Travel tips for glasses wearers

Love to travel and wear glasses? We share travel tips for glasses wearers, so you can travel comfortably without worry.

Travelling when you wear glasses can cause all sorts of minor irritations, such as getting them dirty, feeling like they ruin your overall look or worrying they will fall off. If you don’t want to compromise between sight and enjoyment, here are some tips.

Find a pair of stylish glasses

Finding a pair of prescription glasses you like will make you feel more confident and help you see your surroundings clearly. Travelling is about experiencing the sights and seeing as much as possible. With a choice of brands and styles, and with the option of prescription sunglasses like the ones here, you can find something from EyeBuyDirect to go with your look and help you make the most of your travel experiences.

Travel tips for glasses wearers

Use handy travel wipes

If you often wonder how other glasses wearers manage whilst travelling, because your glasses seem to constantly get dirt on them, you can use handy glasses cleaning wipes to solve the problem in seconds. These are easy to carry in a small bag or your back pocket and let you clean your glasses quickly, with minimal disruption. 

When travelling, your glasses are likely to come into contact with all kinds of germy surfaces, which in turn leaves you susceptible to bacteria and even eye infections. Keeping your frames clean won’t just help your vision, but potentially keep illness at bay. And as a result, the travel destinations you choose to explore will look more vibrant through a pair of clean glasses.

Anti-slip hooks and glasses chains

Instead of worrying about physical activities making your glasses slip or fall off, you can invest in anti-slip hooks to prevent this. As a glasses wearer, you don’t have to miss out on trying new experiences on holiday.

You will often find you can buy hooks in the same colours or style as your glasses, so you won’t have to worry about them standing out or ruining your look. This simple purchase can make all the difference to your confidence and enjoying yourself, without worrying about losing your glasses. Although, as an extra precaution, you can buy a glasses chain. So, if you’re taking part in activities, and your glasses slip, they won’t fall off and break.

Earphones rather than headphones

If you enjoy listening to music while travelling, you will find headphones can be uncomfortable over your glasses. Instead, earphones that you insert into your ears are the better option. So you can still enjoy your music without the discomfort of headphones over glasses.

Travel tips for glasses wearers

Use an anti-fog spray

If you’re travelling and trying to experience as much of the local culture and as many activities as possible, your glasses might steam up as you rush from one activity or location to the next. If you carry a small bottle of anti-fog spray with you, you can prevent this from clouding your vision and limiting your overall experience.

This also helps if you have to, or choose to wear a face mask and constantly have to deal with your glasses steaming up. If you worry a bottle might leak in your bag, you can opt for anti-fog wipes instead.

Travel tips for glasses wearers

Bring a hard case

Whether you’re taking your glasses off to go to sleep, or you’re removing your sunglasses momentarily as you head indoors, storing your frames correctly – especially when travelling – can help keep them safe, prevent breakages and keep your lenses scratch-free. Packing a hard case and taking it with you when you’re out and about means your frames won’t be rattling around in your day bag, or become stretched when they’ve been placed on top of your head. 

Keeping a hard case to hand means you’ll always have somewhere safe to store your frames. Additionally, if you’re flying or packing your spare frames or sunglasses separately, a hard case reduces the risk of your glasses becoming squashed or permanently damaged in transit.

Bring along a repair kit

When you’re travelling, you may find that your frames become loose, or one of the screws in the arms falls out. If this happens, it’s much more preferable to be able to make these repairs yourself, rather than finding a local optician who can help. Bringing along a repair kit is a great idea for those who travel with glasses. They’re only small, and can easily fit in your suitcase. Being able to fix your own frames with minimal fuss means more time spent enjoying your travels.  

Travel tips for glasses wearers

Get into good habits

It’s the little habits we all have that diminish the longevity of our glasses and frames. Whether it’s putting them down lens first, taking them off our faces with one hand, placing them on top of our heads or storing them without a hard case. If you’re a glasses wearer who is planning on travelling, then recognising these habits can help you keep your frames in a good condition whilst overseas. Reducing the possibility of needed inconvenient repairs or trying to find replacements on the other side of the world. 

Glasses don’t have to make a negative impact on your travel adventures. If you have ways to keep them clean, prevent them from falling off, store them correctly and have the means to make minor repairs then they can enhance your travel experiences and make everything much clearer. Consider the tips above to ensure your glasses survive your next trip and to ensure you enjoy your travels! 

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