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What is the UK Passenger Locator Form?

What is the UK Passenger Locator Form?

Heading to the UK? We share details of the UK passenger Locator Form for those that need this for their visit.

What is the UK Passenger Locator Form?

The UK requires all visitors to fill out their Passenger Locator Form, unless they are coming into the country from the Isle of Man, the Republic of Ireland, or the Channel Islands. This form allows the government to track who is entering and leaving the United Kingdom.

The Passenger Locator Form was specifically designed with COVID-19 in mind. It gives the government the information they need to determine who must quarantine and for how long, who requires COVID-19 testing and when, and more.

People who enter the UK and who got exposed to COVID-19 during their travels will also be contacted using data on the Passenger Locator Form. They may be told that they need to quarantine, or given other instructions based on their exposure to the condition.

UK Passenger Locator Form

What is Needed to Fill Out the Passenger Locator Form for the UK?

According to Natvisa, travellers need to fill out the UK Passenger Locator Form sometime in the 48 hours before they enter any part of the United Kingdom. This includes cruise passengers who are on trips of 19 days or less.

Cruise passengers whose trip will last longer than 19 days can fill out their Passenger Locator Form for the UK while they are traveling.

Visitors can set up an online account, then fill out their locator form that way. This account allows them to save and come back to the form if they cannot finish filling it out in a single sitting.

In order to complete the form, travellers need to be ready to provide the following information:

  • The details of their travel into and away from the UK. This includes dates, specific flight/boat/train information, estimated times of arrival, and more.
  • A phone number where they can be reached throughout their stay in the United Kingdom.
  • Their email address, so they can log back into their account to retrieve their QR code if they lose it.
  • Their personal details from the passport or other travel document that they will use to both enter and leave the UK. These need to match what is on the travel document exactly.

How to Use the Passenger Locator Form?

Once passengers have submitted their Passenger Locator Form, they can either download it or have it emailed to them as a PDF. Either way, the form will contain a QR code specific to that traveler and that form.

Visitors can choose to print out their UK Passenger Locator Form or keep the document accessible on their phones. Either way, they will need to show the QR code twice.

The first time they show the QR code will be when they board their flight, train, or boat on the way to the UK. They should not be permitted to board without this code.

The second time they need to show the QR code will be to immigration officials upon arrival in the United Kingdom. The officials will scan the code and instruct the traveler as to what they need to do next.

UK Passenger Locator Form

The government will keep the information on each traveler’s Passenger Locator Form for 42 days, unless they have a specific reason to keep it longer than that. For instance, if the traveler is still in the UK, they may still need to contact them at some point.

Travellers who create an account need to know that their information there will only be saved for 6 months from their last login, at which time the whole account will get deleted.

visitor visa for the uk

Other Details About the UK Passenger Locator Form

Travellers who fill out the Passenger Locator Form for the UK will still need to participate in quarantines, COVID-19 testing, and more. The exact specifications of this procedure will vary based on where the traveler is from, where they have recently visited, their vaccination status, and more.

Each traveler will need to know what to expect and plan for upon entry to the UK. If they need to schedule testing, for instance, this must be done ahead of time. Travellers must be able to prove that they have a place to quarantine and scheduled tests before they can enter the country.

Note that the COVID-19 rules are different depending on a traveler’s destination within the United Kingdom. Destinations with varying rules include England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. Visitors need to know the requirements for their final destination.

Every adult traveler who is visiting the UK will need to complete their own Passenger Locator Form, even if they are traveling as a group. Adults who are traveling with a minor child for whom they are the parent or legal guardian may include them on their form, as long as they will be at the same address while in the United Kingdom.

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If the details of a Passenger Locator Form change, travellers will need to fill out the form again and get a new QR code. Since the form is short and there’s no cost to submit it, this should not be a huge hassle.

Travellers can get help with the Passenger Locator Form from the government. They can look up phone numbers to call from both inside and outside the UK to access this aid.

Visiting the UK is Still Easy

Even in the time of COVID-19, it’s not hard to visit the United Kingdom. While the Passenger Locator Form represents another step in the process, it’s quick and easy and should not cause problems. Visitors can fill one out today and travel soon.

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