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TURKEY RUN Kayaking and Canoeing

TURKEY RUN Kayaking and Canoeing

Heading to Indiana? Turkey Run State Park is the perfect place for kayaking and canoeing whilst exploring the beautiful park. 

Row, row, splash. You gotta be careful in the rapids, they can be a doozy! But kayaking in Turkey Run National Park is a must. This beautiful piece of nature offers one of the best, most exhilarating rivers you can take on: Sugar Creek. 

The park itself offers an amazing array of outdoor activities and adventures, but kayaking and canoeing in the river is arguably the main attraction. Most visitors to Turkey Run rent a kayak or canoe for their trip. But if you plan on paddling more often, you can find an amazing fishing kayak on a budget that will reel you in.

Turkey run canoeing

Turkey Run: All You Need to Know

So, you’re ready for your watery escapade, you have your friends all excited and it’s time to rock and roll. Planning your epic canoeing trip takes some careful considerations: how long will you stay? How many friends should you bring with you? And of course, how can you have the most unforgettable experience?

Rest assured, we’ve got you covered when it comes to prep. Everything from rentals, pricing, trips, and their durations, to some tips to make it all flow smoothly. All this and more will help you put together the ultimate kayak and Sugar Creek Indiana canoe adventure.

Turkey run canoeing

Turkey Run Kayak Rentals & Trips

Having some issues organizing or buying a kayak on short notice? Don’t stress; there are several companies that offer Turkey Run kayak rentals and guided trips to save the day. 

These local canoe liveries include:

  • Clements Canoes
  • Sugar Creek Campground
  • Turkey Run Canoe and Camping

Depending on the livery you choose, the length of your trip (both in terms of time and distance), the price of your rental will vary. 

If you’re looking to rent a kayak and head out on your own, your best bet is Turkey Run Canoe and Camping. But Clements Canoes and Sugar Creek Campground offer some stunning, structured canoe trips.

All of the tours are set with specific departure times, etc. Thus it is recommended to arrive at least 30 mins before your reservation.

Choosing your tour can depend on how you’re feeling on the day and how amped you are for the adventure ahead. Most kayak trips here range from 3.5 miles up to 15 miles or more. So the range of options offered here will make it a breeze to rent your kayak and plan your trip.

You can even choose between single and tandem kayaks, making it the perfect activity for you and an adventurous companion. Just remember to have some extra cash on hand, as deposits and bookings for extra people all cost a little more. And, of course, always try to call or book ahead to avoid any potential disappointments.

Your kayak will be your vessel to brave the creek, so take good care of it. Don’t forget that you are responsible for your kayak and its safe return. Treat it with respect and give it the proper care it deserves. Soon it will open up to you and tell a good few jokes!

Turkey Run Canoe Rental

Turkey run canoeing

As well as kayaks, the liveries mentioned above also offer canoe rentals and excursions, for those who prefer the old-school vibe. The rentals and trips work in the same way as the kayaks, so you can pick your poison and hit the water with your preferred craft.

Renting your canoe or kayak is rather effortless, as long as you call or otherwise plan ahead. Especially over weekends, the Sugar Creek canoe rentals can get snatched up rather quickly, so it’s best to be proactive and book your crafts a few hours or days ahead if possible. 

Turkey Run Canoeing and Kayaking Prices

For those who plan on renting a canoe or kayak, we’ve put together some estimates of your Turkey Run canoeing and kayaking prices all set and ready. Please do note that all prices may vary depending on your chosen trip and livery.

If you’re booking with Sugar Valley Canoes, a quick trip down the creek will only set you back about $22 for a canoe and around $17 for a kayak. This increases if you take a tandem kayak and if you include more people. The pricing can range up to around $34 per canoe and about $26 per single kayak and $36 per tandem kayak for the longest trips. Also be aware of the deposit fee, which is usually around $20.

Guided Turkey Run Canoe Trips & Kayak Adventures

Sugar Valley Canoes have some really fantastic guided tours to choose from, perfectly suited to different occasions. Whether you like it short and sweet or prefer mucking about for a whole day, Turkey run has you covered. Each section of the guided tours covers progressively more ground and also includes all the previous river sections that come before it. Here’s a breakdown of the various tour options available.

  • 3 Mile Short and Sweet – The first option on offer is the 3.5 miles Turkey Run trip. This is the core route, allowing you the optimal experience without too much hassle. This trip makes its way through the Park and under two covered bridges. Your whole canoeing trip should last about 1 to 1.5 hours depending on your speed.
  • 5-Mile-In-Between Trip – Next in line, we have the 5 mile Jackson Bridge trip. This stunner runs through a secluded section of the creek, perfect for the lone wolves! You will see 2 covered bridges, including a peek at the historic Jackson Covered Bridge. The whole voyage lasts about 4 hours.
  • 11-Mile Trip – Moving on to the longer sections, we have the 11 mile Jackson Bridge trip. Here you can enjoy the scenery of Turkey Run as well as the peaceful lower section of Sugar Creek. You’ll encounter all 3 bridges thus far, with a total time of about 5+ hours.
  • 15-Mile Trip – Lastly, we have the 15-mile Shades and Turkey Run trip. This beauty includes a journey through both Shades State Park and Turkey Run. It is the full experience, but expect to put aside about 5 to 7 hours of your day. Be prepared, as paddling all day can be tiring, so this one’s for the fitter folks.
Turkey run canoeing

Turkey Run Tubing

To round off your water escapades, you’ll be able to indulge in some Turkey Run State Park tubing. This wild ride is always a big hit, especially if you have a couple of friends joining in! Bumpy waves, a sick jump, and some killer slides are all on the menu if you have the stomach to take it on.

You can rent a tube for barely $10 bucks and set off on the creek. As long as you have a blast and remember to dunk your friends, all will be well. 

Turkey Run kayaking and canoeing are fun and exhilarating activities that are great for your health. But you have to keep in mind the most important rule: they’re best done with friends!

Getting a good few mates together to tackle the waters is not only great exercise. It’s also a fun and memorable experience that you can reminisce about for years to come. 

Just remember to keep all arms, legs, and other appendages inside your craft at all times (except when tipping friends over, then all bets are off)!

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