The count down has begun and we are moving to Thailand in 12 days! So, to get us excited for the move, we decided to share the best things to do in Thailand.

As it is, Thailand is one of the countries with the best tourist attractions in South East Asia. It is best known for its breath-taking beaches and stunning temples. However, there are a lot of other tourist attractions that one can consider to visit. To a visitor, there is a lot of unique scenery and attractions to take in. It is no surprise that Thailand tops the list of the most visited destination among Southern Asian countries due to its vast tourist attractions. If you are planning to go on a trip, here are the top things to do in Thailand.

Make sure you read these Backpacking Thailand tips and these different 10 day Thailand itinerary options before your visit.

Planning a trip to Thailand

Visit the Grand Palace

Set in Bangkok, the Grand Palace is probably the most famous attraction in Thailand. It has served as the home and court for the king and the entire government for the last 150 years. It has an area of 218,400 square meters, creating a lot of things to see. The Palace has massive walls built-in 1782 adding on to its beauty. Anyone visiting this place should take note of the strict dressing code that one has to observe to get permission to enter.


Enjoy rock climbing above the white sandy beaches

Located in Krabi, you can set yourself into multitudes of rock-climbing routes. There is a total of 631 climbing routes that you can choose from if you are an avid climber. The cliffs rise above the sandy beaches and their turquoise waters, making this a fascinating destination to take magnificent pictures. Anyone interested in climbing can take classes offered on a half-day to multi-day basis at various schools located here, perfect for an active Krabi Itinerary.

Visit one of the many elephant sanctuaries

Elephants are one of the trademarks of Thailand culture. Therefore, you are likely to find a lot of rescue and rehabilitation centres located across the country. One of the most renowned sanctuaries is the Elephant Nature Park. Situated at the Chiang Mai, it is the largest sanctuary in Thailand. Want to see behind the things stuff? You can even volunteer at an elephant sanctuary!

However, make sure to do your research and avoid the unethical elephant sanctuaries in Thailand; you can spot these by checking TripAdvisor to see if a sanctuary allows elephant rides, uses whips to control the behaviour of the elephants or charing a super high price for visitors.

Go Island hopping

With over 1000 islands in Thailand, it is no wonder why so many people spend time to hop between them. Head to the popular islands such as Krabi, Koh Samui, Phi Phi and Koh Phangan; some of the most beautiful places in Thailand.

Get a Thai massage

There is nothing as beautiful as taking a massage in the country where they are considered to have been invented. Thai massage stretches the body offering a refreshing and balanced experience. It also works well with different pressure points of the body. You will find massage parlours spread across every small city across the country. You can utilize such an opportunity to get quality Thai massage at an affordable price compared to what you could have paid back at home.

Enjoy the wide variety of Thai cuisine

If you are a foodie, Thailand offers the best opportunity to taste their rich food varieties. The best food experience is to take a street food tour to get various samples at an affordable price. This would be the perfect opportunity to get an authentic, fresh Pad Thai at the most affordable price. Make sure that you get a local guide who will explain everything in the cuisines as you take your food tasting expedition. It is essential to take note of the hygiene level of the food before taking them.

Visit the floating market

Anytime a tourist hears about jumping on a boat and riding along a canal, Venice and the great amazon comes into mind. However, Thailand offers a unique experience of a ride through a floating market. There are various floating markets in Bangkok that one can visit. Damnoen Saduak and the Khlong Lat Mayom markets offer the best experience worth your pay.

Tour various temples

It is a guarantee that you will find temples located in different places due to the popularity of Buddhism in Thailand. One of the most renowned destinations for these attractions is Chiang Mai. It has over 300 temples, but the most famous one is the Doi Setep located at the Doi Suthep Mountain. You should also ensure that you pay a visit to the Wat Rong Khun temples dubbed as the White Temple situated in Chiang Rai.

Head up north to visit the gorgeous temples at sights in Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai.

Drink at the highest open-air bar

If you love drinking, Bangkok offers some of the best drinking spot. There are a lot of swanky rooftop open bars, but the Sky Bar tops the list. It stands at the sixty-third floor of the State Tower offering a 360-degree view of Bangkok. Here, and in other magnificent joints found all across Thailand, you can order various cocktails and enjoy live outdoor music as you relax.


Visit Ancient Thailand

Thailand is full of history which has to be explored. Ayutthaya is a popular choice for most tourists as it is just a short day trip from Bangkok. Head to Sukhothai for a quieter visit or visit the amazing Wiang Kum Kam in Northern Thailand.

Thailand offers a lot of attractions to visitors. The list compiled above does not even begin to show the magnitude of treasures and attractions that you can find in Thailand. Travel and explore Thailand for a truly memorable and magical experience. Have a fun and enjoyable trip and let us know if you’re in Bangkok!

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Things to do in Thailand
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Romantic Budget Hotels Click The Image Below to Pin
Things to do in Thailand
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Romantic Budget Hotels Click The Image Below to Pin
Things to do in Thailand
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