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10 Unique Things to do in Colorado

10 Unique Things to do in Colorado

Heading to Colorado and looking for something a little different? We share these unique things to do in Colorado, perfect for your next trip! 

If you think of a state with gorgeous landscapes, vast national parks, and old mining towns, perhaps Colorado is the state that most comes to mind. It is hard to go wrong when visiting Colorado, with many things to do and places to go. So before you go on your road trip, here is a guide on unique things to do in Colorado!

Unique experiences in Colorado

Unique Things to Do in Colorado

Hike Up the Manitou Incline

The Manitou Incline is a popular extreme hiking trail and tourist attraction. When you hike up the incline, you’ll go up nearly 2000 feet high within only one mile! The steepest portion even has a slope of 34 degrees, so you know that it’s serious. This is for avid hikers looking for a tough challenge. Due to the steepness of the incline, those who have health problems may want to sit this one out. If you’re fit enough and want to test your endurance, the incline is a perfect place to go! Beating the Manitou Incline is a memory that you’ll never forget.

Unique Things to Do in Colorado

Watch a Show at Red Rocks Amphitheater

The Red Rocks Amphitheatre is an open-air amphitheater east of Denver. Large monolithic rocks jut outwards from the stage, creating a unique view and acoustics. There are concerts that are only held in Colorado if you want something special! Watching one of the unique concerts of Colorado under the night sky and stars is an experience you cannot miss. The nearby Buffalo Bill Museum & Grave and the Dinosaur Ridge are great places to explore in the morning.

Unique Things to Do in Colorado

Hop on the Pikes Peak Cog Railway

Pikes Peak is the highest summit of the Front Range in the Rocky Mountains, higher than any summit to its east! Going to Pikes Peak is a memorable experience and what better way to visit it than riding the highest rack railroad in the world? The old cog railway has been climbing to Pikes Peak since 1891. These days, it has been renovated and furnished to provide visitors a wonderful trip up Pikes Peak. You will be passing through old mining towns, mountain scenery, and ancient pine trees, all while riding a historical cog railroad.

Unique Things to Do in Colorado

Tour a Colorado Brewery

Colorado is known for its exceptional craft beer culture. Many large beer companies offer tours of their breweries all year round, perfect for any season! The Coors brewery in Golden is the largest single brewing facility in the world, and they offer tours. The Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver is the oldest craft brewery in Colorado, with in-house beers and wine in their spacious bar & restaurant. It is impossible to list all the incredible breweries in Colorado that you can visit!

Unique Things to Do in Colorado

Ride a Hot Air Balloon in Colorado

Riding a hot air balloon is a unique way of getting a view of the beautiful sights of Colorado. It gets even better when you fly out during the sunrise! You will be able to see the wonders of Pikes Peak and the Rocky Mountains thousands of feet above land in the growing light of day. Some tours also offer breakfast at the launch site. It is a perfect way to start your morning as you wait for your balloon or recharge after the trip.

Unique Things to Do in Colorado

Wander the Cripple Creek Heritage Center

The Cripple Creek Heritage Center is a facility dedicated to the history and nature of Colorado. You’ll be able to learn about the early settlers and first residents of Cripple Creek, as well as the American Indians. The center also has information about railroads, mining, and the gold rush to learn! Back in the day, Cripple Creek was a gold mining camp. The heritage center was designed to make you feel like time went back to the glory days of Cripple Creek. The Cripple Creek Heritage Center gives a truly immersive gold camp experience!

Unique Things to Do in Colorado

Hike at Rocky Mountain National Park

The Rocky Mountain National Park is the perfect place to view beautiful mountain scenery and lush nature. If you are going to the state, make sure you do not miss one of the best parks in Colorado! The park has numerous hiking trails for beginners to experienced hikers. There is a large variety of routes to walk. These can take you from fields of alpine wildflowers to pristine lakes.

Unique Things to Do in Colorado

Horseback Ride at the Garden of the Gods

The Garden of the Gods is a beautiful landscape of breathtaking rock formations. Tall, jutting, orange mountains of rock catch your eye as they stand out in the lush green nature. The Garden of the Gods is also home to the Balanced Rock, a popular attraction. There are many ways of going through the Garden of the Gods. One of the most engaging experiences is on horseback!

Unique Things to Do in Colorado

Camp at the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

The Great Sand Dunes National Park shows the diversity and beauty of nature in Colorado. If you want to see the most incredible sand dunes in North America, the park has the highest sand dunes on the continent! Try camping there to experience the park at its finest. There are many camping spots to sleep on the dunes under the starry night sky but why not pair up a trip to Colorado with a stay at one of these unique hotels in the USA.

Unique Things to Do in Colorado

Kayak at the Arkansas River

The Arkansas River is perhaps one of the most famous and best kayaking spots in the country! The river has over 100 miles of exciting whitewater for the more skilled kayakers. They also have calmer waters for those who want a more relaxing experience. The whitewater at Buena Vista and Salida is well-known for the best experience kayaking in the Upper Arkansas River. The Arkansas River is also a perfect spot for fishing, mountain biking, and rock climbing. Around 100 miles of the Arkansas River is also open for golden trout medal fishing, so sport fishing enthusiasts know they are in for something special!

Colorado is a place of nature, history, and American culture. If you visit Colorado, you are sure to be in for a treat. Make sure to take a quick search of what you want to do. There are sure to be enough things to keep you entertained for your whole trip. When it comes to traveling in and around Colorado, a local Denver car service is the best way to go. Whether you’re looking for a ride to the airport or want someone to take care of your transportation needs while you’re visiting the town, there are plenty of options available. 

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