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Many travel enthusiasts at some point in their lives come across a phase when they want to start backpacking but hear all sorts of travel myths – well, we are debunking them today so you can get planning your dream trip.


You Will Be All Alone

The first biggest misconception about backpacking travelling that you need to drop is that you will be all alone.

Yes, you are leaving from home alone. Yes, you may not have any company for a short while. Yes, you will have to either interact or at least respond. But will you be all alone? Not really.

Just as said above, either initiate interactions or respond to others interacting with you.

The backpacking community is all about happy vibes. It welcomes new backpackers warmly and offers help.

So, stop worrying about being all alone.


 You Can Stay Dry While Hiking In Rain

Moving beyond the good vibes, it’s essential to know that no matter how waterproof your clothing and bags are, staying dry while hiking in the rain is impossible.

Yes, your “waterproof” clothes and footwear may keep you dry for a while. But after a point, their abilities break loose in front of the rain. As a result, to keep yourself dry and warm, you’ll have to look for shelter.

Also, make sure that you have enough supplies to feed and hydrate yourself when you are under shelter.


 You Don’t Have To Be Particularly Equipped

Anyone who says that you don’t have to carry a world of equipment along with yourself is lying or doesn’t know enough.

On your backpacking escapades, you may often have to come across situations where you may need certain equipment.

For example, if you wish to light a bonfire, you may need a lighter and maybe some fuel. Or if you may have to indulge in activities like bushcraft, you may use a cold steel knife for that matter.

So, don’t go unequipped. Be prepared for all kinds of dangers and inconveniences that may crop up when you are in the wild.


Your Boots Will Keep You Away From Blisters

Well, now that I have bought this pair of awesome hiking boots, I should be safe from blisters.

That is one risky mindset.

The truth is that even if you take good care for keeping your feet dry and safe from blisters, some moisture may still develop inside your socks; either due to sweat or from your surroundings.

Your best bet?

Make sure you don’t walk in the same socks for more than 5-6 hours. Plus, keep a regular check for blisters on your feet.

Also, if you catch painful and uncomfortable blisters, pop them. It’s not risky or dangerous. Just pop them, wipe yourself dry and give yourself some time to settle down before hiking again.

Gym Will Prepare Me For Hiking

While this may be a standard conception, sadly, this isn’t true.

Walking long elevated distances is different from lifting heavy plates. While the latter may help you acquire muscular strength, the former tests the core like nothing else.

So, don’t be beefed up about it. Hiking isn’t as easy as it may appear at first look.

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  1. Hiking boots are definitely essential though! Especially for long trips! Awesome info on debunking travel myths though!

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