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21 Best Things to do in Dublin in the Winter (2024)

21 Best Things to do in Dublin in the Winter (2024)

These best things to do in Dublin in the Winter will keep you busy during your Winter break to the Irish capital; including indoor things to do in Dublin and festive celebrations.

Dublin, Ireland’s vibrant capital, is full of history, culture, and charm. Dublin, recognized for its literary heritage and friendliness, has many tourist attractions. Every corner of this city has a story, from lively pubs to old streets. Consider these top Dublin activities while planning your vacation to make it special.

Why is Winter the best time to visit Dublin?

Dublin comes alive int he winter! The festival season brings various events and markets along with it, meaning there is plenty of things to do in Dublin in the Winter. 

Plus, the weather doesn’t drop too drastically compared to other cities in Europe but, because it is not peak season, hotel prices do drop slightly compared to the summer. 

You can see the many indoor attractions but also enjoy day trips outside of the city too. We share some for the best places to visit in Dublin during the Winter, so you can plan your trip with ease.

Best Things to do in Dublin in the Winter

Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle

Built in the early 13th Century, Dublin Castle is on many Ireland bucket lists and one of the best things to do in Dublin in the Winter.

You can tour the grounds to appreciate the fantastic architecture, with the tower and gardens being particularly impressive. There is also various exhibits here, sharing the history of the castle and the country, worth learning about during your visit. 

St Patrick's Cathedral

St Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Cathedral, a symbol of faith and resiliency for centuries, offers spiritual refuge and an insight into Dublin’s medieval past. Besides being tourist attractions, these historical landmarks preserve Dublin’s rich legacy and reflect Ireland’s struggles and stories.

Visitors get a strong sense of connection to Ireland’s history and continuing spirit as they stroll through these locations, nearly hearing the echoes of the past.

This is one of the best things to do in Dublin in the Winter, as it is a great place to listen to choirs and festive services on the lead up to Christmas.

Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin

Visit Trinity College during your trip to see the famous Book of Kells, another one of the best things to do in Dublin in the Winter.

This ancient manuscript is believed to have been created around 800 AD, with detailed illustrations of the four gospels. This is said to have been drawn by monks during the time. 

This is a beautiful item to see whilst exploring the 56m long Trinity College lIbrary, an impressive building to see in itself. 

The Guinness Storehouse Tour

The Guinness Storehouse Tour

Arguably one of the best and famous things to do in Dublin, is the Guinness Storehouse Tour. Keeping you warm during the cooler weather, this is also one of the best things to do in Dublin in the Winter. 

The tour takes you around the Guinness factory, teaching you how the popular Irish drink is brewed and how it has shaped Dublin’s economy.

At the end of the tour, you can enjoy a pint of Guinness from the enclosed rooftop bar, offering fantastic views of the city. 

Temple Bar in Dublin

Temple Bar and the pub culture

Dublin’s renowned pub culture must be experienced to appreciate the city. With live music, substantial fare, and renowned Irish stout pubs such as The Temple Bar provide a genuine Irish experience. The friendly vibe that permeates Dublin’s bars offers a true experience of Irish social life.

This is one of the best things to do in Dublin in the Winter as it is the perfect way to end a chilly day; warming up with a good beer or Guinness.

National Gallery is one of the best things to do in Dublin in the Winter

National Gallery

The National Gallery is free to enter, offering an impressive collection of Irish art. This includes ‘The Marriage of Alice and Strongbow by Daniel Maclise. As one of the free things to do in Dublin in the Winter, this is perfect for budget travelers too.

National Museum of Archaeology

This is another free museum in Ireland, sharing the rich history of the country along with Celtic artifacts including a small shop made entirely of gold. 

EPIC Museum of Emigration

EPIC Museum of Emigration

A unique museum in Ireland, Epic shares the emigration of the Irish around the world, looking at the historic events that have brought Irish people all over the globe. 

Irish Museum of Modern Art

IMMA is another must-do Dublin attraction in the Winter. Showcasing a collection of modern and contemporary art from both Irish and International Artists, we highly recommend spending a few hours at this art museum. 

St. Stephen’s Green

In the middle of the city, St. Stephen’s Green offers a calm haven for individuals searching for peace. This Victorian public park is ideal for unwinding with its lovely lakes, abundant vegetation, and tranquil atmosphere.

Dublin Zoo

Dublin Zoo

Phoenix Park is home to the Dublin Zoo, a fantastic attraction for nature enthusiasts and families.

Open daily from 9.30am to 5pm, the Dublin Zoo is one of the best zoos in Ireland. 

You can explore the themed areas to see some more unique animals like the Amur tiger and the Bornean orangutan. 

Here, you can also see red pandas, African wild dogs and Asian elephants. The Zoorassic World shows you a vast array of reptiles  but we also recommend eating at the Meerkat Restaurant, to watch Meerkats whilst you eat. 

Food in Dublin

Food in Dublin

Dublin’s food culture has developed dramatically, combining traditional Irish dishes with cutting-edge cooking methods. The city offers dining options for every taste, from elegant restaurants to charming cafes. Any cuisine fan must sample the legendary Dublin Bay prawns or the traditional Irish stew.

Gastronomic delights in Dublin are not limited to Irish classics; the city’s culinary landscape also includes a fusion of global flavors, reflecting its diverse population. Whether you’re craving Italian pasta, Asian fusion, or a simple yet sumptuous farm-to-table experience, Dublin’s vibrant food scene caters to all palates and preferences.

