite and opt for lunch buffet times to get cheaper prices.
  • The Luxor and Excalibur offer an all-day buffet wristband, so you can visit either of their buffets multiple times between 7 am and 10 pm.
  • Cheaper buffets are available at Circus Circus, Palms Casino Resort, Mandalay Bay, Rio, and The Mirage.
  • Vegas Unzipped lists some of the best coupons available for the buffets.
  • You can also find great buffet and restaurant deals on Groupon
Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas, one of the things to avoid in Vegas is to not miss out on the free entertainment

10. Don’t miss the free entertainment

Las Vegas is one of my favorite places in the world; not just because it is pretty and fun and warm and sparkly (but this helps!) but also because it is a lot cheaper than I intentionally thought it would be.

There are so many free attractions in Las Vegas – you just have to walk down the strip and into a nearby hotel to find something pretty to explore.

Some of our favorite free things to do in Vegas are the Silverton Aquariumthe Flamingo Wildlife Habitat, the Bellagio Conservatory and Gardens, and the Bellagio Fountains.

11. Don’t underestimate the airport

There we were, the second destination of our 2 months in America.

We arrive at the airport and are met with thousands of people.

So the McCarran International Airport is one of the busiest airports in America and there will be queues. Have your hotel name ready to tell a driver when landing at the Vegas airport but also get to the airport leaving plenty of time for outbound flights.

Arrive with plenty of time – always 3 hours with those International flights!

To summarise, one of the things not to do in Vegas is to underestimate how big this airport is and plan your onward travel to your hotel before you arrive.

Las Vegas McCarran Airport tips:

  • Terminal 1 is used for domestic flights, terminal 3 is used for international flights.
  • Check your gate before going through security, there are different security sections for each gate area.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the airport.
The Strat is Las Vegas

12. Don’t try to hail a cab on the strip

Another one of our tips for things not to do in Vegas is to hail a cab on the strip itself.

It is illegal for taxis to stop on the strip so don’t try flagging one down. Head to a taxi stand or ask your hotel to call one in for you.

To avoid drivers taking you the long way to your destination, use the Uber or Lyft apps to book a driver and know the cost before you travel.

New York New York Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas strip

13. Don’t ignore the daily resort fees

Another one of the things not to do in Vegas is not to be aware of the resort fees when booking your hotel.

The hotels on the Vegas Strip will charge an additional resort fee on top of your initial room price. This covers things like fitness center, pool, internet access, etc.

These fees range from $20 – $50 per day so check the mandatory fee before booking.

When independently booking your accommodation via a website like or Agoda, make sure to check those extra fees before arriving.

Walking along the Las Vegas strip

14. Do NOT jaywalk

Jaywalking is illegal and dangerous in Las Vegas.

For my fellow Brits, this is when you cross the street through the middle and not at the pedestrian crossings at the intersections.

If you are caught jaywalking (and you likely will be because Vegas is hot on this), you can be fined a minimum of $350. 

The Venetian hotel on the Las Vegas strip

15. Don’t stop for photographs

One of the most overlooked things not to do in Vegas is to avoid photographs. Yes, stop to take photographs of the iconic hotels around the city but avoid photos with the dressed-up characters.

You will find a handful of cartoon or superhero characters along the strip, who are happy to take a photo with you one to then charge you for the photo (this can be as much as $20).

Some street performers are friendly and if you do want a picture and you are happy to pay for it, then great; go for it and support these street performers.

However, if you aren’t willing to pay for a picture, it is best to politely decline pictures and walk on by.

16. Do NOT use the ATMs in the casinos

Another tip for our things not to do in Vegas is about cash in Vegas.

There are ATMs all over Vegas, but it is best to either pay on a card or use the ATMs outside Walgreens or CVS.

ATMs in casinos charge an additional fee of up to $8 per transaction.

Generally speaking, most places take card and many are cashless, so we recommend having a little bit of cash with you but stick to card as much as you can.

17. Do NOT use the hotel mini-bar

It can be tempting to use the mini bar in your hotel but don’t. Drinks and snacks are incredibly overpriced.

There are many grocery stores along the strip with much cheaper drinks, so stock up on water, snacks, and drinks from these stores like the conveniently located Walgreens by Planet Hollywood.

Also, don’t even pick up a drink. You are charged after 45 seconds of an item being out of the fridge. 

Even if you aren’t visiting Vegas on a budget, we still recommend stocking up on drinks from the grocery stores and using your money on the fun activities in Vegas rather than snacks and drinks.

things to do in las vegas for couples

18. Don’t stray off the beaten track

When looking at safety in Las Vegas, one of the things not to do in Vegas reminds us how to stay safe in Sin City.

The strip is a safe place to enjoy no matter what time of the day. However, if you want to head off the strip to a nearby restaurant, resort, or attraction, get a taxi.

You do not want to wander off the strip (especially at night), as these side streets are known for scammers, thieves and hookers. 

