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Heading to the UK? We share these essential UK TRAVEL TIPS to help you plan a trip with ease, including budget tips and things to do. 

Land of unique culture and greenery – UK is one of the top holiday destinations in the world. No matter what type of holiday you seek, either a relaxing or an educational one, exploring this part of Europe will grant you a fulfilling time! However, if you are unsure where to start and what to know before setting off and during your trip, check out our top 7 useful tips for traveling in the UK.

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UK Essentials

Before taking any trip abroad, we suggest getting to know the most basic and useful things, so here are the ones regarding the United Kingdom:

  • Currency: Pound Sterling (GBP). If you plan on having any cash on you and have no chance to take care of that before the trip, there are many places in the UK where you can exchange the money.
  • Electricity Socket: the UK has unique ones, so getting an adapter is super important so that you are able to charge your electronic devices. There, power outlets are usually three rectangular prongs.
  • Visa: they are usually not required if your stay in the country does not exceed 6 months. This applies to all EU citizens and non-EU member states of the EEA and OCT. However, most Asian citizens will have to apply for a visa and can only stay in the country for a maximum of 6 months. Always double-check visa requirements for your country!
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Generally, the weather in the UK is always quite similar – humid and mildly cold. However, there are time slots in the year when it gets sunnier. That is the case if you choose to travel in the spring, from April to May. The summers here are even warmer and with a little less rain, so that may be the most enjoyable time to visit. Keep in mind, though, that it gets pretty crowded in the summertime! If you are a winter sports enthusiast, choosing November to February might be the best for you.

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Know Your Budget

The UK is certainly not the cheapest country to travel in, so we suggest knowing the approximate prices before setting off. Accommodations are usually about £40 to £100 per night if you decide to stay in middle-class hotels, but if you are on a tighter budget, there are multiple cheaper choices you can stay in that will only cost you £15-30 per night. The meals in restaurants roughly cost £10-20 per person, and do not forget about public transportation, but more on that in the next section.

Tips for visiting London

UK Transportation

The public transport system in the UK is quite well developed so that might be the best choice for you if you wish to explore places further away from your district. You can take buses which will cost you up to £10 for short distances and up to £40 for longer ones. Train tickets will cost you anywhere from £10 to £60 depending on the route, but they are quick, clean, and comfortable, and there are stations in every city. Learn more about that on

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Try Traditional English Food 

The cuisine is a vital aspect of the culture and heritage of any country, and the UK has many meals that they are quite proud of! Start with an English breakfast – sausages, eggs, bacon, beans, toast, and some other side parts of your choice. Do not forget to try Fish and Chips – a meal you will find in most local restaurants. The English are very fond of meat pies and roast dinners as well. Also known as Sunday Dinner or Sunday Roast, this includes a plate full of meat, mashed potatoes, and vegetables, all covered in gravy. You will find this at any pub or local cafe, so try that to get the full experience!

Book Ahead

Whether it is accommodations, tickets for transportation, or sightseeing – we suggest taking care of that beforehand. Not only will that guarantee a place for you on the bus or train, or more comfortable housing, but you will also save a lot of money. The prices tend to go higher the later you buy the tickets. That, especially, is the case with public transport. Regarding places to visit – many of them manage the flow of tourists, so there might be no place left for you if you try to get a ticket on the spot. If this is not an impromptu holiday, plan your activities and book everything in advance!

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Try To Catch A Show

The UK is extremely famous for hosting the top festivals in the world. That includes music, folklore, light festivals, and many others! Apart from roaming around the cities, visiting the most popular tourist attractions and trying out the cuisine, we strongly suggest catching a show. The schedules are usually up online for the upcoming year, and you will definitely find some that interest you. One of the most popular festivals of music and performing arts in the world, Glastonbury, takes place in the UK, in the summer, with top artists from all over the world and music variations of rock, pop, techno, and many more.

Now that you are all caught up on traveling in the UK, we believe you will have a fabulous holiday full of new things and experiences! Keep this list in mind when planning, and then eventually, when you arrive. Have a great time! 

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Bright Agent

Friday 16th of September 2022

Your travel tips are very good to do new activities. Nice Work!

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