Whilst we were in Las Vegas, we decided to head to see Tiesto in Hakkasan nightclub; Calum’s favourite DJ. Hakkasan is located in MGM Grand Hotel with a restaurant attached and various rooms to chill out in depending on what you fancy.

We headed straight to level 4 where the main nightclub can be found. You can choose to go for a VIP booth on this floor that sets you back $1500 minimum! Before heading to the club, we had read some bad reviews on Hakkasan online but the club was great fun. The dance floor is fairly small and does get crowded during the main act but we enjoyed our drinks just behind the dance floor where you can find an area of high top tables. Once Tiesto came on we shimmied towards the dance floor and probably had a better view with our regular ticket entrance than those sitting on the VIP booths behind us!

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There is a 5th floor that is open to the main nightclub but offers a bit more room for those that aren’t fussed about seeing the DJ. You can also head to the Ling Ling club and lounge for a different variety of DJ’s with private seating areas.

Whilst in Vegas, for us, heading to a nightclub was a must and Hakkasan was the right mixture of fun, decent music and fairly priced drinks. In comparison to smaller bars on the strip, of course the nightclubs are expensive; expect to pay $10 for a beer and $14 for a wine plus even more for shots. But considering where you re and who your watching we didn’t find it too bad.

 Which Las vegas nightclub would you recommend? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to read about the best buffets of Vegas and the best hotels

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Tiesto in Hakkasan
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  1. BRB. I need to pack my party essentials and fly to Vegas. Judging by your experience, I don’t need to spend too much money for a VIP booth at Hakkasan. It is more fun to be on a dance floor (and get my booty shaking) anyway 😉

  2. Sounds like such a fun place with a great atmosphere. It’s crazy that a VIP booth is $1.5k!! Even if I was super wealthy, that seems like such a lot of money for a table. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Sometimes skipping the VIP experience gets you an even better experience! I would love to see/experience Tiesto live – so glad that you had fun. Hakkasan has the look of an amazing club and I can see why drinks would be so expensive. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  4. Woot on seeing Tiesto at Hakkasan in Vegas! A treat I’m sure and dancing is a must. We’ve seen him at Ultra in Miami and Beta in Denver and have never been disappointed with the show he puts on. And of course, doing a few drinks preshow is always a must to help combat those high prices.

  5. Wow! Your picture from the Hakkasan Club sure looks like a great party 🙂 on my two trips to Vegas so far, I have never actually made it to any nightclubs as I always got stuck on the roulette table until late at night 🙂 they have free drinks there but in the end it is usually not cheaper to spend a night there 🙂

  6. Sounds like a fun club to go to in Las Vegas. The drinks are average drink prices like in most cities around the world.

  7. Tiesto sounds like so much fun! Always wanted to see him. However the $10 beers suddenly just made me sober and never wanting to drink again.

  8. What a fun night out, we definately have to one day meet up & go partying all night. Loved the photos – Vegas is such a fun place, never been clubbing there though. London drink prices are ridiculous now & so is Ibiza

    • Yes we must do that! In Vegas?!

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