unusual things to do in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most happening places in the US; that’s why we are sharing the most unusual things to do in San Francisco!

The cool culture of the city is highly influenced by the new generation full of creative and invigorating ideas for a better future. The place is ideal for a group vacation with family or friends. You just need to get on a San Francisco tour bus and get going for a tour of some of the most amazing and fun tourist spots. Looking for a unique place to stay? Why not try one of these glamping in California options during your trip!

Simply book your tour bus online to explore this awesome city filled with plenty of quirky spots to visit. Here is a list of some of these exceptional options to include in your itinerary of San Francisco.

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How to plan a trip to San Francisco

Unusual things to do in San Francisco

Wave Organ


This is a unique sculpted structure on the banks of the bay of San Francisco in the year 1986. The series of pipes are placed in such a way that they create movements upon their interaction with the sea waves and create sounds that can be heard by the listeners at different stations. The sound effects vary depending on the tide levels but it usually includes sounds like rumbles, gurgles, hisses and sloshes.


There are many benches and platforms made from stone for the visitors to sit and enjoy this man made wonder. The 360-degree view of the San Francisco city from this place is also breathtaking, giving it an added edge in the must visit places.

Unusual things to do in San Francisco

Gregangelo Museum


A Mediterranean style of construction built in the early 1920s, this place is a treasure trove of some of the most unexplored and undiscovered history of the city. The place houses intriguing artworks including awe-inspiring installations, optical illusions and interesting stories. The museum is a storehouse of unbelievable folktales described in a glittering series which will leave you mesmerised.  Group tours are available by appointment and can also be booked for Sundays or other holidays though they will charge extra hour rates for that.

Presidio Pet Cemetery

The final resting place for the hundreds of scaly, furry and feathered friends who selflessly served the military families residing at the Presidio, this place is definitely worth a visit for an offbeat experience. It offers a picturesque view of the San Francisco Bay. You can see a variety of handmade tombstones with loving handwritten messages for a variety of pets, with cats and dogs leading the list. Other than them, birds, reptiles and rodents have also found a place here.

Unusual things to do in San Francisco
Unusual things to do in San Francisco

San Francisco decorated streets


San Francisco is home to some amazing murals and street art. Walk through the nieghbourhods from Baker Beach to Pier 39 and see the incredible art work that adorms the walls. Even better, visit San Francisco at christmas to see the streets and Union Square decorated head to toe in Christmas decor.

Peephole Cinema

The name itself is enough to go visit this theatre with a unique concept. Hidden in the lanes of the heart of the city, this cinema is known for its continuous screening of snippets from avant-garde and silent movies. You will have to peek through holes on the walls of an ancient cottage to watch the streaming. The place is open all day and night so you can visit anytime and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.

Unusual things to do in San Francisco

Sutro Baths


Once a cluster of seven amazing glass roofed saltwater pools fed by the waters of the San Francisco Bay, this place is now famous as an important historical landmark. The eerie ruins are a romantic memorabilia of the lavish lifestyle of the past. The view of the stretching oceans in front is something not to be missed. You can also chance upon old shipwrecks and other interesting artefacts which stands as a witness to the glorious history.

Magowan’s Mirror Maze


This fun, quirky maze can be found on Pier 39 and is a great thing to do in San Francisco with kids. The maze is open 7 days a week from 10 am and tickets cost $5.

Unusual things to do in San Francisco
Unusual things to do in San Francisco

Golden Gate Park


Visit the beautiful Golden Gate Park in downtown San Francisco. This is the West Coast version of Central Park; with unique sculptures and archiecture found inside it whilst offering a tranquil escape from the chaotic bustle of San Fran. This city is a great place to enjoy a San Francisco Stopover and the Golden Gate Park and bridge are a must in that itinerary!

San Francisco’s Stairways


Artist Adah Bakalinsky has transformed the staircases around San Francisco, making a perfect photo and a fun unusual thing to do in San Fransisco. You can take a free walking tour of San Francisco to experience all of the unique staircases around the city. 

Unusual things to do in San Francisco

More unusal things to do in San Francisco:

Still looking for more unique things to do in San Francisco? Check out some more options:

  • Good Vibration Museum – a museum dedicated to vibrators.
  • Museum of 3D Illusions – get your fun instagram shots at this 3D art museum
  • The Escape Room – Escape from prison in under 60 minutes!
  • SeaPlane tour – Explore San Francisco from above with this unique attraction in the city
  • Six Flags – Those that love theme parks, Six Flags is the place for you
  • Exploratorium – Known as the most experimental museum in the world, this is a great place to visit with children.

Unusual places to eat in San Francisco:

Unusual things to do in San Francisco

There are so many unique restaurants in San Francisco and here are just a few of our fave:

  • Cream – A quirky ice cream and dessert cafe with three different locations in the city.
  • Humphry Slocombe – a great breakfast stall in the Ferry Building.
  • Zante pizza – Try an Indian pizza fusion at Zante in Bernal Heights.
  • Brainwash – A laundromat with a difference; wash your clothes or drop them off to be cleaned then head to the Brainwash Cafe.
  • Urban Putt – Combine mini-golf with dinner at this fun restaurant that offers a different type of evening.

Best things to do in San Francisco

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Unusual things to do in San Francisco

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  1. I’ve been to San Fran so many times and love it. Now I have some new things to see next time I go!

  2. Great post! I’ve been to SF a few times but never any of these spots. Saving this for my next visit!

  3. I’ve recently been to San Francisco for the first time. We did see the Sutro Bath ruins, but shame I didn’t know about the Wave organ. Would have loved to experience that as well. Oh well, seems I’ve got to come back then 😉 thanks for sharing

  4. I’ve lived in SF the past few years, and have been to all these excep the Gregangelo Museum! Wow, didn’t know about that. Maybe if I get the chance to go back (we just moved to the islands), I could go check it out.

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