the peak in Hong Kong

There is so much to see and do when visiting Hong Kong, here are some of our choices for the top things to do in Hong Kong.

If it’s your first trip to the city, make sure you read this Hong Kong travel tips to help you plan your visit then read this Hong Kong Travel Guide

Best things to do in Hong Kong

Top 10 things to do in Hong Kong



Get the perfect view along with some great attractions, read our blog on The Peak to find out more. If you enjoyed your hike up to the Peak, why not hike Lion Rock in Hong Kong for breathtaking views and a different viewpoint of the city from Devil’s Peak.



Open 10am – 5.30pm and located on the Lantau Island. Catch the Tung Chung MTR or the ferry from Outlying Islands Pier. On top of a hill above a monastery stands the Tian Tan Buddha. Climb the 260 steps for a closer look at this massive Buddha and then head left of the Buddha to visit the Lantau Tea Garden.


Open 10am – 9pm with 1 day tickets costing HK $539. Trains run from Sunday Bay Station to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort every few minutes throughout the day. The resort is a 30 minute train ride from MTR Kowloon Station as well as MTR Hong Kong Station and the International Airport. For a little touch of Disney magic, head to Disneyland Hong Kong for some fun and excitement. There is something for everyone here and the park is generally a lot less crowded than its American counterparts.

Top 10 things to do in Hong Kong



Open 10am – 7pm with silver passes available at HK $740 and gold passes costing HK $960. The Citybus Route 629 runs from Admiralty MTR Station or Central (Star Ferry), with bus fares costing HK $10.60. An express route is available to and from Causeway Bay – route 629A. Full of animals, fish and rides, Ocean Park is a fun way to spend a day having some fun and relaxing. Great for families and the young at heart.

There are so many cool places in Hong Kong and this is one of our favourites.

Top 10 things to do in Hong Kong



Open 7am to 5.50pm with free entrance, Wong Tai Sin Temple is just a few minutes walk away from MTR Wong Tai Sin Station, exit B2. Commemorating the famous Monk of Yore, the Wong Tai Sin Temple is a beautiful decorated and detailed religious centre, worth a visit whilst in Hong Kong.



Head to Tsim Shai Tsui exit E to visit the Promenade. Here you will find the Clock Tower, Cultural Centre, Space Museum and Avenue of Stars along with some great restaurants and bars.

Top 10 things to do in Hong Kong



Running from 6pm – 11pm, you can get to the market from MTR Yau Ma Tei Station – exit C or MTR Jordan Station – exit A. Numerous sellers offer everything from souvenirs to watches, antiques to tea ware; head to the market to try some Hong Kong street food and enjoy the hustle and bustle of a night market.



A beautiful park in an urban landscape, the Hong Kong Park is a great place to explore, relax and take some time out of the hustle and bustle of the city. The park includes a greenhouse, museum of Tea Ware, the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, an array of fountains and lily ponds as well as a waterfall, playgrounds and even a marriage registry. Head to the MTR Admiralty Station, exit C1 and follow the signs to Hong Kong Park up the escalator.



Open from 10 am – 5 pm and no entrance fee, take exit B at Sha Tin Station, pass the traditional houses, and take a left onto Pai Tau Street then a right onto Sheung Wo Che Street. The 10 Thousand Buddhas Monastery is a unique temple with over 10,000 Buddhas within its complex – hence the name.



Open 8am to 6pm with free admission, catch the 26 bus to get to the Man Mo Temple. This is one of Hong Kong’s oldest temple and much quieter and smaller than other Hong Kong temples; making it my favourite authentic temple in Hong Kong.

Top 10 things to do in Hong Kong

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top 10 things to do in Hong Kong

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  1. Haven’t been to Hong Kong yet, but will definitely come back to this when I do! Very useful and clear!

  2. Great blog! Loved HongKong when I visited. I was inspired by the Rush Hour movies to visit Chinatown there.

  3. Nice and impressive post.
    Beautiful pictures.
    I’ve never been to Hong Kong but in one day I want to go there.
    Bye :*

  4. very cool! I didn’t get a chance to get to Hong Kong when I lived in South Korea, but I’d love to get there!

  5. This is a great list! I have yet to visit Hong Kong, but I did pin this for suggestions. I’d love to visit the Temple, Monastery, Promenade, and the Night Market!

  6. The Peak is a can’t miss! The views up there is so spectacular and I couldn’t agree more that you included it in this list. I haven’t been to some of the temples you listed here so hope that’s an excuse to go back!

  7. This is so timely! I am planning our first trip to Hong Kong now. We will be spending a week there. Is that enough time to see all of these attractions? We are also traveling with a toddler, so even though I’m not big on theme parks, I am considering visiting Disney while we are there.

  8. The Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery seems like a quite a fascinating place. So many Buddhas and so little time.

  9. I love your photos, you are very talented to catch right moments and impressive landscapes. Hongkong is one of our most desired places to see in Asia and now I even have some additional interesting places on the list, thanks to your post! The Buddhas Monastery sounds great, I will read more about this, since I have the feeling this would be one of the most interesting places for me personally to see.