19. Don’t ignore gambling etiquette

This may sound strange but there is a right way and wrong way to conduct yourself in Vegas casinos and ignoring the etiquette is another one of those things not to do in Vegas.

When you are at a table, don’t hand money directly to the dealer, lay it on the table for the dealer to spread and count. Make sure you hand signal your decisions and do not bend the cards!

Also, make sure to tip the dealer, especially if you are winning.

Don’t use your phone at the table and make sure your highest chips are in view at all times. If in doubt, follow others or ask. 

20. Don’t buy bottled water on the street

Firstly, you will find illegal, sketchy vendors on the strip, selling water. One of the things not to do in Vegas is to buy it from street vendors.

Plus, the Vegas news has reported on some bottles being repackaged and resold with tap water. Don’t get sick from dirty water. 

Las Vegas Travel Guide

21. Don’t wear stilettos

This is a tip more for the ladies’ list of things not to do in Vegas.

Unless you are one of those women who find heels comfortable, avoid them!

Casinos are huge, resorts are huge and even walking from one side of the club to another can be a trek.

Wear comfortable flats, wedges, or pumps to avoid getting caught out and ruining your night. 

Better still, get yourself some comfortable trainers and plimsolls and you are good to go all day!

22. Don’t head to the free show

There are many people along the strip, offering free show tickets – often to comedy shows. However, these often come with a two-drink minimum and a large service charge.

Check the fine print before you go.

Things to know before going to Las Vegas

23. Do NOT underestimate the weather

Our first trip to Las Vegas was smack bang, in the middle of August. It was hot and dry; perfect weather for dehydration!

Las Vegas is located in a desert, so it is dry. You will need to drink plenty of water, even when drinking out in the evenings. You can bring a refillable water bottle to refill in the hotels or restaurants and keep sipping.

If you are heading out to enjoy the day trips from Vegas, then bring plenty of water in the car with you and also light layers to protect your skin from the harsh sun rays during those warmer months.

Also, take advantage of the air-conditioned pathways connecting the hotels.

24. Do NOT overspend on transportation from the airport

Anxious or organized travelers may feel the need to pre-book their travel between the airport and their hotel. When using a booking website, this will even be encouraged. However, the airport is incredibly near to the strip itself.

Instead of pre-booking your transportation from the airport, just order an Uber or Lyft on arrival and get to your hotel quickly and affordably.

25. Do NOT overplan your trip

There are so many things to see and do in Las Vegas but it is impossible to see it all in a week’s vacation. Don’t overplan your trip by filling in every hour with a plan of something to do. You will end up being disappointed when you can’t do all of the things!

Plus, many of the attractions in Las Vegas require booking tickets in advance, so booking too much up could lead to missing out and losing money.

We suggest looking at each area of the strip, seeing which hotels and attractions are in that area, and then planning your days from there.

But also give yourself an hour or two of relaxing time back in your hotel room in the late afternoon. There are also soe calmer, relaxing things to do in Las Vegas, perfect for those wanting to berak up the hectic sightseeing or nights out.

26. Don’t wear new shoes

I am completely one of those people who buy plenty of new outfits for a trip. However, Las Vegas is a walkable destination and you will be walking a lot. This means that no matter what footwear you go for, you need to break those shoes in before the trip.

Personally, I stick with comfortable Converse shoes around the strip during the day and then change these for ballet pump-style shoes when going to a nice restaurant or nightclub in the evenings.

27. Do NOT pay full price for hotel rooms

One of the next important things NOT to do in Las Vegas will save you money. Do NOT pay full price for hotel rooms!

There are so many hotel rooms along the strip, that they are all fighting for your attention. This is the exact reason that hotels have loyalty programs and newsletters. Sign up for these sometime before booking your trip and keep an eye on any deals offered to get discounted rooms.

Also, if you sign up for a free membership with websites like and Agoda, you can often find member deals there too.

28. Do NOT bring a car

Las Vegas is a great place to stay but parking is ridiculously expensive. If you want to explore this area fully, we recommend flying into Las Vegas.

From here, you can stick to the local transportation or Uber to get around and then rent a car for a day or two, to see the sights on the outskirts of the city. This way you save money on parking but still see everything you want.

You can then leave Las Vegas with a car to drive to your next destination or fly back home.

29. Do NOT forget to join your hotel’s loyalty program

As we mentioned above, every hotel has some type of loyalty program. Before you arrive, make sure to sign up for this!

You are in for a greater chance of an upgrade if you are a member and can also often skip the check in queue on arrival. Some programs also offer perks like discounts, vouchers and BOGO offers.

30. Do not be surprised by the smell

This is going to sound unusual, but do not be surprised by the smell of weed in Vegas. As Brits, we found this strange when we first visited Vegas and later, when we first moved to the US.

We now live in Chicago, and although the smell isn’t as strong as in places like Vegas, it still surprises me every so often.

Knowing to expect it is half the battle and just move away from any strong smells whilst you are there.

