Travel Essentials:

Clothes for Layering

When it comes to packing clothes, function comes before form. Stick to neutrals, and to minimize matching problems, grab a variety of pieces you can wear together or on their own. A few shirts, a sweater, a few pairs of jeans, and a pair of shorts are all you really need to be prepared for any temperature.

Documents and Cash

There are some items you literally can’t travel without, such as money, passport/visas, personal ID, tickets, itineraries, and maps. These things should be packed together and organized. You should also make sure you keep them within easy reach, as they will be needed often.

Health and Medical Necessities

You need to be prepared for both expected and unexpected medical concerns. Any regular medications and vitamins you take should be packed based on the amount you’ll need. It’s also important to prepare for the possibility of an emergency. But rather than bringing the whole first aid kit plus every medicine in your cabinet, consider membership in an emergency program like MedjetHorizon, which will help you in the event of a crisis or need.

What’s Not Essential:

A Ton of Toiletries

It’s easy to go overboard and toss the entire bathroom counter into your luggage. In addition to weighing you down, this could get you into trouble with TSA. Bring travel-sized containers of shampoo, conditioner, soap, and other liquids, and don’t stress about bringing what you probably won’t need. You’ll probably be able to get to a store if the need arises.

All Your Electronics

Your tech gadgets are great when you’re home, but when on the road, you just won’t need a phone, tablet, digital camera, laptop, e-reader, iPod, and Bluetooth headset. You can probably accomplish most of what these devices do with just your smartphone. This will also cut down on the amount of charging cables you need to bring (and keep separated).

Fashion Accessories and Multiple Clothing Options

A necklace and a pair of earrings are fine, but practicality is the most important goal when traveling. Minimalism is the way to go. Having excess jewelery and several pairs of shoes means they could get lost or damaged. They will also take up way more space than they’re worth, given that you’ll probably only wear them once or with one outfit.

Knowing what to pack and what to leave behind while traveling will always be a challenge – there’s just no telling what may happen. With that being said, following these measures, get yourself a good piece of hand luggage and be as ready as you can be, and let you view your travels as the adventures they should be. 

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Travel Essentials
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Travel Essentials
Romantic Budget Hotels Click The Image Above to Pin
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