We share these things to know before going to Germany so you can visit Germany with ease. We cover what to expect, planning a trip & more.

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Things to know before going to Germany

  1. Transport zones 

My first tip when planning a visit to Germany is to know the transport zones. The country has one of the most modern transportation systems in the world, with buses, trams, trains and subways taking you across the country. However, each city has zones that you need to be aware of when purchasing a ticket and booking your hotel. 

If you are spending a week in Germany, you can choose to fly and save some time or opt for the train if you have the time to travel slow.

  1. Bring Cash

Whilst you are in Germany, you will need to have cash on you. Most restaurants, bars, shops and stalls do not accept card so bring cash or use the ATM’s. 

  1. Get out of the cities

Germany has some amazing cities to explore but there are some wondrous sites outside to the cities too. Make sure to explore the Bavarian Alps, Black Forest and Moselle Valley. 

  1. Keep your voice down

Germans like everyone who follows the rules and keeping your voices down is one of those rules. That’s not to say you can’t talk but when you are o bus or tram ride, keep your voice low. 

  1. Don’t Jaywalk

Talking about rules, another one is not to jaywalk. Wait for the light to change before crossing a road to avoid upsetting other walkers or drivers. It is actually against the law in Germany so just avoid it. Also, whilst you are out walking, avoid the bike lanes. Along sidewalks, you will see a coloured lane and a grey lane; stick to the grey lane. 

  1. Learn some German

If you intend on spending a considerable amount of time in Germany, make sure you learn a few important phrases. Many people in restaurants and shops in the big cities will speak some English but don’t expect everyone to be able to speak fluent English across the country. 

  1. Expect to sit with others

Heading to a beer garden or public space? These venues in Germany do not have as much seating as they perhaps need, but instead have long benches to accommodate big groups. If you sit on a large table, expect others to join you who may stop for a chat. 

  1. You can drink in public

Unlike many other countries in Europe, drinking in public is legal in Germany. This makes festivals and Christmas Markets a wonderful experience for those that like a drink but just make sure to know your limit. 

  1. Know the motorways

Germany is known for it’s high speed motorways. The country isn’t full of them but there are large stretches of straight, safe motorways that allow you to drive up to 200km an hour. However, avoid the left lane unless you are prepared to join the speedy drivers. 

  1. Don’t be offended

The German people are frank and to the point but they are also not ones to make small talk. They have things to do and some may feel like they come across rude. Try not to be offended by this. 

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