8 things to do in brighton

I grew up in a town just 45 minutes away from Brighton so I have fond memories of wandering around the lanes and trying Shakeaway every flavour milkshakes as a teen. In fact, I have a great memory of ‘revising’ for a sociology GCSE on the pebbled beach by resting my head on my course book, but that’s a whole other story.

Getting to Brighton from London is a short, easy and fairly afforable route too, remember to book train tickets in advance if you want to save money.

As I have grown older, I have started to notice that there is a little more to B-town than doughnuts and milkshakes; here are my favourite 8 things to do in Brighton. Brighton is the perfect place for a long weekend, so get planning your trip ASAP.

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Brighton Pier

As you exit Brighton Station, head down the long North Road until you get to the seaside, on your left you will see the Pier. One of the main reasons many people visit Brighton is because of its Pier; offering delicious doughnuts, thrilling rides, eccentric arcades and deckchairs galore. You can even catch a zipline along the seafront too!


The Lanes

Full of shops and cafes, the Lanes are a popular choice. You can find a Ben’s cookie store down here which sell amazing cookies as well as the ever growing ChoccyWoccydoodah store.

8 things to do in Brighton


Royal Pavilion

An ‘exotic palace’ offering various exhibitions within a spectacular building. Open 10am to 5.15pm with entrance tickets costing £10.35.


The Theatre

Ok, so I am a huge lover of all things musical. With a collection of theatres and concert venues, you are bound to find something on at Brighton to keep you entertained in the evening. The theatre area is surrounded by cute little pubs and restaurants for you to enjoy beforehand.

Check out the Brighton Theatre or Visit Brighton websites to see what is on during your visit.



The vertical cable car will levitate you above the city, giving you a panoramic view of the coast. With various opening times throughout the year, adult tickets cost £16 but discounted tickets can be purchased online. 


Preston Manor

A cute historic house that makes a nice day trip in the spring and summer months. You can learn about the Stanford family who use to live there and tour the inside of the house.

8 things to do in brighton


Brighton Marina

Often overlooked, the marina is a great spot for an afternoon/evening. Go for a few drinks, a nice meal or try your hand at mini-golf at Globalls on a sunny day. You may want to head to the cinema, bowling alley or casino whilst in the area.


Brighton Toy and Model Museum

An awesome museum of toys and models (obviously). This place reminds me of that scene in Home Alone 2 when the kid goes into the toy shop and there are toys EVERYWHERE! Worth a visit, especially if your travelling with young children.

Do you have any suggestions for things to do in Brighton? Any restaurant or bar recommendations for our next trip? Leave a comment below! 🙂

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8 things to do in Brighton
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  1. I totally love Brighton and I have to say the pavilion is a MUST visit! I will never forget that place!!! It has to be seen to be believed!!

    And Chockywockydoodah!!!! Omg I want to go to Brighton!!!!!!!

  2. Oh my, Royal Pavilion looks so majestic!! I especially want to plan a tour to check out PRESTON MANOR, my all-time fave <3 These listicles of yours are always the best posts 🙂 Cheers!!

  3. When I go to Brighton, my eight things to do tend to start with fish & chips and end with ice cream

  4. PRESTON MANOR seems like an interesting place, can you tell me more about the Stanford family? reminds me of my visit to Amsterdam Anne Frank house.

  5. Never went to Brighton yet, but after hearing it’s delightful sights I would love to visit here, excited to taste those cookies (just a cookies lover) Preston manic is magic, super love the view.

  6. I love Brighton! It’s a great day trip to do from London if you want to get away from the bustling city:) Wish I’d had this guide when I was living in the UK… Maybe I’ll go back one day:)

  7. Love all the things you’ve mentioned. What I love most though is the street art and all the wonderful restaurants in Brighton, catering for every taste, budget, and dietary requirement.

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