Immersing in Dublin’s music and dance

A significant part of Dublin’s cultural character is given to Irish music and dance. Taking a dance performance or traditional Irish music session can be fascinating. Live music sessions are well-known in places like Whelan’s and The Cobblestone, offering a genuine window into Irish artistic expression.

Shopping in Dublin

Shopping in Dublin

Dublin offers a wide variety of retail experiences, from high-end boutiques on Grafton Street to vintage stores in Temple Bar, where each alleyway and shop has its own personality and backstory.

Furthermore, the city is renowned for its woolen sweaters and handcrafted jewelry, which provide wonderful keepsakes to treasure your trip to Dublin. These objects, which are made using traditional Irish methods, serve as physical reminders of Dublin’s friendly, inviting atmosphere in addition to representing the country’s cultural legacy.

Visitors can discover a variety of regional crafts and products that capture the spirit of Irish culture and workmanship by meandering around the city’s lively markets and charming stores.

Take a Day Trip

Dublin’s location makes it a great place to enjoy plenty of fun day trips out of the city; to experience Ireland in the Winter. Whether you are heading to Blarney Castle, Giant’s Causeway or to the Cliffs of Moher, there are plenty of day trips available from Dublin.

Because you are visiting Dublin in the Winter, you can find slightly cheaper rates for tours and car rentals but it is still worth booking these in advance, especially on the lead up to Christmas. 

Christmas in Dublin

Christmas in Dublin

Dublin has plenty of things to enjoy during the festive season, making it one of the best places to visit in December.

You can enjoy the concerns like the Guinness Choir who perform at St. Patrick’s Cathedral each year. 

Next, head to the Christmas markets, with the biggest being the Dublin Castle Christmas Market and the Guinness Storehouse Winterfest. 

The Dublin Castle is lined with hundreds of Christmas trees, local vendors come out to sell their crafts and you can enjoy a festival drink whilst listening to carolers. 

Jameson Experience and Tour is a unique things to do in Dublin in the Winter

Jameson Experience

Another drinking experience to be had in Dublin, is the Jameson Experience. This is another fun, festive thing to do in Dublin in the Winter. 

Learn about the history of the Irish Whiskey, enjoy learning about the tasting notes of the three different Jameson Whiskeys and of course, enjoy a drink at their bar.

Little Museum of Dublin

This is a small museum that is often overlooked by visitors but one of the most unique things to do in Dublin in the Winter. 

Set in an iconic Georgian Mansion, this intimate museum is packed with artifacts. See the thousands of artifacts on display and speak with those that work there to learn about the photos and trinkets found here. 

You can also choose to take a guided tour, so check the website in advance for times during your stay.  

Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin

Kilmainham Gaol

History enthusiasts will love visiting Kilmainham Gaol, another one of the best things to do in Dublin in the Winter. 

This former prison, built in 1796, was made notorious when it imprisoned leaders during the 1916 Easter rising. They were not only held here but also excited in the jail’s coutyard. 

It is now a museum, which you can tour to learn stories about those that were kept here. This is a must-see place for anyone looking to learn more about modern Irish history and the countries independence from the British. 

Vintage Tea Bus Tour

Looking for a unique thing to do in Dublin? The Vintage Tea BUs Tour takes you along some of the best sights and architecture in Dublin, whilst you enjoy. Traditional Irish afternoon tea. 

Chat to the bus tour hose if you have any questions and make sure to enjoy plenty of Irish Tea.

Alternatively, if you don’t fancy the afternoon tea or you are short on time, you could choose to take the hop-on, hop-off bus tour, which takes you to all the best spots in the city. 

Oscar Wilde House

Literary fans can enjoy a visit to the historic Oscar Wilde House. The beautiful Georgian townhouse was once the childhood home of the famous playwright and writer, Oscar Wilde. 

Today, you can tour the home, which has been preserved as a museum. Learn about the water, see where he took his first steps and discover more about his unique parents. 

Things to know Before you go to Dublin

Being Insured – When touring Dublin, it’s important to remember practical things like travel insurance. Travelers frequently ignore this, which causes misunderstandings; thus, debunking travel insurance myths is essential.

Knowing what is covered might give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy Dublin without worrying. Now that we have this assurance, let’s explore Dublin’s many wonders and get down to business.

Getting there – The easiest way to reach Dublin from outside of Ireland, is to fly into the airport. Dublin Airport connects to most major UK cities as well as plenty of European cities.

You could also drive to Dublin or get the train or bus to the city from other areas of Ireland or catch a ferry from France, Wales or Liverpool.

Getting around – The easiest way to get around Dublin is to take the public transportation, which is made up of buses, trams and trains.

The Las is the tram system, which has two Lins (green and red line). The tram system and Dart Trains will help you get to most locations in the city.

The Leap Card – This is are reusable smart card that saves you up to 31% on travel fares. It is valid on all forms of public transport in the city and can be purchased and topped up at various convenience stores and vending machines at the stations.

Dublin is a city that captures the imagination of all visitors. It is a singular and remarkable place because of how its history, culture, art, and friendly people come together.

Dublin promises an experience full of fun, education, and plenty of Irish character, whether you’re strolling down the River Liffey, touring its historic sites, or sipping a pint in a quaint bar.

Prepare for an enchanted vacation to the heart of Ireland by packing your bags and organizing your necessary travel items.

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