National Parks

We love exploring more and more of America and there are some amazing national parks that can not be missed! We break down our favourites below but let us know in the comments what your top 10 are!

National Parks


Redwood National Park

Known as the home of the tallest trees in the world, Redwood National Park has fascinated me since I was a child. It has an amazing rugged coastline to explore, wild riverways and has been home to people for thousands of years.

Summer is high season in Redwood National Park, with most visitors heading here in June, July or August. The temperature is warm and, because of the large size of the park, it rarely feels crowded. Although summer is a great time to visit, Fall offers milder temperatures and is a beautiful time to visit the forest but just remember to bring layers and a rain jacket. 

There are plenty of ways to get to Redwood National Park but we recommend renting a car and exploring the nearby cities and parks too.


Arctic National Park

Approximately the size of Switzerland, the Arctic National Park is virtually untouched by man with no rail lines or roads – witness the empty mountains and meadows and gorgeous aurora lights.

National Parks


Yellowstone National Park

With beauty everywhere you turn, the Yellowstone National Park is one of the most visited in America. This national park is complete with a selection of animals and one of the largest active super volcanoes in the world.

Additionally – whilst you’re on the West Coast, make sure you head down south to visit the Petrified Tree National Park, Joshua Tree – simply stunning.


Rocky Mountain National Park

A popular choice for hikers, this Colorado based national park is a photographers dream. Visit during the winter for a spectacular view.

National Parks


Bryce Canyon

This national park isn’t actually a canyon but a group of cone shaped giant stone protruding from the ground. Visit as sunrise to really appreciate the gorgeous colours.


Grand Canyon

Arguably the most well known National park in America, the Grand Canyon sees nearly five million visitors every year. Take in the breathtaking colours of sedimentary rocks.

National Parks


Saguaro National Park

Located in Arizona, this national park is full of cactus across a desert park. Avoid visiting in the summer- temperatures can get incredibly high.


Arches National Park

Visit these naturally formed arches in Utah and admire the incredible natural design  and sandstone colours.


Glacier National Park

Visit Montana’s plunging waterfalls and crystal clear lakes in the Glacier National Park.

National Parks


Zion National Park 

This one is a vast national park that offers stunning aerial views, incredible sandstone canyons and beautiful emerald pools.

Great National Parks

Want to keep exploring more national parks? Heres a complete list of US National Parks by state to get planning your next road trip.

Did your favourite park make the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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National Parks
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  1. America definitely has some pretty impressive parks! Ive only visited grand canyon from here but I wish Ive seen more on my road trip while I was there! They all so beautiful especially Bryce Canyon ! My favourite was Antelope Canyon ( I am not sure if its consider as a national park ), the colors and shapes are just insane!

  2. USA is home to such amazing national parks and I haven’t been to any, despite having traveled there 3 times. I went to Vegas but due to the shortage of time, missed out on Grand Canyon. Although you have not listed it here, I’ve heard a lot about Yosemite and it’s been on my list since then!

  3. With such a large country you can see a lot of different types of landscapes in the different national parks. Getting outdoors is great for kids, too! We love to hike and talk along the way – great opportunities for conversation. The most recent national part we have visited is the Hawaii Volancoes National Park on the big island. So cool to see a lava tube!

  4. This is sure a comprehensive list of exciting parks in America. And these parks are beautiful. Pocking from your list, I’ll choose the Glacier National Park and Grand Canyon as my favourite. I know of someone who will give anything for Rocky Mountain, hikers’ goal. These parks are amazing and worth visiting. Thanks for the guide.

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