31. Do NOT miss Fremont Street

There is so much to see and do along the strip, that it can be easy to get stuck there. Make sure that doesn’t happen!

Not too far from the strip is Fremont Street; a fun, engaging, and exciting street that showcases old Vegas. Forget your fancy-themed hotels and instead, enjoy old-style casinos and over-the-top restaurants and menu items.

Check out the LED Ceiling show, see the city’s first movie theatre, and get a photo with a million bucks.

Things not to do in Las Vegas

Things NOT to MISS in Las Vegas

So there are many things not to do in Vegas but there are also plenty of things not to miss.

Of course, there are many amazing things to do in Las Vegas but what should you not miss?! These are a few fun things to do in Las Vegas that can easily be missed. 

  • Topgolf at MGM Grand – this is a must-level complex with entertainment on each floor. When you are done with golfing, why not head up to the rooftop pool for a bit of fun in the sun? 
  • High Roller Cabin – The High Roller is a popular observation wheel that offers spectacular views of Vegas. But, did you know that one of the cabins has an indoor bar? You can book this cabin during sunset and enjoy champagne whilst watching the glittering lights turn on. 
  • Casino Royale – You are likely looking to do some gambling in Vegas but no one wants to lose a fortune. Casino Royal is perfect for those looking to enjoy gambling without the big bucks. Table games offer a $1 minimum, unheard of in many other casinos around Vegas. 
  • Eat at the Top of the World – At the top of The Strat Hotel, this revolving restaurant is a bucket list item for many. Reserve a table in advance and enjoy a meal with an amazing view of Vegas and Nevada. Other restaurants with amazing views include Americana on Lake Jacqueline, Binions Steakhouse, Mizumi in Wynn Las  Vegas, and Buddy V’s Ristorante. If you have the cash, you could also head to Restaurant Guy Savoy for views of the Eiffel Tower and Bellagio fountain or Spago by Wolfgang Puck.
  • Try the buffets – We love the Vegas buffets and so should you! Wicked Spoon in The Cosmopolitan is our favourite but shop around at the different options and vouchers available and make sure you enjoy a buffet at least once on your trip. 
  • Head to a pool party – Flamingo, The Venetian, and The Cosmopolitan all host pool parties (often on the weekends). Depending on the venue, you can rent a day bed, order a meal or snacks, and dance the day away in the pool.
  • Explore the hotels – Of course, you will want to explore the hotels. Each resort not only has a unique theme and decor but many offer some great attractions too; from exhibits to aquariums, shopping malls to museums. 
  • The Chandelier Bar – Head to the Chandelier Bar in The Cosmopolitan to enjoy a cocktail in this glitzy, glamorous bar – the martinis are superb. 
  • Watch a show – Whether it is your favorite singer or a Cirque performance, you are going to want to watch a show whilst in Sin City. We love the LOVE show in The Mirage (Cirque) but watch trailers online before booking to see which show takes your fancy. 
Best hotels in Las Vegas

What not to do in Vegas F.A.Q

What you should not do in Las Vegas?

Avoid wearing high heels, don’t forget to tip, make sure to take advantage of the buffets, don’t overpay for drinks if you intend to enjoy some time at the casinos, and make sure to stay hydrated!

Also, enjoy the free things to do in Vegas, get a Go City Pass for paid attractions, and don’t forget about the resort fees. 

Is 3 days enough time in Vegas?

3 days in Vegas gives you enough time to see some of the hotels, enjoy the nightlife, and check out one or two of the casinos. Make sure to include a nice meal in one of the buffets or celebrity chef restaurants and you will have a great few days in Sin City. 

What places to avoid in Vegas?

West Las Vegas has a bad reputation; you will find gang and drug activity here and this is regarded as the most dangerous area to visit. Charleston Heights and Huntridge are also not recommended for tourists. 

Is anything illegal in Las Vegas?

So oddly, you are not allowed to swear on a public street in Las Vegas; something to remember after a few too many beverages. 

What’s the cheapest month to go to Vegas?

November through February are the cheapest months to visit Vegas, and June to September can also be fairly affordable, with hotels offering great promotions at this time. 

What do you need to know before going to Las Vegas?

You need to remember to follow the drinking laws; you must be 21 or over. But, if you are 21 or over, you can legally drink on the street and can save money by taking advantage of the happy hours and free drinks given when gambling.

The food scene is amazing in Vegas so don’t ignore the options available and make sure o get taxis from the taxi rank at your hotel; you won’t be able to hail a taxi on the street. 

Where should you not stay in Las Vegas Strip?

North Las Vegas has the highest crime rates and there isn’t as much going on here. Some areas east of the strip, like the Twain/Swenson area, can be a little sketchy, especially at night. 

Can you walk the Las Vegas strip at night?

You can walk the Las Vegas strip at night. This is a popular tourist designation with heightened society measures and police presence, so it is perfectly safe to walk the strip at night.

Things to know before you go to Las Vegas?

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