    • It is a fantastic place to visit! Thank you for your comment, Calum is the photographer and will love reading this 🙂

  10. Wow I ve never been to Hong Kong, but now it is definitely on my bucket list. It seems so exotic to me! I especially liked the MAN MO TEMPLE…so beautiful!

  11. We’ve been planning on a HK trip for a while, so this goes straight into our bucket list 🙂 Thanks for sharing all of your recommendations

  12. There are a lot of new attractions that have opened in HK since we last went – I think we need to go back! Disneyland and the Ocean Park would be on the list for my children – thanks for the recommendations! #MondayEscapes

  13. We just got back from Hong Kong so interesting to see your top picks. I’m pleased to say we ticked a few of them off. The night marker was one of our highlights. My daughter keeps talking about going on the observation wheel. We enjoyed the zoological park too and seeing the monkeys. Thanks for linking #citytripping

  14. You had me at Disneyland Hong Kong. That is a big bucket list of mine. How cool. Great photos, too!

  15. I would love to visit Hong Kong one day! Disneyland Hong Kong totally catch my eye :D! Temple street night market is also interesting as well. Such a nice list to do 🙂

    • I’m planning a trip to Hong Kong right now, so this was very helpful. I’ve added a few of your tips to my list, especially the Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery!

  16. Hong Kong is so lovely and so crazy at the same time. I loved the Peak the most and the promenade – I am totally in love with Victoria Harbor. The view from there is amazing. I think, these are great tips.

  17. I loved Hong Kong Park! It’s amazing how in the middle of this urban jungle a small little and so lush green park exists. I felt like drowning in HK so many times because of the tall buildings, but the park just restored me!

  18. I have not been to Hong Kong in years and wish I had something like this before I went, as you have some good tips and they are to the point. We were on a tour and it would have been nice to have wondered around like you using public transport. We never go to ocean park but it sounds really nice.

  19. This is a great list. I think I’d like the night market the best as I’m an absolute sucker for street food 😉

  20. A great list of things to do in Hong Kong. I would want to try the Disney Land & the night market!

  21. Oh wow it looks so incredible, Hong Kong is on both of our boys wish lists, and I so want to go to Disney I bet it is another level. Thanks so much for linking up #MondayEscapes x

  22. This made me want to return to Hong Kong, thanks 🙂

  23. I love HK! One thing on my list for next time I go back is the Tian Tan Buddha. I would love to check out Lantau Island and hike up. Great list!

  24. I have a trip to Hongkong this year! it will be my 2nd-time and I really love it, I also wanted to explore every part of it just like what you did plus there are so many cool things to do out there, I can’t wait for enough.

  25. Great, concise list of the tourist must sees in Hong Kong. There really is so much to see and there are a few things here that I haven’t actually done yet (like Disneyland). Good post.

  26. I’m so happy to see Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery on the list 😀 it’s one of my favourite in Hong Kong!
    Personally, I wouldn’t be going to Disney purely because it’s the same everywhere and the one in HK is SO out of the way.
    There are tons of nature etc too – such as hiking. It’s good to see your top 10 list!

  27. Woow! I have a friend in Hong Kong. And now I know exactly what to do when Im there 😉 Thanks!!

  28. Love the layout of your blog! 🙂 Saved your tips for the day I finally get to visit HK! <3


  29. so cool! I was in HK some time ago and after reading your tips I definitely want to be back 😉 next time I use your suggestions and if with my baby girl I will go to Disneyland

  30. I have HK on my very long list but this is a great list I’ll be saving for when we do make it. Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes

  31. Such a lovely list to work though <3 My partner grew up in Hong Kong and I can't wait to go back there with him one day and do all these things to gather!!!

  32. I lived in Hong Kong as a toddler and would love to return as I remember hardly anything. This would be my itinerary 🙂 #MondayEscapes

  33. Hong Kong is amazing. Thank you for sharing the list. I will keep it in my mind

  34. It’s amazing! Hong Kong is a really interesting place to spend your vacation. One thing I want to recommend that don’t forget a ride on in the Hong Kong Tram.

  35. You guys are awesome. I enjoyed your website (content & Visual are fantastic). All the best to your team 🙂

    • Thanks so much Sonia!

  36. […] trip to Guam) What you do is start looking for flights to other Asian cities. I find that flights to Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo are the places to start. I have seen flights from Los Angeles to Hong Kong […]

  37. very good

  38. […] I don’t think you can say you have visited Hong Kong if you have not gone to Victoria Peak.  Not only is there the iconic tram but you will also find some of the best views in Hong Kong.  I went on my first trip to Hong Kong about 10 years ago, and since I enjoyed it so much I wanted to take my friend Courtney there on our trip.  Next time, I plan on going again, but I will allocate at least a half day so that I can explore more.  Even if you only have 1 day in Hong Kong, make some time to go to the Peak!  It’s one of the top things to do in Hong Kong. […]

  39. I have found your article very informative and interesting. I appreciate your points of view and I agree with so many. You’ve done a great job with making this clear enough for anyone to understand.

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