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Travel Guide

Capitol: Hanoi

Language: Vietnamese

Currency: ₫ VND


Vietnam is ideal for backpackers on a budget – you can explore Vietnam for weeks on a very small budget.

The country offers a strong rail network, plenty of overnight bus routes, cheap flights with hotels and and hostels catering to all groups, budgets and styles.

There is so many beautiful sights to be seen in Vietnam as well as bustling markets, motorbike crammed roads and tasty food vendors.

Those interested in history will love visiting the Chu Cu tunnels and infamous Saigon, whilst those looking for a excellent nightlife will enjoy the growing coastal cities too. 

Unique Travel

  • Explore the Chu Cu tunnels used in the war
  • Cruise through Halong Bay on a junk boat
  • Spent a night at a tradtional homestay
  • Head to a rural food market
  • Walk along Sapa’s terraced rice fields
  • Visit a traditioanl fishing village
  • Eat Pho
  • Kayak through the caves in Cat Ba National Park
  • Hike the Marble mountains in Danag
  • Travel along the Mekong Delta
  • Get a tailor suit made
  • Explore the My Song temple complex
  • Try an egg coffee

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Hanoi Travel Guide

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