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Europe offers many romantic options for couples so we share the best trips to Europe for couples, no matter how you want to travel. 

With its intriguing architecture, picturesque sceneries, scrumptious cuisines, an array of couple-friendly destinations and amazing and unusual places to stay, Europe is considered the world’s romantic capital. It’s the ideal place for four young couples to visit and cement their love and nurture their relationship for a happy life.

Cycle Europe as a couple


Danube Cycle Path

One of the best activities that young couples can enjoy when a tour to Europe is cycling. Whether you are amateurs or cycling enthusiasts, below are some fascinating cycling trails you will enjoy;

Danube Cycle Path has a wealth of history owing to the fact that it is one of the first cycle paths in Europe. Nonetheless, it is still one of the most popular destinations on the continent. It stretches from the Danube River in Germany and winds up to the Red sea.

When you chose to cycle on this path, you will traverse 10 countries and enjoy a wide of attractions on the way, including Baroque palaces in Vienna and Danube Loop – a breath-taking natural wonder in Austria.


Via Francigena, Italy

In case cycling is one of the activities that brought you to Europe, why not make the best out of it on the lengthiest signposted cycle paths in Italy?

This cycling path was once a pilgrimage route, and it has been in existence for over 1,000 years. It runs from St. Bernard Pass along the Italy-Switzerland border to St. Peters Basilica in Rome.

Along the way, make a few stopovers and enjoy the view of medieval towns such as San Gimignano and take several memorable selfies with Tuscan landscapes as your background.


Cornish Coastal Way, England

This is one of the cycling havens that provides you with a wide range of trail options to select. First-time bikers can choose the 30-mile trail while experienced fanatics can opt for the 100-mile trail. 

Smugglers’ and Wreckers’ paths will lead you through romantic seaside towns where you can stop and enjoy your love under the shining sun as you play on sandy coves and deep in the clear waters.

To finish your day in style, enjoy palatable meals on the beach and top it up with your favourite ice cream sandwich.


Train travel in Europe as a couple

As a young couple, spending some quality time together will not only strengthen you’re your bond, but it will also help you learn a lot about each other. Travelling by train is a perfect way to kick-start a romantic getaway.

In Europe, the ideal Eurail travel pass will allow you to speed peacefully over the mountains and through the countryside. Additionally, you will traverse fascinating glacial lakes and ancient towns, and develop an overall feel of what this adventurous continent has to offer.

Some of the most romantic train journeys you can enjoy through Euro Rail include;

best Mediterranean Cruise destinations

London to Venice

On this journey, enjoy a thrilling view of the lush countryside. Wind your way over the extraordinary mountains of Austria and Switzerland. Don’t blink for a moment because you might miss the most sensational scenery of Verona before reaching the banks of the renowned Venetian Grand Canal.

Paris to Nice, France

Taking the train from Paris to Nice will expose you to the famous light and colours of France. This ranges from the Cote ‘d’Azur blue waters to the vast purple lavender fields of Provence. The golden sun, dramatic beaches, and dreamy coastlines are other elements that will add to the glamour of the already super-romantic view. This is, without a doubt, one of the best romantic rail journeys any young couple can take!

Florence to Rome, Italy

During this trip, the stimulating Italian countryside and the Tuscan delicacies of Florence will unfold past your carriage window, thus giving you the ideal environment for you and your loved one to enjoy a romantic trip.


Cruise Europe as a couple

Exploring Europe from the water is, arguably, one of the best ways to see it. Not to mention, it is a great way to see places from a different perspective. While some travellers choose to book yachts or private boats, some prefer luxury cruises where everything is planned for them.

Booking a charter private boat or yacht allows you to see various idyllic according to your own itinerary. Therefore, you can take your time in every place if you do not want to rush your experiences. On the other hand, if you feel that planning an itinerary will take up most of your time, then booking a luxury cruise is ideal for you.

The best thing about boats is that they eliminate the added stress of reading road signs in a foreign country and switching car rentals. The good news is that you can still see a considerable part of Europe from the water, even if you chose a different mode of transport for your trip. All you have to do is research the nearest boat trips, if you are travelling near a coastline, and enjoy a few hours or a day on the water. 

Some of the sights that you’ll enjoy from the high seas around Europe include:

  • Well-tended vineyards
  • Historic architecture
  • Picturesque cliffs

If you have decided to explore Europe by boat, make sure that you visit Croatia. Croatia boasts of hundreds of inhabited and uninhabited islands, as well as lots of pebble beaches. Cruising around the country is ideal if you cannot decide which places to visit and which to leave out, and you might enjoy hopping from one island to another. 

Aside from the waters, you can also visit top attractions in Dubrovnik and Split. In Dubrovnik, you’ll enjoy idyllic sights such as:

  • The old city walls that were featured in the hit series Game of Thrones
  • Stradun of Dubrovnik
  • The Pile Gate that serves as the main entrance to the city

Drive Europe as a couple

One of the best travel adventures is a European road trip. Not only does it allow you to see various epic sights, but also gives you a hands-on experience of the varying European cultures.  

When choosing a car to drive around in, ask yourself whether you want a budget or a comfortable car. If you and your partner love space and comfort, then a bigger car is ideal for you, while a small car is the best if you do not have tons of cash to spend on gas.

There are lots of enjoyable things that you can do as drive around Europe. If you’re going to fly and rent a car, make sure you sort of 1 hour or more flight delay in advance to save faffing around once you land. pre-booking means you can start your road trip and any compensation will automatically be paid back to you. Once you’re ready to go you can drive on the autobahn, Germany’s famed highway, where there are no speed limits in rural regions. You can drive from Berlin to Munich, this will allow you to really test your pedal skills if you are a lover of speed. Also, you can drive around, touring the vineyards of France for wonderful wine-tasting sessions. While in France, you can also visit Paris, the city of love with your partner, and perhaps enjoy dining in world-class restaurants.  

If you love a few water sports, visit Bilbao, where there are lots of beaches that support world-class surfing. You can also visit the unexplored east and get to enjoy the coffeehouses and diverse architecture in Vienna.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.