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Exploring the USA? Today we share 3 underrated places to visit in the US that you must visit if you are looking for something different.

The United States has almost twenty thousand different cities within it, and yet when people go on vacation, they usually only think of the same five or six destinations. While there are plenty of great places in the U.S. to visit that are extremely popular, there are even more lesser-known places that have a lot to offer. There are also many great reasons to travel to a more obscure spot. With fewer tourists visiting there, you don’t have to deal with the large crowds that popular locations have, and often, you can even avoid the high prices that tourist spots have. Plus, you’ll get to experience something that not many people do.

When you’re looking for some underrated places to visit, it might be difficult to narrow down your list since there are so many. Here are some diamonds in the rough that haven’t become overgrown with tourists and gimmicks yet! Just be careful you don’t fall in love; you might want to move out here!

underrated places to visit in the us

Apostle Islands, WI

Most people probably wouldn’t associate Wisconsin with islands, but this is exactly what it has to offer. At Lake Superior, you can find the Apostle Islands, one of the most beautiful landscapes you can find in the United States. This group of 22 islands off the Bayfield Peninsula in Northern Wisconsin feels like they belong somewhere else entirely. Beautiful pink and craggy orange rock rises this land out of the water and sprouts gorgeous tall pine trees that allow you to feel like you’re traveling to an area untouched by humankind.

 This vacation is the place to go for someone who wants to get away from the stress and business of daily life and wants to disappear into the deep woods to clear their mind. This is the perfect vacation for those who enjoy outdoor activities like camping and kayaking. If you aren’t into boating or kayaking, there are also cruises around the islands available. The Apostle Islands are even a site to see during the winter when they freeze over into ice caves. Actual quiet, beautiful water and perfect summer weather all combine into one most unknown yet cool places to visit in the US.  

Galveston texas underrated places to visit in the us

Galveston, TX

When most people think of Texas, they think of hot weather, wide-open plains, and dry air.  Galveston only keeps in the heat. An hour and a half south of Houston, this island is a paradise of water and sand. Galveston is inexpensive and nestled into beautiful open water. If you want a nice beach vacation without having to travel very far for it, Galveston might be exactly what you need. Even if you aren’t close to the area, it’s still worth the trip.  Visitors can dip their feet into the water and the state’s deep history.

This island is home to one of the most significant tragedies of the country’s history and Moody Gardens. This exhibit rises above the city in the form of beautiful glass pyramids, and it even has a hotel. Inside, you can see seasonal displays and an aquarium that houses everything from sharks to starfish. Galveston is filled with amazing museums where you can learn more about local and Texan history, as well as other topics, like aviation. There are also other interesting historical sites around Galveston, such as a beautiful historic district with great restaurants and shops. 

Galveston is the perfect example of how great underrated travel spots can be. Although Galveston isn’t on any top travel lists yet, this gives you the chance to slip away somewhere while it’s still inexpensive and tourist drama-free.

Galveston texas underrated places to visit in the us

Royal Oak, MI

There are plenty of great places to visit in Michigan. A vacation to Detroit has been becoming more popular since the recent art revival that’s been happening. In a city just barely off the city, Royal Oak offers a chance to see the art community alive and active. If you’re going to be in Detroit, you have to be sure to stop by Royal Oak. This is a lively area filled with creative minds, so there’s plenty to do and see here. Unique bars, fun creative shops (like a shop specializing in Japanese toys and games), and delicious restaurants make an area you’ll never want to leave.

underrated places to visit in the us

While you’re in Royal Oak, you can also see amazing theater performances and other live entertainment. If you’re going to walk away with art while you’re here, countless beautiful shops hold antiques, new surprises, and exciting designs you won’t find anywhere else. Royal Oak is also home to the Detroit Zoo, which attracts many people to the area.

Royal Oak is close enough to the city to show the history of the area and give you the chance to delve deep into why Detroit gained such a reputation after the local automobile job market crash. This town will charm you into staying and invite you to create art that will add to the area’s beauty.

The next time you’re planning a trip, don’t choose the same places that everyone else goes to. The United States is a vast and incredible country that offers hidden jewels around every corner. Popular destinations are great, but they aren’t the only places you should consider for a trip. Lesser-known spots have a lot to offer and can give you experiences you can’t get elsewhere. If you’ve never visited any of these places, maybe it’s time to sneak away from the tourist hotspots and enjoy something new.

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